Press Report w/e 19/08/2018

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Press Reports

A quieter week saw a handful of runners in search of points, while a few others headed to the coast.

Steve Major heading round the course at Scorton

The latest club championship race took place, just down the road in the village of Scorton. Held over a multi-terrain course, Marc Ellis finished the 10K distance in third place overall in 36:57 followed by Rob Dent (41:17 and third in his age category), Dawn Richardson (41:45 and the first female finisher overall), Steven Major (44:33), Phil Rutter (46:49), Stuart Hardcastle (47:34 and second in his age category), Rob Gilham (47:45), Simon Rek (48:36), Sandra Cass (55:20), Julie Whinn (55:41), Gill Colling (57:42), Caroline Lister (1:02:15) and Naomi Dixon (1:17:44).

Also running a multi-terrain race were those who travelled up to Seaham for the Branches and Bays 10K. Over a very undulating route along the coast, Andrew Dixon finished in 1:05:31 along with David Ledgerwood (1:11:15), Lewis Boshier (1:11:50), Michelle Boshier (1:11:54), Lisa Jenkins (1:23:37), Susan Rigg (1:28:00), Claire Hewitt (1:38:57) and Sally Watson (1:50:30).

Also taking place in Seaham was the Dalton Park 10K, where Jamie Pratt completed the 10K distance around the park in 52:18.

Midweek had seen three runners heading up to Newcastle for the Quayside 5K. On a route which took in both sides of the River Tyne, Paul Dalton finished in 18:51 along with David Matthew (19:50) and Kelly Smith (28:10).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 19:16 followed by Corey Horn (19:43), Neil Gooding (20:23), Gareth Kyle (20:33), David Todd (21:34), Adrian Colbourne (21:36), Rebecca Howard (21:41), Ed Griffiths (21:47), Ty Hankinson (22:45), Andrew Vernon (22:57), Ian Hart (23:46), Gary Read (23:53), Rob Gillham (23:55), Jamie Pratt (24:37), David Whittle (24:50), Mike Watson (24:51), Malcolm Hewitson (24:52), Peter Rowley (25:50), Danny Gordon (26:13), Mark Blewitt (26:22), Stuart Masterman (26:56), Elizabeth Kennedy (27:39), Mark Trowles (27:49), Julie Bell (27:58), Matt Jackson (28:29), Michelle Scruby (28:35), Michael King (28:54), Hannah Alderson (28:55), Darren Alderson (28:56), John Mcgrath (29:32), Jo Meynell (31:00), Rebecca Dodd (31:26), Diane Lockhart (31:52), Lee Morris (31:53), Miranda Kirby (32:52), Ally Sanderson (33:02), Lisa Alderson (36:52), Barbra Barker (37:17), Phill Johnston (37:26), Dawn Johnston (37:50), Gill Laverick (38:20), Terrianne Hauxwell (38:58), Wendy Thompson (45:59), Sarah Watson (52:25) and Rachel Maddison (52:26).

At Fountains Abbey, Anthony Corbett finished in 25:10 along with Mark Colling (25:25), Wendy Colling (26:53), April Corbett (26:56), Sandra Cass (27:48) and Gill Wallis (33:57). At Stewart Park, Sharon Carr and Judith Russell ran there in 37:47 and 40:59 respectively, Paul Dalton did the Sunderland run in 18:37, Stuart Hardcastle ran at Catterick in 22:24, David Ledgerwood completed the Riverside run in 31:16, while Adrian Cottam ran at Redcar in 19:52. Further afield, Sarah Wilson did the Andover run in 29:31, Patrick Robson ran at Crystal Palace in 23:26, while Viv and Alison Hardwick did the Seaton run near Exeter in 28:05 and 31:52 repectively.

Flying the flag overseas, Paul Ryan did the Crissy Field in San Francisco, USA, in 30:39.