Press Report w/e 10/11/2019

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Press Reports

Most runners headed to the coast as the latest cross country fixture took place.

Kathryn Plant clearly enjoying the hill at Whitby

The second race in the NYSD series was held over at a reasonably mud-free Whitby. In the women’s race, which also included the over 65 men, Rebecca Howard completed the two-lap 5.4K distance in 25:00 along with Louise Trainer (25:36), Julie Russell (27:53), Wendy Colling (27:56), Viv Hardwick (28:18), Sue Woodcock (29:16), Anna Harris (29:40), Claire Chapman (30:24), Hannah Alderson (31:39), Helen Clarke (32:09), Gillian Cowton (32:41), Gillian Harris (33:39), Danny Gordon (34:13), Lisa Reeve (34:59), Kathryn Plant (35:19), Lisa Jenkins (37:32), Sue New (38:42), Alison Hardwick (38:54), Rachel Grayson (39:18) and Ashleigh Atkinson (42:01). In the men’s event, which covered 9K over three laps, Dave Jones finished in 38:19 followed by Rob Dent (39:50), Tom Chapman (42:40), Corey Horn (43:08), Billy Harris (43:25), Graham Park (44:57), Edward Griffiths (45:04), David Todd (45:58), David McLachlan (46:12), Adrian Colbourne (46:26), Andrew Walker (47:17), Andrew Dixon (48:06), Darren Alderson (53:55) and Brian Cowton (55:47).

The penultimate 10K league race took place up on the Town moor at Heaton. Paul Dalton completed the flat two lap route in 36:41 followed by David Matthew (38:49), Brian Martin (39:04, finishing second in his age category and taking the silver medal in the North East Masters 10K championship), Brian Mclaren (44:03), Andrew Walsh (44:57), Diane Vaughan (46:12), Helen Clark (52:04), Ian Young (52:00 and first in his age category), Sandra Martin (53:02), Stuart Masterman (53:31), Juliette Mclaren (55:05), Julie Bell (55:51), Wendy Noble (58:32), Steven Johnston (59:29), Pamela Barrass (59:46), Bex Stirland (1:08:08) and Rachel Maddison (1:08:09).

Taking place at the same time was the latest championship race, the Dalby Dash 10K, where Rob Gillham finished in 46:38 along with Simon Rek in 48:21.

The latest Hardmoors trail series was held over at Goathland. In the marathon distance, Emily Beaumont finished in 9:00:43, while Luke Minall completed the half marathon route in 3:45:7. In the 10K race, Phil Rutter and Gill Colling came home in 1:13:25 and 1:40:35 respectively.

There were two races on offer at Hamsterley Forest. In the 10 mile route, Angela Clement finished the off-road distance in 1:34:39, while in the 5 mile race, Dawn Raper and Wendy Thompson came in together in 1:16:55.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:38 followed by Dale Chapman (19:45), Dawn Richardson (20:09), Gareth Kyle (20:16), Rebecca Howard (21:11), Daniel Orton (22:58), Shane Lester (23:19), David Todd (24:07), Andrew Walsh (24:09), Louise Trainor (24:18), Rob Gillham (24:41), Peter Rowley (24:49), John West (25:09), Andrew Vernon (25:18), Paul Reid (26:17), Stuart Masterman (26:31), Lisa Bowerbank (26:32), Karen Garfield (26:38), Kathryn Gray (26:44), Julie Bell (27:18), John Cooke (27:36), Paul Taylor (27:37), Bryan Dale (27:55), Chris Evans (28:21), Phil Thornberry (28:29), Hannah Alderson (28:31), Martin Mcgregor (28:49), Chris Land (29:15), Jo Meynell (29:23), Michael King (29:54), Angela Taylor (30:01), Helen Spaven (30:05), Lisa Jenkins (31:40), Sarah Watson (31:50), Angela Clement (31:53), Anneli Mackenzie Brown (31:56), Karen Thornberry (32:13), Peter Cowan (35:01), Adele Brown (35:26), Dawn Raper (37:04), Paul Ryan (37:10), Michelle Dale (37:15), Angela Reed (38:20), Anne-Michelle Whitley (38:21) and Linda Gossage (54:11).

At Tees Barrage, Fred Tennant finished in 24:12 along with Ian Hart (24:26), Anthony Corbett (24:45), Mike Watson (25:44) and Andy Walker (44:49), while at Hackworth, Corey Horn ran there in 21:21 along with April Corbett (28:44) and Sandra Cass (28:46). Michael Joyeux was first across the line at Albert Park in 16:42, David Ledgerwood did the Gibside run in 29:29, Michael Thompson finished the Marshall Drive run in 22:54, Julie Whinn ran at Conyngham Hall in 28:38, while David Stewart did the Bushy run in 28:33.