Press Report w/e 31/12/2017

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Press Reports

Quakers were out in force over the holiday period with several making an early start to the big day itself.

The festive season saw a very rare sighting of Paul Dalton in a race with no tarmac!

There was a large turnout on Christmas Day for the extra park run down at South Park. Christian Brown finished in 17:36 followed by Marc Ellis (19:23), Rob Dent (20:29), Adrian Cottam (20:45), Katherine Hackett (21:01), David Todd (21:19), Paul Dalton (21:38), Luke Minall (21:38), Phil Rutter (22:35), Tom Chapman (22:39), Diane Vaughan (22:42), Andrew Vernon (22:53), Paul Roberts (22:59), Dawn Richardson (24:19), Louise Trainor (24:19), Phil Clarke (25:07), Rob Gillham (25:10), Gillian Harris (25:47), Rebecca Bowes (26:45), Dave Jones (26:46), Richard Hughes (26:59), Ian Hart (27:01), Darren Alderson (27:08), Claire Chapman (27:09), Mark Trowles (27:39), Michael Watson (28:27), Christopher Parsons (29:13), Abigail Willson (29:23), Jo Dickinson (29:43), Anna Hardy (30:13), Fiona Dixon (31:10), Michelle Dale (32:11), Gary Read (32:37), Michael King (34:00), Gemma Marshall (35:11), Phill Johnston (35:12), Sarah Watson (36:28), Sharon Carr (36:29), Clare Dixon (37:00), Andrew Dixon (37:01), Margaret Hunter (38:00), Angela Clement (38:01), Judith Russell (41:27) and Lisa Alderson (41:27).

Over at Sedgefield, Dave Thompson ran there in 23:05 along with Adrian Colbourne (26:44), Ian Readman (27:09), Lucia Minto (27:41), Abbie Hull (28:46), Mark Blewitt (28:51), Emily Beaumont (32:57), Lewis Boshier (33:01), Michelle Boshier (33:02), Karen Dove (36:01) and Gill Wallis (36:16). Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 24:48, Darryn Wood did the Catterick run in 39:07, while Josephine Wardle finished the Newcastle run in 24:43.

Philippa Rayner was the sole Quaker to venture out on Boxing Day heading down to Leeds for the Chevin Chase, completing the multi-terrain 7 mile course in 1:23:01.

The next day had seen the Guisborough Woods fell race, covering 8.8K and taking in 300 metres of climb through the trees. Rob Dent finished the fairly muddy route in 53:46 followed by Paul Dalton (53:55), Andrew Vernon (1:00:36), Nicola Wells (1:02:29), Lucia Minto (1:02:49) and Abigail Wilson (1:17:45).

Six runners travelled down to Ripon on New Year’s Eve for this year’s Jolly Holly Jog. Michael Oliver completed the multi-terrain 10K distance around the Studley Royal Park in 53:23 along with Clare Westwood (1:03:14), Robert Kirby (1:03:43), Mark Blewitt (1:05:03), Melissa Hird (1:05:55), Paul Ryan (1:09:48), Lena Rusa (1:13:15).

The previous week had seen eight runners head over to Ropner Park on Christmas Eve for the What a Wheeze Christmas Cracker 5K. Over three laps of the park, Marc Ellis finished in second place in 18:15 followed by Paul Dalton (21:30), Darren Alderson (27:06), Clare Stradling (30:18), Anna Hardy (32:11), Lisa Alderson (40:54), Sharon Carr (42:30) and Judith Russell (42:32).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished at a very snowy South Park in 19:45 followed by Dave Jones (20:38), Andrew Vernon (22:58), Simon Moore (26:00), Rob Gillham (26:03), Paul Roberts (26:58), Ian Bond (27:46), Mark Trowles (29:55), Julie Whinn (30:14), Elizabeth Kennedy (30:53), John Whinn (32:04), Jo Dickinson (33:33), Matt Jackson (34:04), Michael King (35:34), Paul Ryan (38:15), Andy Walker (44:55), Fred Tennant (44:56) and Phill Johnston (44:56).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson finished in 25:36 along with Emily Beaumont (28:49), Paul Dalton (29:08) and Anthony Corbett (29:20). Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 24:27, while Darryn Wood did the Selby run in 52:23. Further afield, Phil Rutter and Gill Colling did the Hove Promenade run at Brighton in 24:05 and 29:36 respectively, Rebecca Howard did the Bedgebury Pinetum run in Kent in 23:50, while up in Glasgow, David Ledgerwood did the Tollcross run in 29:16.