Press Report: 5th November 2013

by | Nov 5, 2013 | Press Reports

A bus load of
Quakers travelled to Ripley on Sunday to take part in the hilly Guy Fawkes 10
mile road race.  Andrew Henderson was
first home for the club and in his age group in 1:04:49, ahead of Mark Robinson
in 1:11:01 and Katherine Hackett in 1:14:40 who finished third in her
category.  Also running for the club were
Corinne Murray (1:17:00), Michael Kay (1:19:11), Andrew Walker (1:21:20), Mark
Tallon (1:22:14), Andy Murray (1:25:48), Peter Dods (1:26:29), Neil Harrington
(1:29:12), Lindsey Lester (1:29:41), Wendy Colling (1:29:56), Brian Martin
(1:31:15), Mark Colling (1:31:15), Graeme Stanton (1:31:24), Paul Appleton
(1:34:31), Michael Watson (1:34:55), Daniel Crane (1:35:03), Pamela Barrass
(1:37:24), Bridget Stewart (1:37:39), Nicola Howe (1:38:16), Jamie Burn
(1:38:43), Rob Marquiss (1:40:38), Julie Whinn (1:40:50), Clare Stradling
(1:40:56), John Whinn (1:41:39), Tim Francis (1:41:56), Sarah Pimm (1:43:59),
Kevin Simpson (1:44:28), Sarah Davies (1:44:59), Jeanette Appleton (1:50:35),
Sandra Martin (1:52:48), Janet Scott (1:54:41), Emily Mann (1:57:09) and Anne
Bartram (2:05:35).

At the Yorkshire
Coast 10k, 7 Quakers made the trip to Scarborough hoping to increase their
points tally in the club 10k leagues.  First home for the club was Paul
Dalton in 36:29, ahead of Wayne Bramley in 41:22 who narrowly beat Rob Dent who
finished in 41:55.  Stephen Moore followed in 43:38, whilst Dawn Bramley
recorded 55:30, with Michael King and Adrian Dent finishing in 1:02:25 and
1:21:05 respectively.

At the Derwentwater
10 mile race, Rob Kirby was the sole Quaker representative, finishing
in 1:35:25, whilst the Hellvellyn 15k trail race on Saturday was shortened
to 10k due to the extreme weather conditions.  Wendy Colling was first
Quaker home in 1:00:26, followed by Anthony and April Corbett who ran the race
together in 1:07:11.

Annette Clarke,
Charlie Bogg and Dave Thompson completed the 24 mile Kilburn Kanter together in
5:06 with Abbie Hull and Roy MacDougall following in 5:50.  In the latest in the Winter 5k Trail Series,
Louise Trainor (22:53), Diane Vaughan (25:05), Richard Hughes (27:37) and
Darryn Wood (28:31) all completed the Wynyard course.

In local park runs,
Nick Wadd was first Quaker to finish the Darlington event in 20:18, followed by
Andrew Knox (20:57), Peter Rowley (completing his 100th park run in
22:15), Paul Roberts (22:26), Ewan Henderson (23:47), Jeff Marriott (24:41),
Darryn Wood (25:45), Gillian Harris (26:14) and Anneli Mackenzie Brown
(27:41).  At the picturesque Sedgefield
course, Nicola Howe set a new 5k personal best of 25:52, ahead of Mark Colling
(25:53), Sandra Cass (27:20), Gill Colling (32:06) and Diane Adkins
(32:42).  At Albert Park, Michael Joyeux
led the club home in 16:45, followed by first lady Lucy Jefferies (19:46),
Stephen Moore (20:18) and Chris Minto (21:11). 
Tees Barrage saw Paul Appleton (25:49), Paul Dunn (25:54) and Jeanette
Appleton (30:28) complete the 5k route. 
Further afield, Matt Jackson completed the Edinburgh event in 37:04, Ty
Hankinson ran at Ashton Court to record 24:02, and Nic Hollindale finished the
Abingdon run in 28:54.