Press Report w/e 09/02/2020

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Press Reports

The stormy weather put paid to just about every race at the weekend, with one unsurprising exception.

Neil Gooding flying into the finish at South Park

The first Hardmoors trail race of the year took place over on the coast at Saltburn. In the marathon distance, Wendy Colling completed the windy route in 6:22 along with Rachel McMahon in 7:40, while in the half marathon, Karen Dove and Fiona Dixon went round together in 4:40.

On the Saturday, Dave Thompson beat the bad weather at the Anglezarke Amble, a 24 mile route across the west Lancashire moorlands, finishing in 5 hours 57 minutes.

Midweek had seen two Quakers head down the road for the Middlesbrough Mile heald at the sports village; David Matthew finishing in 5:42 along with Diane Vaughan in 6:50 (first in her age category and breaking the club record).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:50 followed by David Matthew (19:12), Andrew Vernon (20:36), Thomas Gannaway (21:27), Shane Lester (21:29), Dale Chapman (21:33), Mark Robinson (22:05), David Whittle (22:07), Jonathan Eccles (23:25), Ginny Gannaway (24:09), Rob Gillham (24:27), Stuart Masterman (24:31), Peter Rowley (24:41), Emma Good (24:59), Elizabeth Kennedy (26:40), Rebecca Bowes (26:44), Julie Bell (26:55), Amy Woodcock (27:03), Danny Gordon (27:16), Ruth Tooley (27:32), Kathryn Gray (27:36), Stuart Burkin (27:37), John Mcgrath (27:42), Julie Russell (27:44), Sarah Watson (29:02), Michelle Scruby (29:15), Martin Mcgregor (29:26), Peter Cowan (29:30), Christopher Parsons (29:34), Angela Clement (29:51), Jo Meynell (29:53), Mark Trowles (30:43), Michael King (30:44), Neil Gooding (31:31), Joanne Dewar (31:53), Richard Hughes (31:54), Neil Scollick (33:19), Bethany Symonds (35:17), Naomi Dixon (40:53), Paul Ryan (42:56), Wendy Thompson (44:16) and Andy Walker (44:16).

At Tees Barrage, Emily Beaumont finished in 25:21 along with Helen Clark (27:16), Ian Scott (29:08), Helen Whiting (29:53) and Anne-Michelle Whitley (30:00), while at Sedgefield, Richard Payne ran there in 28:15 along with Paul Hutchinson (30:26) and Gill Wallis (34:43). At Durham, Phil Rutter and Gill Colling finished in 22:34 and 28:16 respectively, Michelle Dale did the York run in 34:53, David Ledgerwood ran at Jesmond Dene in 28:46 and Fred Tennant did the Pastures run in 25:21. At Albert Park, Stephen Moore and Anneli Mackenzie Brown finished in 27:20 and 29:43 respectively, Ian hart did the Jubilee run in 24:56, Helen Spaven ran at Flatts Lane in 35:16, while at Northallerton, Tom Chapman finished in 23:08 with Claire Chapman in 26:50. At Dalby Forest, Gary Read finished in 22:46 followed by Steven Major (25:43), Rachel Maddison (30:42) and Caroline Litster (30:43), at Catterick, Phil Clarke and Janette Croft ran there in 23:11 and 32:02 respectively, at Roundhay Park, David Aiken finished in 22:05 with Rebecca Howard in 22:21, David Stewart ran at Bushy in 31:50, while Rebecca Dodd finished the Walmer and Deal Seafront run in 26:59.

Flying the flag overseas was Stuart Hardcastle who did the Greenpoint run in Cape Town, South Africa in 24:06.