Press Report w/e 01/09/2019

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Press Reports

While most runners headed just down the road, one travelled down south to wear the England vest.

Charlotte Kyle leading her team off at Stewart Park

Brian Martin once again got the opportunity to run for the country, this time at the Maidenhead half marathon, finishing in 1:24:37 to come third in the England vs Celtic Masters and fourth overall in his age category.

The biggest turnout of black and white was just down the road at Middlesbrough for the latest 10K league race. Paul Dalton completed the flat one-lap route in 37:01 followed by Dave Jones (37:38), David Matthew (38:24), Michael Kipling (38:53), Corey Horn (42:05), Gareth Kyle (42:22), Mike Brown (42:34), Paul Davies (42:41), Michael Thompson (42:49), Andrew Walsh (44:18), Paul Pomfret (44:53), Gary Read (46:34), Rob Gillham (46:45), Stuart Hardcastle (47:07), David Whittle (47:21), Stephen Ash (47:58), Mike Watson (49:06), Jayne Jeffries (50:25), Dan Rowlands (51:16), Shane Lester (51:28), Kirsty Smith Yates (52:30), Paul Taylor (52:30), Ian Scott (52:35), Michael Oliver (52:36), Shaune Eland (53:51), Helen Clark (54:06), Lloyd Ashby (54:22), Emily Beaumont (54:50), Jo Meynell (55:16), Mel Newton (55:28), Caroline Brown (56:10), Jessica Campbell (56:17), Jamie Pratt (56:47), Helen Clarke (57:12), Mark Blewitt (57:32), Viv Hardwick (57:35), Brian Cowton (58:08), Gillian Cowton (58:28), John Cooke (59:49), Julie Whinn (1:00:01), Tracey Plaskitt (1:00:41), Angela Taylor (1:00:52), Hayley Wooding (1:01:36), Bex Stirland (1:01:56), Michelle Scruby (1:02:42), Lisa Jenkins (1:03:43), Tina Corah (1:04:07), Hannah Stace (1:04:36), Ruth Middleton (1:04:55), Kelly Smith (1:06:30), Alison Hardwick (1:06:55), Charlotte Kyle (1:07:57), Mark Ladyman (1:08:26), Rachel Maddison (1:09:20), Alec Cinamon (1:11:32), Fiona Dixon (1:15:21) and Karen Dove (1:16:54).

At the Wetherby 10K, which started at the racecourse ground, Diane Vaughan completed the flat, multi-terrain route in 45:40 (and third in her age category) along with Richard Hughes in 58:23.

Peter Rowley was the sole Quaker at the Tholthorpe 10K completing the route there in 52:50.

There were a few races midweek too including the second shortest championship race, the Roseberry Topping fell race. Phil Rutter completed the 1.5 mile route up to the summit and back down in 19:29 along with Rob Gillham (22:58) and Gill Colling (25:32).

Three teams were at the NYMAC Relays held at Stewart Park where each runner completed a one mile lap of the park. The quartet of Charlotte Kyle, Gareth Kyle, Kelly Smith and Corey Horn finished in 29:16 along with Laura Girard, Rebecca Bowes, Julie Russell & Dave Jones in 30:28 and Naomi Dixon, Dave Murphy, Darren Alderson & Marc Ellis in 30:32.

At the fifth race of the Tees Trail Summer 5K series held over at Newham Grange, David Matthew finished in sixth place overall in 18:29 along with Stuart Hardcastle in 22:04.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Billy Harris finished at South Park in 20:30 followed by Rebecca Howard (21:00), Ed Griffiths (21:54), Phil Clarke (23:27), Stuart Masterman (24:02), David Todd (24:07), Anna Harris (24:54), Iain Clyde (25:58), Andrew Dixon (26:02), Rob Gillham (26:02), Steven Snook (26:05), Julie Bell (26:34), Dave Jones (26:45), Paul Reid (27:22), Danny Gordon (28:21), Gillian Harris (28:23), Michael King (28:38), Tracey Plaskitt (29:21), Jes Smith (30:20), Janette Croft (31:33), Rachel Grayson (33:34), Gemma Marshall-Moore (38:43), Olly Marshall-Moore (38:43) and Sarah Bayles (38:44).

At Sedgefield, Stuart Hardcastle finished in 23:14 along with Dave Thompson (23:55), Sarah Wilson (29:57), John Whinn (30:13), Julie Whinn (30:29) and Paul Hutchinson (30:42), while at the Herrington Country Park run, Phil Rutter ran there in 22:39 followed by Anthony Corbett (24:02), Wendy Colling (24:12), April Corbett (24:54), Mark Colling (26:23), Sandra Cass (27:58) and Gill Colling (27:59). At Catterick, Jo Meynell finished in 31:23 along with Sally Singleton (31:41) and Naomi Dixon (37:31), Dawn Richardson ran at Tees Barrage in 20:17, Stephen Moore did the Albert Park run in 27:20 and Paul Dalton ran at Hackworth in 22:57. Peter Rowley did the Newby Bridge run in 26:05, Rebecca Dodd ran at Macclesfield in 33:06 and David Stewart finished the Bushy run in 31:48.