Press Report w/e 03/03/2019

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Press Reports

A fairly quieter week saw most Quakers heading further afield in search of races.

Anna Hardy and Lisa Alderson all smiles at South Park

The only local race on the calendar was up at Dalton Park for the 10K race there, which unusually started inside the local shopping centre. David Matthew completed the multi terrain route in 42:20 along with Andrew Dixon (49:13), Clare Dixon (1:12:16) and Wendy Thompson (1:20:19).

Two headed down to Leeds for the Brownlee Centre Festival of Running. In the 10K distance, Mike Watson finished in 50:35 along with Hannah Alderson in 54:28.

Over in the Lake District, at the Haweswater half marathon, which took in an out and back route along the lake, Paul Dalton completed the 13.1 miles in 1:27:10 followed by Julie Whinn (2:01:54), Sandra Cass (2:03:03), Janet Bowlby (2:05:00) and Claire Norman (2:21:27).

In the Yorkshire Dales, the Settle half marathon took place, covering an out and back route from Settle to Austwick. David Todd finished the route in 1:40:52 along with Louise Trainor in 1:42:26.

Down in Staffordshire, four runners took part in the Millennium Way, which took in a route along the entire length of the county. Anthony Corbett, April Corbett, Mark Colling and Wendy Colling all finished the 41 mile route together in 9 hours 49 minutes.

In Wales, Ty Hankinson completed the Anglesey half marathon, covering the route which took in running over the Menai suspension bridge, in 1:43:51.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:48 followed by Gareth Kyle (19:27), Corey Horn (19:47), Marc Ellis (19:58), Andrew Vernon (20:04), James Atkinson (20:18), Chris Minto (20:31), Neil Gooding (20:40), Rebecca Howard (20:46), Alistair Johnson (22:31), Adrian Colbourne (22:35), Rob Gillham (22:57), Ed Griffiths (23:00), Mike Watson (23:47), Stuart Masterman (24:28), Viv Hardwick (24:30), Peter Rowley (25:04), Iain Clyde (25:13), Danny Gordon (26:13), Ashleigh Atkinson (26:30), Darren Alderson (26:41), Brian Dixon (26:48), Ian Hart (26:53), Helen Clarke (27:25), Lisa Bowerbank (27:27), Martin Mcgregor (27:47), Janette Croft (27:49), Chris Land (27:52), Michael King (28:15), Elizabeth Kennedy (28:39), Ginny Gannaway (28:43), Anna Hardy (30:10), Lisa Alderson (30:11), Sally Singleton (30:23), Grainne Duffy (30:37), Bex Stirland (31:04), Lee Morris (31:54), Charlie Johnson (32:22), Michael Storey (33:03), Rachel Grayson (35:29), Naomi Dixon (38:23), Nicola Darling (39:17), Fiona Dixon (40:08), Claire Norman (41:52), Alec Cinamon (55:16), Sarah Watson (56:39), Gemma Marshall-Moore (56:40), Olly Marshall-Moore (56:41) and Stephen Moore (56:44).

At Sedgefield, Paul Dalton finished in 22:44 along with Dave Thompson (23:20), Lewis Boshier (26:51), Michelle Boshier (26:51), Richard Payne (27:14), Gill Colling (27:17), Jeff Marriott (29:39), Gill Wallis (34:58) and Sally Watson (36:46), while at Harrogate, Dan Rowlands finished in 22:46 followed by Gary Read (23:53), John Mcgrath (25:28), Gavin Armstrong (26:39), Jamie Pratt (27:21), Hannah Alderson (28:20), Laura Girard (33:28), Ruth Middleton (33:48), Phill Johnston (33:49), Dawn Johnston (33:49), Rachel Maddison (35:00) and Linda Gossage (39:46). At Tees Barrage, Dawn Richardson ran there in 20:36 along with Emily Beaumont (26:15), Rebecca Dodd (26:37) and Helen Spaven (29:56), Helen Whiting did the Stewart Park run in 28:39, David Ledgerwood finished at Riverside in 29:21, Abbie Hull did the Catterick run in 26:20, David Stewart ran at Bushy Park in 31:27 while Paul Reid ran at Edinburgh in 30:22.