Press Report w/e 25/11/2018

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Press Reports

There was a final scramble for points at the weekend as both the 10K league and club championship competitions reached their climax.

David Ledgerwood at the end of the final club championship race of the year.

The final league race, and penultimate championship race, took place over at Ravenstonedale on Saturday, which saw two Quakers finishing in the top ten. Marc Ellis covered the undulating 10K route in 37:18 (in fifth place overall and first in his age category), followed by Paul Dalton (38:07, in eighth place overall and first in his age category), Michael Kipling (40:38), Brian Martin (40:53 and first in his age category), Rob Dent (41:41), David Matthew (43:15), Gareth Kyle (43:29), Rebecca Howard (44:09 and the third female finisher overall), Phil Rutter (46:33), Andrew Dixon (47:47), Phil Clarke (48:06 and first in his age category), Graham Park (48:08), Simon Rek (48:50), Rob Gillham (52:03), Shaune Eland (52:18), Juliette McLaren (53:18), Brian McLaren (53:20), David Ledgerwood (53:42), Sandra Martin (54:40), Julie Whinn (55:51), Helen Clark (55:58), Gill Colling (57:29), Darren Alderson (58:25), Andy Whittam (59:19), Lisa Alderson (1:01:52), Phill Johnston (1:05:40), Sue New (1:07:00), Karen Dove (1:11:37), Dawn Johnston (1:12:22), Naomi Dixon (1:16:20) and Sharon Carr (1:20:24).

The final championship race was the second race in the Tees Trail Winter 5K series – the Gavin Duffy Memorial held in honour of the late Billingham Marsh House runner. Paul Dalton completed the two lap route in seventh place overall in 20:10 followed by Rob Gillham (27:34), David Ledgerwood (27:44), Julie Whinn (29:33), Stephen Moore (30:01), Matt Jackson (32:00), Bex Stirland (36:08) and Gill Wallis (38:40).

The final event of the regular Hardmoors season took place, this time a new race, the Hardwolds 80, covering the Yorkshire Wolds Way from Hull to Filey. Wendy Colling completed the 80 mile route in 20 hours 27 minutes along with Jamie Norman (21:46), Emily Beaumont (22:54) and Mark Colling (23:26).

The previous week had seen six head out into the Yorkshire Dales for the Wensleydale Wedge, a 23 mile route starting and finishing at Askrigg. Dave Thompson covered the route in 4:29 along with Annette Clarke & Charlie Bogg in 5:04 and Sandra Cass, Wendy Colling & Janet Bowlby in 6:22.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Mike Watson finished at South Park in 23:42 followed by Ed Griffiths (23:56), Thomas Gannaway (23:57), Gary Read (24:18), Peter Rowley (24:22), Ian Hart (24:32), Stuart Masterman (24:35), Ashleigh Atkinson (26:32), Anne-Michelle Whitley (27:00), Chris Land (27:01), Mark Trowles (27:07), Julie Bell (27:11), Nikki Thompson (27:51), Tina Corah (28:44), John Whinn (29:17), Diane Lockhart (29:49), Olly Marshall-Moore (29:49), Michelle Scruby (30:00), Wendy Noble (30:38), Lee Morris (30:39), Anna Hardy (31:21), Fred Tennant (31:44), Michael King (32:17), Paul Ryan (32:36), Mark Robinson (39:29), Andy Walker (43:50) and Wendy Thompson (45:45).

At Tees Barrage, Angela Clement ran there in 26:01 along with Rebecca Dodd (28:23), Jo Meynell (28:31), Sally Singleton (29:29) and Lucy Bendle (32:53), while at Sedgefield, Andrew Vernon finished in 23:54 followed by Anthony Corbett (27:12), Sarah Watson (33:10) and Gill Wallis (35:16). Ty Hankinson did the Hackworth run in 23:20, Helen Spaven ran at Fountains Abbey in 39:01, Stephen Moore finished at Albert Park in 23:40, while Sally Watson did the Catterick run in 35:00. Further afield, Malcolm and Carolyn Hewitson did the Abingdon run in 26:36 and 36:36 respectively, while in Glasgow, Lucia Minto and Abbie Hull did the Drumchapel run in 27:24 and 27:55 respectively.