The week before Christmas saw just one Quaker out racing while others stayed local for an anniversary celebration.

A festive Matt Jackson heading round South Park at the weekend

The sole airing of the black and white vest was up at Chopwell Woods near Consett where Susan Rigg completed the 10 mile trail route around the forest in 2:17:55.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, South Park celebrated its seventh anniversary run which saw Michael Joyeux first across the line in 16:27 followed by Christian Brown (18:02), Dave Jones (19:15), David Matthew (19:22), David Aiken (19:45), Neil Gooding (20:05), Rebecca Howard (20:41), Gary Read (21:01), David Whittle (22:52), Jonathan Eccles (23:24), Thomas Gannaway (23:30), Paul Roberts (23:52), Rob Gillham (24:20), Stuart Masterman (24:31), Peter Rowley (24:51), Ginny Gannaway (25:23), Stephen Moore (26:24), Elizabeth Kennedy (27:08), Rebecca Bowes (27:27), Lisa Bowerbank (27:38), Julie Bell (27:52), Anneli Mackenzie Brown (28:07), Bryan Dale (28:20), Danny Gordon (28:27), Jo Meynell (29:10), Mark Trowles (29:21), Martin Mcgregor (29:50), Chris Land (29:51), Michelle Scruby (29:54), Matt Jackson (29:59), Jes Smith (30:40), Rachel Maddison (31:08), Christopher Parsons (31:30), Sally Singleton (32:14), Angela Clement (32:14), Helen Whiting (32:39), Peter Cowan (33:14), Michael King (36:22), Fiona Dixon (36:41), Michelle Dale (36:52), Paul Ryan (36:52), Rachel Grayson (36:59), Ashleigh Atkinson (39:06), Wendy Thompson (41:05) and Linda Gossage (44:32).

At Sedgefield, Wendy Colling finished in 25:06 along with Gill Colling (29:20), Phil Rutter (29:22), Mark Blewitt (30:24), Sally Watson (35:16) and Gill Wallis (35:23) while at Redcar, Helen Clarke ran there in 29:08 followed by Hannah Alderson (29:08), Ian Hart (29:12) and Mike Watson (29:12). At Northallerton, Tom and Claire Chapman did the run there in 22:34 and 28:14 respectively, Anthony Corbett ran at Blyth Links in 24:25, Jeff Marriott did the Tees Barrage run in 27:46, Stuart Hardcastle ran at Wepre in 27:22 and David Stewart did the Jersey Farm run at St Albans in 34:23.