Press Report w/e 18/11/2018

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Press Reports

With little on the calendar, most Quakers headed just down the road, though elsewhere one runner got to wear a vest of a different colour, while another claimed a race win.

Emma Colbourne heading round an autumnal Preston Park

Michael Joyeux got the chance to wear the England vest at this year’s British & Irish Masters International Cross Country held at Swansea. He completed the 8K route, held over a two-lap course in 26:36, and in doing so was part of the gold medal winning team.

There was another large turnout at the latest cross country event, held in the grounds of Preston Park. In the women’s race, which also included the over 65 men, Dawn Richardson completed the two-lap 5.7K route in third place overall in 22:57 followed by Rebecca Howard (25:20), Louise Trainor (26:32), Lucia Minto (26:43), Diane Vaughan (28:30), Julie Russell (29:44), Anna Hardy (29:55), Emma Colbourne (30:24), Abbie Hull (30:24), Claire Chapman (31:10), Hannah Alderson (31:29), Bev Snook (32:23), Danny Gordon (32:23), Janette Croft (32:33), Ashleigh Atkinson (34:08), Claire Norman (34:08), Tracy Plaskitt (34:22), Helen Clarke (34:56), Lisa Reeve (35:02), Diane Lockhart (35:19), Sue New (36:44), Wendy Noble (36:44), Alison Hardwick (38:27), Rachel Grayson (38:52), Rachel Maddison (41:42) and Sharon Carr (46:14). In the men’s race, covering 8.3K over three laps, Marc Ellis finished in 31:21 along with Dave Jones (32:41), Darren Wright (33:43), Brian Martin (34:02 and first in his age category), Neil Gooding (34:17), Corey Horn (34:50), Steve Major (36:00), Rob Dent (36:09), Andrew Vernon (36:42), Adrian Colbourne (36:48), Luke Minall (38:13), Billy Harris (39:00), Stuart Hardcastle (39:14), Simon Rek (40:52), Tom Chapman (41:10), Dave McLachlan (41:28), Gary Read (41:52), Jamie Norman (42:44), John McGrath (43:22), David Ledgerwood (44:11), Viv Hardwick (44:19), Lloyd Ashby (44:27) and David Whittle (44:41).

The latest club championship race, a half marathon, took place up on the Town Moor at Newcastle. Paul Dalton won the race, covering the three-and-a-half laps around the Exhibition Park in 1:24:14. He was followed in by Phil Rutter (1:42:00), Rob Gillham (1:48:46) and Gill Colling (2:12:13).

Down near Luton, Kathryn Plant completed the Sundon Saunter, a 27 mile route around the Bedfordshire countryside in 8 hours 27 minutes.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:20 followed by David Matthew (19:57), Rob Dent (21:47), Stuart Hardcastle (22:01), Rebecca Howard (22:59), Thomas Gannaway (23:00), Dale Chapman (23:33), Peter Rowley (24:25), Stuart Masterman (24:53), Andrew Vernon (24:56), Rob Gillham (25:26), Elizabeth Kennedy (26:31), Anne-Michelle Whitley (26:36), Gary Read (26:48), Mark Trowles (27:04), Julie Bell (27:15), Ian Hamond (27:26), Chris Land (27:31), Michael King (27:38), Jo Meynell (27:40), Anthony Rochester (28:39), Olly Marshall-Moore (29:01), Darren Alderson (29:04 in his 100th parkrun), Anna Hardy (29:05), Rebecca Bowes (29:06), Michelle Scruby (29:07), Tina Corah (29:23), John Mcgrath (29:35), Paul Reid (30:02), Sally Singleton (30:09), Sarah Watson (31:46), Brian Dixon (32:11), Philippa Rayner (32:29), Lucy Bendle (33:25), Katrina Cockburn (34:09), Dawn Johnston (35:40), Clare Mcgrath (35:41), Lisa Alderson (36:24), Paul Ryan (36:25), Phill Johnston (51:59) and Diane Lockhart (55:07).

At Tees Barrage, Mike Watson finished in 23:38 along with Ian Hart (24:09), Hannah Alderson (26:35), Helen Clarke (28:19), Lisa Reeve (28:20), Hayley Wooding (29:15), Carolyn Hewitson (36:45) and Helen Cowan (36:46), while at Sedgefield, Ty Hankinson ran there in 22:58 followed by Ian Bond (24:17), Sandra Cass (27:57), Mark Blewitt (29:35), Gill Wallis (34:49) and Helen Spaven (41:25). At Fountains Abbey, Corey Horn finished in 20:04 along with Tom Chapman (22:25), Claire Chapman (25:35), Emma Colbourne (26:08), Adrian Colbourne (26:08) and Jamie Pratt (26:58), while at Flatts Lane, Lucia Minto ran there in 26:25 along with Malcolm Hewitson (28:54) and Abbie Hull (29:20). At Hackworth, Sally Watson finished in 42:52, Phil Clarke did the Catterick run in 22:46 and Rebecca Dodd ran at Durham in 34:05

Further afield, Lee Morris did the Newby Bridge run in 30:36, Anthony Corbett ran at Potternewton in 26:35, while Kathryn plant did the Luton Wardown run in 28:59.