Press Report w/e 18/08/2019

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Press Reports

A much quieter week than the last one saw most Quakers heading just down the road for the latest league and championship race.

A cheery looking Caroline Litster at the race at Scorton

The 10K race at Scorton saw Quakers taking up almost a quarter of the field, with four black and white vests finishing in the top ten. Dave Jones completed the multi-terrain route in 38:31 (in fifth place overall and first in his age category) followed by David Matthew (39:21 and in sixth place overall), Brian Martin (39:56, in eighth place overall and first in his age category), Dawn Richardson (41:32, in ninth place overall and the first female finisher), Billy Harris (43:15), Rob Dent (44:02), Katherine Hackett (44:21 and the third female finisher), Louise Trainer (45:41 and first in her age category), Andrew Walsh (46:35), Rob Gilham (47:20), Stuart Hardcastle (47:29), Iain Clyde (50:08), Julie Russell (50:53), Phil Clarke (52:02), Sandra Martin (52:41), Karen Garfield (54:13), Ian Scott (54:32), Helen Clark (56:42), Caroline Litster (58:48), Kathryn Plant (1:00:11), Ruth Middleton (1:08:24), Rachel Maddison (1:16:31) and Bex Stirland (1:16:32).

Five headed up to Seaham for the Branches and Bays 10K, held on a multi-terrain route including parts of the beach. Nigel Eddy finished in 1:07:04 along with Susan Rigg (1:31:36), Clare Mcgrath (1:35:18), Fiona Dixon (1:35:47) and Chris Parsons (1:35:47).

Two Quakers were out midweek as well. At the fifth run of the Darlington Trail Series 5K, Jeff Marriott completed the route held along the old railway line in 29:40.

Meanwhile, David Matthew was up at the Quayside 5K, finishing the flat route along the River Tyne in 18:24.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:34 followed by Marc Ellis (19:59), Ed Griffiths (22:31), David Whittle (22:34), Rob Gillham (22:55), Graham Park (23:03), Ian Hart (23:50), Stuart Masterman (24:25), Ginny Gannaway (24:36), Dawn Richardson (25:15), Peter Rowley (26:04), Paul Reid (26:37), Julie Bell (26:38), Rebecca Howard (26:45), David Aiken (26:46), Robert Mcsherry (27:06), Rebecca Bowes (27:21), Elizabeth Kennedy (27:38), Lisa Bowerbank (28:53), Bryan Dale (28:59), Michael King (29:34), Mark Trowles (30:38), Sue New (31:26), Diane Lockhart (32:50), Helen Carver (32:50), Philippa Rayner (33:09), Lisa Johnstone (33:55), Patrick Robson (33:57), Ian Hamond (35:05), Wendy Thompson (43:35) and Dawn Raper (43:35),

At Catterick, Steven Major ran there in 22:12 along with Phil Rutter (22:29), Phil Clarke (25:01), Dan Rowlands (25:02), David Ledgerwood (25:56), Abbie Hull (27:00), Gill Colling (27:32), Jo Meynell (31:47), Sally Singleton (31:55) and Linda Gossage (38:28) while at Albert Park, Stephen Moore finished in 28:15 followed by Judith Russell (33:35), Bethany Symonds (33:48) and Naomi Dixon (38:03). At Sedgefield, Stuart Hardcastle did the run in 22:50 along with Jeff Marriott (27:26) and Sarah Watson (38:48), Rebecca Dodd finished at Stewart Park in 32:21, Anthony Corbett did the Storthes Hall run in 27:05 and Andrew Dixon ran at Keswick in 22:28. At Salisbury, Julie and John Whinn ran there in 25:23 and 30:21 respectively, John Mcgrath did the Humber Bridge run in 35:01 and David Stewart ran at Fountains Abbey in 30:11. Paul Davies did the Haigh Woodland run in 20:36, Francis Connolly ran at Fulham palace in 24:04 and Richard Payne did the Glasgow Victoria Park run in 26:16.