Press Report w/e 26/08/2018

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Press Reports

While a handful of runners stayed local for some points, others headed to opposite ends of the country.

Nick Watson on the climb up to the finish at Auckland Castle

The latest club championship race took place just up the road at Auckland Castle. On a 5 mile trail route in and around the grounds, Nick Watson finished in fourth place overall in 35:00 (and first in his age category) followed by Rob Dent (37:25), Daniel Orton (41:47), Phil Rutter (42:20), Rob Gillham (45:43), Gill Colling (54:36 and second in her age category), Susan Rigg (59:26) and Sarah Bayles (1:03:45).

Brian and Sandra Martin headed north of the border to Aberdeen for the half marathon being held there. Brian finished the 13.1 miles in 1:26:00 and first in his age category, with Sandra setting a new personal best of 1:56:51.

Going in the opposite direction were Ty and Terri Hankinson who travelled down to near Bristol for the races taking place across the Severn Bridge into Wales and back again. In the half marathon event, Ty Hankinson finished in a new personal best of 1:39:51, while in the 10K race, Terri came home in 1:06:21.

At the Smuggler’s Trod, which started and finished at Robin Hood’s Bay, Malcolm Hewiton completed the 25 mile route in 5:26 along with April Corbett, Anthony Corbett & Sandra Cass (6:02) and Kathryn Plant (7:37), while in the 17 mile event, Lisa Jenkins finshed in 4:41.

Midweek had seen the sixth race in the Darlington Trail Series, around the Baydale Beck. Christian Brown finished the 5K distance in second place overall in 18:10 along with Stuart Hardcastle (24:29) and Richard Payne (30:04).

Taking place the next day on a very similar course was the third and final trail handicap race, the second running of the Mowden Meander. 31 runners finished the 5 mile distance, with Marc Ellis the first runner home over the two lap course.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:10 followed by Rob Dent (19:22), Michael Kipling (19:29), David Matthew (19:42), James Atkinson (19:45), Marc Ellis (19:53), Steven Major (20:34), Luke Minall (20:46), Adrian Colbourne (21:07), Tom Chapman (21:12), Billy Harris (21:56), Gary Read (23:25), Mike Watson (24:05), Iain Clyde (24:13), Jamie Pratt (25:10), Claire Chapman (25:12), Danny Gordon (25:49), Juliette Mclaren (26:23), Julie Bell (26:52), Stuart Masterman (27:00), Michelle Scruby (27:55), Mark Trowles (28:15), Christopher Parsons (28:42), Chris Land (28:50), Julie Whinn (28:56), John Mcgrath (29:12), Jo Meynell (30:15), Alec Cinamon (30:16), Anthony Rochester (30:36), Sally Singleton (32:28), Lena Rusa (32:41), Lisa Reeve (33:05), Kelly Smith (33:18), Fiona Dixon (34:11), Rachel Grayson (34:17), Barbra Barker (34:43), Mark Johnston (34:55), Phill Johnston (34:55), Gemma Marshall-Moore (35:37), Olly Marshall-Moore (35:37), Clare Mcgrath (36:21), Paul Ryan (37:44), Wendy Thompson (37:45), Michael King (38:45), Andy Walker (43:08) and Rachel Maddison (59:38).

At Sedgefield, Andrew Vernon ran there in 19:54 along with Michelle Boshier (26:08), Darren Alderson (28:01), Jeff Marriott (28:36), Lewis Boshier (30:38), Lisa Alderson (30:40), Sarah Watson (30:59), Naomi Dixon (36:19), Sharon Carr (37:01), Sally Watson (38:23) and Suzanne Jenkinson (41:29), while at Hackworth, Paul Pomfret finished in 23:34 along with Ian Hart (24:17), Dan Rowlands (24:54), Hannah Alderson (27:14) and Mark Blewitt (28:14). At Harrogate, Phil Rutter and Gill Colling ran there in 23:49 and 28:58 respectively, Rebecca Dodd finished at Tees Barrage in 32:23, Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 28:08, while Adrian Cottam did the Northallerton run in 21:37.

Further afield, Judith Russel did the Osterley run in 42:29, Peter Rowley ran at Penrith in 26:02, Paul Dalton finished at Heartwood Forest in 19:11, Rebecca Howard completed the Bedgebury Pinetum run in 23:42, Peter Cowan did the Sherwood Pines run in 38:31, while Sarah Wilson ran the Edinburgh Portobello run in 31:14.