Press Report w/e 24/02/2019

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Press Reports

A busy weekend of action saw Quakers scattered across the region, while for many the highlight was this year’s awards night.

The presentation for the club awards to recognise the achievements of members during 2018 took place, with a full list of all the winners here.

The men’s team at this year’s National Cross Country Championships

The biggest race in this year’s cross country calendar, the Nationals, were held at a very undulating, but surprisingly mud free course at Harewood House near Leeds. There was a virtual photo finish in the women’s race, Louise Trainor covering the 8K, two-lap distance in 39:21, a mere one second ahead of Rebecca Howard. In the men’s race, which covered 12K over two laps, Rob Dent finished in 52:22 followed by James Atkinson (54:38), David Todd (59:25), Graham Park (59:55), Michael Thompson (1:00:05), Dave Murphy (1:06:23), David Ledgerwood (1:07:00) and Lloyd Ashby (1:11:43).

Several runners headed down to Pocklington for the Snake Lane 10 mile race. Paul Dalton completed the fairly flat route in 1:00:24 along with Tom Chapman (1:11:56), Corey Horn (1:14:48), Adrian Colbourne (1:15:05), Claire Chapman (1:27:10), Andrew Dixon (1:27:14), Mike Watson (1:28:05), Juliette Mclaren (1:28:58, PB), Darren Alderson (1:30:55), Hannah Alderson (1:33:25), Janette Croft (1:37:02), Helen Clarke (1:40:01), Lena Rusa (1:40:10), Lisa Alderson (1:45:11, PB) and Clare Dixon (2:05:34).

Annette Clarke, Charlie Bogg and Dave Thompson were out on the hills for the South Pennine, held near Oldham. On a 24 mile route which took in both moorland and part of the Pennine Way, and included 3,300 feet of climb, the trio finished together in 6 hours 31 minutes.

Also out on the fells were the three runners who headed over to Dufton in Cumbria, for the High Cup Nick fell race, covering a 9.3 mile route which took in 1500 feet of climb. Emily Beaumont finished in 1:58:07 along with Helen Clark (1:58:24) and Richard Payne (2:05:41).

Over in Wales, Stuart Hardcastle took part in the Ruthin 10K, held in the Vale of Clywd, completing the hilly route in 51:04 and also finishing first in his age category.

Midweek had seen the Pie and Peas night trail race over at Tees Barrage. Brian McLaren completed the 5K route in 23:35 along with Juliette McLaren (28:13), Gavin Armstrong (28:54), Helen Clark (29:21) and Mark Blewitt (31:39).

Four days later, at the same venue, was the fifth race in the Tees Trail Winter 5K series; Julie Whinn finishing in 25:38 along with Gill Wallis in 33:39.

The previous week had seen Adrian Cottam complete the Great North West half marathon at Blackpool, finishing the route along the coast in 1:36:26.

Also running seven days earlier were the quartet who headed up to Durham for the Runners of the Lost Ark event, where participants ran as many laps of a 3.3 mile route as they wished. Paul Ryan completed 13.1 miles, Lena Rusa and Lisa Jenkins 15 miles and Michelle Dale 16.4 miles.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Mike Kipling finished at South Park in 18:26 followed by Dave Jones (18:51), Marc Ellis (20:00), Billy Harris (20:00), David Matthew (20:06), Adrian Cottam (20:10), Rob Gillham (23:00), Gary Read (24:18), Stuart Masterman (24:26), Phil Clarke (24:58), Paul Reid (27:03), Danny Gordon (27:07), Gavin Armstrong (27:13), Julie Bell (27:25), Ian Hart (27:27), Ashleigh Atkinson (27:29), Lisa Bowerbank (27:30), Michelle Scruby (27:36), John Mcgrath (27:41), Chris Land (28:06), Michael King (28:43), Mark Trowles (28:45), Ginny Gannaway (28:55), Elizabeth Kennedy (28:58), Tom Chapman (30:02), Phill Johnston (31:45), Mark Johnston (31:54), Charlie Johnson (33:17), Hannah Robinson (33:28), Alison Billington (34:07), Rachel Maddison (34:31), Nicola Darling (36:46), Linda Gossage (41:03), Claire Norman (42:45) and Naomi Dixon (58:17).

At Sedgefield, Paul Dalton finished in 18:59 along with Katie Barker Ward (23:37), Wendy Colling (24:26), April Corbett (25:22), Anthony Corbett (25:55), Sandra Cass (27:09), Kathryn Plant (28:16), Mark Blewitt (29:21) and Mark Colling (29:23) while at Tees Barrage, Adrian Colbourne finished in 23:35 along with Emma Colbourne (27:00), Lewis Boshier (27:29), Michelle Boshier (27:30) and Sally Watson (39:34). Phil Rutter ran at Northallerton in 24:04, Helen Spaven did the Heslington run in 29:35, Stephen Moore finished at Albert Park in 27:15 while at Newcastle, Christopher Parsons and Wendy Thompson ran there in 31:10 and 39:44 respectively. Further afield, Peter Rowley ran at Penrith in 24:57, Stuart Hardcastle did the Wepre run in 24:37, Rebecca Dodd ran at Macclesfield in 27:35 and David Stewart finished at Bushy in 31:48.