Press Report w/e 19/10/2014

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Press Reports

On another fairly quiet weekend in the region, two runners even resorted to heading over to the continent in search of a race.

At the Amsterdam half marathon, where nearly all the route was barely above sea level, Katherine Hackett finished the 13.1 mile route in 1:29:41, along with Adrian Dent in 2:59:42.

Nearer to home, on the coast, Nick Mason completed a fairly windy Bridlington half marathon in 1:30:11.

The latest championship race took place just down the road at Boroughbridge. First home over the multi-terrain 10 mile route was Ty Hankinson in 1:21:35, followed by Wendy Colling (1:27:03), Anthony Corbett (1:27:14), Richard Payne (1:27:24), April Corbett (1:29:55), Mark Colling (1:34:17), Jeanette Croft (1:37:33) and Sandra Cass (1:37:40).

Out on the hills, Dave Thompson was missing his two usual travelling companions, as he completed the Round Rotherham 50 mile event on his own in 9 hours 33 minutes.

Meanwhile Darren Stockdale was the sole Quaker to brave the fells at the weekend, finishing the 4.2 mile Clay Bank West run in 46:10.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dawn Richardson was first home at South Park in 19:31, followed by Michael Joyeux (19:52), Richard Coulson (19:54), Paul Dalton (19:57), Nick Wadd (21:12), Zoe Rothery (21:37), Steve Mcallister (22:32), Peter Rowley (23:50), Sarah Watson (24:32), Mark Blewitt (24:45), Colin Smith (25:52), Pamela Barrass (26:09), Gary Read (26:54), Clare Stradling (27:17), Anneli Mackenzie Brown (27:18), Lewis Boshier (27:32), Michelle Boshier (27:33), Rob Gillham (28:10), Sally Singleton (28:55), James Simpson (30:39), Michael King (31:09) and Wendy Noble (41:16).

At Sedgefield, Paul Roberts completed the course there in 22:57, along with Abbie Hull (28:15), Anthony Corbett (28:15) and Diane Adkins (34:20) while at Tees Barrage, Paul Appleton and Jeanette Appleton ran there in 26:54 and 30:01 respectively.

At Albert Park, Andrew Henderson finished in 17:48 followed by Stephen Moore in 21:34, while Brian Martin completed the run at Stewart Park in 20:02.

Darren Stockdale attempts to stay on his feet at the fairly muddy Clay Bank West race.

Darren Stockdale attempts to stay on his feet at the fairly muddy Clay Bank West race.