Press Report w/e 22/01/2017

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Press Reports

It was either running in the mud or going round and round a park for Quakers on a typically quiet January weekend.

Andrew Vernon still smiling despite the muddy conditions at Acklam

The latest cross country event took just down the road place at a muddy and hilly Acklam. In the women’s race, which also included the over 65 men and covered 5.8K over two laps, Louise Trainer finished in 23:38 (and second in his age category) along with Rebecca Howard (25:23), Danny Gordon (30:14), Bev Snook (30:15), Gill Colling (33:21), Nicola Arkley (41:26) and Lisa Alderson (41:40).

In the men’s event which covered 10K, Marc Ellis completed the four lap route in 39:54 (and second in his age category), followed by Brian Martin (41:07 and first in his age category), Rob Dent (43:29), Michael Thompson (45:22), Darren Wright (45:32), Steve Snook (47:03), Phil Rutter (47:24), Andrew Vernon (47:32), Graham Park (48:38), David McLachlan (48:57), Ed Griffiths (50:03), Iain Clyde (50:40), Billy Harris (50:54), Paul Pomfret (52:15), Darren Alderson (55:03), David Ledgerwood (59:04), Jamie Pratt (59:57) and Gary Read (1:04:57).

With very little initially on the calendar for last weekend, a hastily arranged 10K was held over at Ropner Park, which saw a 1-2 finish for the black and white vest. Over a six lap route around the park, Alex Kiel won the race in 33:22 (PB), with Kyle Cook finishing second in 36:14. They were followed in by Gary Read (39:55, PB), Brian McLaren (44:54), Dan Rowlands (46:13), Nigel Eddy (49:37), Juliette McLaren (55:26), Gemma Eddy (57:39) and Andy Whittam (59:19).

Out on the hills, Charlie Bogg and Dave Thompson took part in The Hebden, a 21 mile route around the moors and valleys near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. On a course taking in over 4,500 feet of climb, the pair finished together in 5 hours 38 minutes.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Joyeux finished at South Park in 17:19 followed by Dave Jones (18:53), Rob Dent (19:09), Gary Read (19:28), Daniel Orton (19:43), Luke Minall (22:05), Michael Ladyman (22:05), Rebecca Howard (22:18), Peter Rowley (23:49), Jamie Pratt (24:32), Steven Major (24:35), Paul Pomfret (24:39), Rebecca Bowes (25:01), Gavin Armstrong (25:02), Darren Alderson (25:04), Olly Moore (25:33), Julie Whinn (25:35), Rob Gillham (25:55), Elizabeth Kennedy (25:56), Lewis Boshier (26:52), Michelle Boshier (26:58), Lee Morris (27:32), Mark Trowles (27:57), Brian Mclaren (28:02), Juliette Mclaren (28:02), John Whinn (29:11), Michelle Scruby (29:28), Michael King (29:57), Adrian Gooding (30:44), Paul Ryan (30:47), Sharon Carr (31:11), Lisa Alderson (34:42), Rachel Ryan (36:12) and Adrian Dent (41:34).

At Albert Park, Mike Brown finished in 20:11 along with Stephen Moore (22:48) and Caroline Moses (27:17), while Lou Trainor did the run at Stewart Park in 21:00. At Sedgefield, Mark Blewitt and Diane Adkins ran there in 26:58 and 28:50 respectively, Paul Dalton did the run at Tees Barrage in 18:24, and at Hackworth, Phil Rutter finished in 22:19 with Gill Colling in 28:28. Further north, Anthony Corbett ran at Durham in 26:37, Darryn Wood did the Rising Sun run at Newcastle in 33:49, while going south, Helen Whiting completed the Belton House run, near Grantham, in 35:12.