Press Report w/e 11/02/2018

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Press Reports

A fairly quiet week saw just a couple of off-road races on the calendar, though three Quakers managed to take the black and white vest overseas.

Andrew Vernon at an unusually sunny Hardmoors event!

The first of this year’s Hardmoors Trail series took place on the coast at Saltburn, with all distances taking in a circular route from the town. In the marathon, Anthony Corbett finished in 6:52:39 just ahead of Anna Hardy in 7:00:16, while in the half marathon event, Andrew Vernon completed the course in 2:54:34. In the 10K, Luke Minall came home in 1:07:59 (and in eighth place overall) along with David Ledgerwood (1:27:35), Michelle Dale (1:53:42) and Lisa Jenkins (1:53:52).

At the Absent Friends 5 mile trail race over at Cowpen Bewley, Paul Dalton finished the one-lap route 34:06 along with Alan Prest in 1:04:16.

Three headed over to Spain for the half marathon event taking place in Barcelona. Diane Vaughan covered the 13.1 mile distance in 1:40:43 with Richard Hughes in 2:06:30 and Philippa Rayner in 2:14:56 (PB).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Ed Griffiths finished at South Park in 22:49 followed by Dave Murphy (23:22), Steve Howell (23:28), Sheryl Dolan (24:04), Julie Russell (24:24), Iain Clyde (24:41), Francis Connolly (24:41), Ian Hart (25:11), Michael Watson (26:25), Brian Dixon (27:09), Stuart Masterman (27:51), Elizabeth Kennedy (28:02), Julie Bell (28:28), Martin Rowell (28:59), Nikki Thompson (29:14), Kelly Smith (29:30), Alison Hardwick (29:33), Helen Carver (30:41), Lee Morris (31:21), Lisa Reeve (32:37), Alec Cinamon (34:12), Sarah Atkins (34:31), Rachel Grayson (35:31), Michael King (37:16), Lena Rusa (37:59), Gillian Harris (38:00), Gemma Marshall (38:16), Terri Hankinson (38:17), Judith Russell (45:37) and Roy Macdougall (45:38).

There was a big turnout at Sedgefield where Paul Dalton finished in 19:31 along with Gareth Kyle (20:59), Steven Major (21:22), Paul Pomfret (21:25), Dan Rowlands (22:52), Phil Rutter (23:00), Andrew Vernon (24:15), Gavin Armstrong (24:38), Malcolm Hewitson (24:42), David Ledgerwood (24:51), Mark Trowles (25:08), John Mcgrath (26:40), Christopher Parsons (28:09), Phill Johnston (28:11), Gillian Cowton (29:38), Susan Rigg (31:24), Margaret Hunter (32:32), Sally Singleton (32:36), Emily Beaumont (33:32), Lewis Boshier (33:37), Sarah Watson (33:38), Lisa Alderson (33:49), Clare Mcgrath (34:05), Fiona Dixon (34:31), Karen Dove (34:32), Dawn Johnston (35:12), Sally Watson (35:50), Darryn Wood (36:18), Gary Read (37:28) and Stacey Holmes (42:22).

At Prudhoe, Wendy Colling ran there in 28:53 followed by Sandra Cass (29:30), Julie Whinn (30:41), Gill Colling (31:06), Claire Norman (32:37), Nicola Howe (32:38) and April Corbett (33:54). At Keswick, Tom Chapman finished in 22:21 along with Rebecca Howard (22:29), Claire Chapman (26:59) and Mark Blewitt (30:02). Adrian Colbourne and Wendy Thompson ran at Tees Barrage in 21:45 and 38:07 respectively, Anthony Corbett did the Windy Nook run in 28:29, Stephen Moore finished at Albert Park in 23:50, while at Catterick, Lucia Minto completed the run there in 23:01 along with Abbie Hull (26:30), Peter Rowley (27:21) and Phil Clarke (27:30).