Press Report: 18th June 2013

by | Jun 20, 2013 | Press Reports

Rosedale, Dave Thompson was first Quaker to complete the Hardmoors Marathon,
picking up the prize for first over 60 veteran as he finished in 4:33.  Anthony Corbett, April Corbett and Sandra
Cass completed the route in 5:59.  In the
Hardmoors Half Marathon, Diane Adkins finished in 3:18, just ahead of Lewis and
Michelle Boshier.

Trainor continued her comeback from injury last weekend as she was first lady
to finish the Bamburgh 10k race in a time of 43:19.

Newton Aycliffe hosted the latest race to feature in the Quakers’ 10k leagues,
and was well attended by athletes from the club.  Dean Newton was first home for the Quakers in
35:57 followed by Charles Herrington who returned from injury to record
38:39.  Nick Mason finished in 39:29,
narrowly beating David Todd in 39:40.
Brian Martin finished third in the over 50 age group in 40:31 with Mark
Robinson completing the race in 41:09 and Rob Dent setting a new 10k pb with
41:38.  Also running for the club were
Stephen Moore (42:49), Michael Kaye ( setting a new pb of 42:54), Lee Coles
(43:19), Chris Minto (setting a pb of 44:00), Steve Snook (44:09), Patrick
Robson (44:56), Corinne Murray (45:09), Rob Gillham (45:17), Paul Roberts
(45:35), Andrew Walker (46:03), Paul Jefferies (46:59), Peter Rowley (47:42),
Jeff Marriott (48:02), Neil Harrington (49:11), Stephen McAllister (49:51),
Nigel Walker (with a new pb of 50:31), Darryn Wood (51:02), Steven Johnston
(51:39), Michael Robinson (51:55), John Brant (52:33), Rob Marquiss (52:39),
Julie Whinn (53:30), Michael Watson (53:26), Matt Jackson (53:49), Clare
Stradling (53:50), Ian Young (55:15), Colin Smith (55:23), John Whinn (55:42),
Jamie Burn (55:45), Pam Barrass (55:49), Paul Hutchinson (56:36), Sandra Martin
(setting a 10k pb of 57:06), Leigh-Marie Padgett (57:14), Kristy Burkin
(58:16), Emily Mann (58:51), Claire Norman (1:00:46), Harry Prince (1:00:52),
Kevin Simpson (1:01:54), Alan Prest (1:03:00), Adrian Dent (1:10:05) and Julie
Remmer (1:11:05).

Sedgefield park run, Dave Thompson finished the undulating course in 23:10,
followed by Anthony Corbett in 24:23, Wendy Colling in 24:35 and Mark Colling
in 28:47.  Stephen Moore was the sole
Quaker at Albert Park, finishing in 20:32, whilst at Tees Barrage Paul and
Jeanette Appleton recorded 25:24 and 31:20 respectively.  At Darlington, Michael Joyeux (18:37) was
followed by Nick Wadd (19:36), Graham Park (21:16), Rob Gillham (21:56), Peter
Rowley (22:29), Jeff Marriott (completing his 50th park run in 23:29),
Danny Gordon (23:40), Michael Watson (24:46), Nic Hollindale (26:35), Michael
King (28:12), Laura Sowerby (31:18), Charlotte Jones (setting a new 5k pb of
32:04), Mark Robinson (32:05), Grainne Duffy (33:15), Jill Wallis (33:17) and
Adrian Dent (34:09).

Quakers Running Club at Aycliffe 10k. Quakers Running Club at Aycliffe 10k.