Press Report w/e 07/01/2018

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Press Reports

Quakers wasted no time in running in 2018 with several racing on the first day of the year.

Malcolm Hewitson enjoying a muddy start to the year at the Captain Cook’s race

Over on the coast, the traditional start to the Hardmoors series took place with the double header of the 15 and 30 mile events. In the 30 mile distance which started at Robin Hood’s Bay and took in parts of the Cleveland Way, David Thompson finished the route in 6:08:47 followed by Jamie Norman (7:34:15), Michelle Boshier & Emily Beaumont (7:53:25) and Claire Norman (8:20:15). In the 15 mile distance from Robin Hood’s Bay which took in Whitby and Ravenscar, Tom & Claire Chapman went round together in 2:54:20 along with Anna Hardy (2:57:50), Philippa Rayner & Michelle Dale (3:44:35), Nicola Arkley (4:11:09) and Fiona Dixon & Karen Dove (4:40:40).

Further inland, two headed to Great Ayton for the Captain Cook’s fell race, a 5 mile route which took in a climb up to the monument itself. Lucia Minto covered the distance in 48:57 along with Malcolm Hewitson in 51:54.

Down in Kent, Rebecca Howard did the 10K race at Lamberhurst, coming home in 46:02 and also being the third female finisher overall.

Several also took part in the extra parkruns on New Year’s Day with some also doubling up. At South Park, Christian Brown finished in 18:22 followed by Marc Ellis (19:47), James Atkinson (20:17), Rob Dent (20:20), Luke Minall (21:10), Andrew Vernon (22:48), Ed Griffiths (23:27), Paul Roberts (24:28), Josephine Wardle (24:30), Fred Tennant (24:33), Steve Howell (24:41), David Ledgerwood (24:49), Ian Hart (26:16), Sheryl Dolan (26:18), Rob Gillham (26:37), Michael Watson (26:59), Rebecca Bowes (27:20), Dave Jones (27:21), Gillian Harris (27:34), Neal Harper (27:35), Stuart Masterman (28:29), Mark Trowles (28:30), Margaret Hunter (29:02), Lisa Reeve (29:09), Julie Bell (29:32), Christopher Parsons (30:00), Jo Dickinson (30:51), Helen Clarke (31:30), Kelly Smith (31:47), Paul Ryan (31:58), Phill Johnston (32:26), Alec Cinamon   (32:39), Rachel Grayson (35:00), Michael King (35:19) and Gill Wallis (37:39). At the earlier run at Sedgefield, Dave Jones finished in 19:13 along with Luke Minall (21:49), Andrew Vernon (24:26), Rebecca Bowes (27:43), Abbie Hull (28:12), Jo Dickinson (31:27), Paul Ryan (33:06), Michael King (35:07), Gill Wallis (37:09) and Stacey Holmes (43:21). Stephen Moore did the double over at Middlesbrough, running at Stewart Park in 24:56 then at Albert Park in 25:19.

In the weekend’s action, five travelled over to Hartlepool for the Stuart Pailor Memorial Old Monks Trail Race. Held over a 5.5 mile distance, Paul Dalton completed the multi-terrain distance in 39:55 along with Anthony Corbett (52:11), Sandra Cass (55:27), April Corbett (55:27) and Matt Jackson (58:10).

Dave Thompson was the sole Quaker at the Filey Flier, a 22 mile route held over on the coast. On a course which took in parts of the Cleveland Way and Wolds Way, he finished the muddy route in 4:21.

Anna Hardy travelled over to Cumbria for the Kielder Winter 10 mile race, completing the route along the Kielder Forest trails in 1:40:14.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:49 followed by Neil Gooding (20:02), Adrian Cottam (20:21), David Todd (21:01), Iain Clyde (23:52), Steven Major (24:00), Dave Murphy (24:30), Malcolm Hewitson (24:59), David Ledgerwood (25:02), Sheryl Dolan (25:02), Mark Trowles (25:44), Julie Russell (25:59), Gary Read (26:02), Danny Gordon (26:39), Richard Hughes (26:45), Stuart Masterman (27:01), Andy Whittam (27:10), Amy Woodcock (27:56), Juliette Mclaren (28:17), Julie Bell (28:26), Olly Moore (28:58), Elizabeth Kennedy (28:59), Brian Dixon (29:42), Gillian Harris (30:02), John Whinn (30:13), Lisa Reeve (30:23), Hannah Alderson (30:34), Helen Clarke (30:35), Michelle Scruby (31:05), Lee Morris (31:06), Roy Macdougall (31:15), Gareth Kyle (34:19), Helen Gregory (34:34), Rachel Grayson (34:41), Lisa Alderson (34:52), Emma Joyeux (34:55), Ally Sanderson (35:23), Paul Ryan (36:11), Lena Rusa (36:38), Andy Walker (37:01), Alison Hardwick (40:32), Tristen Coad (42:53) and Phill Johnston (46:42).

At Sedgefield, Adrian Colbourne finished in 21:04 along with Paul Dalton (21:52), Andrew Vernon (22:37), Phil Rutter (23:34), Anthony Corbett (26:25), Clare Stradling (28:43), Gill Colling (30:19), Sandra Cass (31:02), Wendy Colling (31:02), Nicola Howe (31:03), Karen Dove (35:22), Claire Hewitt (37:46) and Sally Watson (37:46). Jo Dickinson ran at Northallerton in 32:12, Siobhan Waddell did the Newcastle run in 29:50, while at Catterick, Phil Clarke finished in 25:03 along with Peter Rowley (25:53) and Abbie Hull (27:37).