Press Report w/e 19/11/2017

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Press Reports

A fairly quiet weekend saw most runners either heading just down the road or chasing championship points.

David Ledgerwood at a hail-free cross country at Preston Park!

The latest cross country event took place at the new venue of Preston Park, where the weather was certainly much more pleasant than the previous week. In the women’s race, which covered 5.7K over two laps, Louise Trainor finished in 25:37 with Bev Snook (32:09), Angela Clement (33:59), Lisa Reeve (34:34) and Sue New (34:40). In the men’s event, which covered 8.3K over three laps, Michael Joyeux finished in second place in 28:43 followed by Marc Ellis (32:20), Rob Dent (36:30), Adrian Colbourne (37:17), Steven Snook (39:25), Graham Park (39:37), David Whittle (39:48), Paul Pomfret (41:04), Mark Trowles (44:07), David Ledgerwood (44:07) and Ian Hammond (46:31).

A few runners went round in circles up on a fairly chilly Town Moor in Newcastle. In the marathon distance, Michael Thompson finished in 3:33:47, while in the half marathon event, Phil Rutter came home in 1:43:53 along with Brian McLaren (1:45:48), Rob Gillham (1:49:25), Juliette McLaren (2:02:58), Gill Colling (2:16:00) and Danny Gordon (2:31:25).

Further north still, three headed up to Northumberland for the Wooler Trail Marathon. On a route which took in over 6000 feet, Emily Beaumont, Michelle Boshier and Anna Hardy all went round together, finishing in 7 hours 54 minutes.

At the Wensleydale Wedge, a 23.5 mile route around the Yorkshire Dales, Dave Thompson covered the distance in 4:48, with Roy McDougall, Sandra Cass, Wendy Colling and April Corbett all going round together in 5:33.

Matt Jackson was the sole Quaker to head over to Cumbria for the Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile race, finishing the route along the roads in 1:39:48.

Also heading west were Tom and Claire Chapman who took part in the Two Riggs fell race near Keswick, covering the 5.6 mile route together in 1:17:32.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 19:05 followed by Darren Wright (19:38), Gary Read (21:07), David Whittle (21:29), Michael Oliver (22:43), Andrew Vernon (23:01), Sue Woodcock (25:35), Claire Wytcherley (25:53), Mark Trowles (26:00), Darren Alderson (26:08), Brian Dixon (26:47), Christopher Bennett (26:50), Julie Bell (27:17), Michael Watson (27:45), Ian Hart (28:01), Hannah Alderson (28:38), Elizabeth Kennedy (28:39), John Whinn (28:58), Sharon Watson (29:51), Michelle Scruby (30:05), Lisa Reeve (30:36), Helen Clarke (30:36), Jo Dickinson (31:26), Paul Ryan (31:36), Lisa Alderson (32:20), Sarah Watson (32:21), Lucy Bendle (32:35), Michael King (34:17), Phill Johnston (34:23), Mark Johnston (34:23), Peter Cowan (34:45), Rob Gillham (35:06), Louise Etherington (35:07), Clare Dixon (35:15), Andrew Dixon (35:16), Sarah Bayles (35:17), Michelle Dale (35:18), Jacqueline Garbutt (35:43), Andy Walker (36:11), Philippa Rayner (36:12), Mark Colling (36:12), Suzanne Latcham (36:33), Gillian Harris (36:34), Caroline Whan (37:08), John Forsyth (39:33), Helen Cowan (39:59), Stacey Holmes (41:27) and Emma Joyeux (41:30).

At Sedgefield, Adrian Colbourne finished in 21:37 along with Dave Thompson (23:57), David Ledgerwood (24:22) and Phil Clarke (24:53), while at Tees Barrage, Kristian Malcolm and Emily Beaumont ran there in 24:19 and 28:31 respectively. At Stewart Park, Paul Pomfret finished in 21:29, with Dan Rowlands in 22:25, while Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 23:57. Nicola Wells did the Northallerton run in 22:52, Tom and Claire Chapman ran at Keswick in 23:15 and 27:53, Anthony Corbett and Darryn Wood ran at Flatts Lane in 29:27 and 41:06 respectively, while down in Norfolk, Lucia Minto did the Sheringham run in 30:08.