With very little on the calendar only a handful of black and white vests were out at the weekend.

A festive looking Jamie Norman coming into the finish at Loftus

The sole race to see Quakers in action was the Poultry Run, which took place at Loftus over a multi-terrain eight-mile route. Michael Joyeux finished in tenth place overall in 46:55 followed by Jamie Norman (1:10:50), Wendy Colling (1:12:18), Sandra Cass (1:15:17), Janet Bowlby (1:27:54), Claire Norman (1:28:11)

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished at South Park in 17:52 followed by Dave Jones (18:43), Rob Dent (19:21), Neil Gooding (19:51), Dawn Richardson (20:02), Andrew Vernon (20:31), Rebecca Howard (20:59), Stuart Hardcastle (22:32), Diane Vaughan (22:35), David Whittle (23:03), Ian Hart (24:06), Mike Watson (25:05), Peter Rowley (25:14), Richard Hughes (25:33), Thomas Gannaway (25:40), Elizabeth Kennedy (27:08), Julie Whinn (27:12), Rebecca Bowes (27:29), Julie Bell (27:39), Chris Land (28:00), Michael King (28:07), Michelle Scruby (28:44), Mark Trowles (29:06), Mark Blewitt (29:38), Brian Dixon (29:51), Olly Marshall-Moore (29:54), Tristen Coad (31:40), Paul Ryan (32:56), Michelle Dale (33:53), Emma Joyeux (33:54), Lena Rusa (34:25), Rachel Grayson (35:10), Phill Johnston (36:34), Dawn Johnston (36:41), Ruth Middleton (37:05), Helen Cowan (37:06) and Wendy Thompson (39:15).

At Sedgefield, Phil Rutter finished in 23:07 along with Dave Thompson (24:45), Wendy Colling (26:21), Anthony Corbett (27:06), Gill Colling (27:15), John Mcgrath (27:17), Sandra Cass (27:51) and April Corbett (27:52). David Ledgerwood did the Gateshead run in 25:43, Tom Chapman ran at Catterick in 22:43, Rebecca Dodd finished at Albert Park in 26:58, while further afield, Lucia Minto did the Glasgow Victoria Park run in 23:01 and David Stewart finished the Bushy run in London in 34:22.