Press Report w/e 25/02/2018

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Press Reports

Several runners travelled to the capital at the weekend for the biggest race in the cross country calendar, while two flew the flag abroad.

Andrew Dixon storming into the finish of the Snake Lane race

The National Cross Country Championships took place down in London, held on Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath. In the women’s race, which covered 8K, Louise Trainor finished in 39:38 along with Rebecca Howard (41:29) and Julie Russell (46:31). The men’s race covered 12K and saw Marc Ellis come home in 53:00 followed by Michael Thompson (1:01:48), David Todd (1:03:45), Andrew Vernon (1:05:53), Phil Rutter (1:07:35), Luke Minall (1:08:08), Graham Park (1:09:37) and David Ledgerwood (1:12:54).

Eight headed down to Pocklington for the Snake Lane 10 mile race. Paul Dalton completed the one-lap countryside route in 1:05:45 along with Adrian Colbourne (1:12:23), Brian Mclaren (1:15:17), Tom Chapman (1:17:36), Andrew Dixon (1:20:29, PB), Claire Chapman (1:27:32), Juliette Mclaren (1:31:58) and Lisa Jenkins (1:44:49, PB).

At the Harewood House 10K race, held in the grounds of the estate itself, Phill Johnston finished the multi-terrain route in 1:00:54 with Dawn Johnston in 1:14:58.

Dave Thompson was out on the fells for the South Pennines 24 race. On a 24 mile route held over the moors and valleys to the east of Oldham, he completed the unusually dry route in 5 hours 50 minutes.

Anthony Corbett was the sole Quaker at the fifth race of the Tees Trail Winter 5K series, finishing the route around Tees Barrage in 25:34.

Midweek had seen the Pie & Peas night trail race held over at Norton. Tom Chapman completed the 5K route in 25:03 along with Emily Beaumont (29:53), Claire Chapman (30:38), Mark Blewitt (32:38), Lisa Jenkins (34:46), Fiona Dixon (40:50) and Karen Dove (40:50).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 19:09 followed by Neil Gooding (19:11), Rob Dent (19:20), Michael Kipling (19:35), Paul Pomfret (22:28), Fred Tennant (22:35), Gary Read (22:50), Josephine Wardle (23:34), Daniel Orton (23:49), Malcolm Hewitson (24:18), Rob Gillham (24:28), Jamie Pratt (24:42), Mark Trowles (24:50), Adrian Colbourne (25:28), Danny Gordon (25:38), Juliette Mclaren (25:59), Julie Whinn (26:04), Christopher Parsons (26:12), Brian Dixon (26:45), Julie Bell (27:17), Amy Woodcock (27:21), John Whinn (27:54), Stuart Masterman (28:02), John Mcgrath (28:32), Fiona Dixon (28:45), Michael King (31:36), Alec Cinamon (34:40), Gemma Marshall (35:40), Olly Moore (35:43), Paul Ryan (35:44), Clare Mcgrath (36:15), Andy Walker (36:55), Judith Russell (39:33), Sharon Carr (39:34), Dawn Johnston (50:00) and Phill Johnston (50:01).

At Sedgefield, Paul Dalton finished in 19:59 along with Mark Blewitt (28:59) and Gill Wallis (34:18), Stephen Moore did the Albert Park run in 23:13, Emily Beaumont ran at Tees Barrage in 31:58, while Phil Clarke completed the Catterick run in 25:01. Anthony Corbett finished at Redcar in 25:11, Paul Reid did the South Shields run in 27:02, Helen Carver ran at Edinburgh in 28:44 and Jez Smith completed the Alice Holt run near Aldershot in 27:31. In London, Sarah Watson and Sue New did the Gladstone run in 29:11 and 30:25 respectively, while at the Ally Pally run, Gill Colling finished in 28:46, with Phil Rutter in 28:47 (in his 100th parkrun).

Overseas, Lucia Minto did the Fairview run in Dublin in 24:11, while Nikki Thompson completed the Bois de Boulogne run in Paris in 27:25.