Press Report w/e 15/01/2017

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Press Reports

A week which featured the first big race of the season and the latest cross country event also saw the Quaker colours now heading to their southernmost point ever.

Abbie Hull enjoying the cross country mud far too much by the looks of it!

The largest turnout of the weekend was down in York for the Brass Monkey half marathon, where as usual, the flat course enabled several runners to achieve new personal bests. First home for the club was Kyle Cook in 1:23:10 (PB) followed by Dave Jones (1:24:22, PB), Gary Read (1:30:06), Chris Minto (1:32:52, PB), Billy Harris (1:34:57, PB), Phil Rutter (1:36:08), Ewan Henderson (1:39:28), Diane Vaughan (1:40:08 and third in her age category), Dan Rowlands (1:41:24, PB), Stephen Ash (1:45:06), David Whittle (1:45:22), Lindsey Lester (1:49:31), Stephen Moore (1:51:09), Sue Woodcock (1:52:08), Gavin Armstrong (1:52:54), Peter Rowley (1:53:34), Richard Hughes (1:54:12), Mel Newton (1:54:55), Julie Whinn (1:56:10), Anna Hardy (1:57:12), Michelle Boshier (1:57:38), Rebecca Bowes (1:57:39), Diane Adkins (1:58:14), Barbara Barker (2:00:18, PB), Michael Oliver (2:00:19), Pamela Barrass (2:04:49), Clare Stradling (2:08:57), Paul Dalton (2:08:57), Gill Colling (2:09:03, PB), Gemma Hammond (2:10:05), Michelle Dale (2:12:05), Michelle Scruby (2:13:44, PB), Gillian Harris (2:16:16), Lena Rusa (2:17:19) and Emily Beaumont (2:17:34).

Nearer to home, the latest cross country fixture took place at the new venue of Ormesby Hall, Middlesbrough. In the women’s event, which included the over 65 men and covered 5.3K, Louise Trainer completed the muddy two lap route in 21:59 (and second in her age category), along with Sarah Watson (27:47), Danny Gordon (28:46), Abbie Hull (30:22), Sandra Martin (30:48), Tracey Plaskitt (31:12), Nicola Herraghty (32:46), Lisa Jenkins (34:11), Gemma Marshall (35:29) and Sharon Carr (39:40).

In the men’s race, which covered 9.6K over three laps, Marc Ellis finished in 38:19 (and second in his age category), followed by Brian Martin (38:53 and first in his age category), Rob Dent (40:38), Michael Thompson (42:11), Darren Wright (44:01), David Todd (44:27), Graham Park (46:23), Ed Griffiths (46:34), Andrew Lambe (47:02), Iain Clyde (47:59), Andrew Vernon (48:26), Paul Roberts (50:44), Olly Moore (54:37), David Ledgerwood (55:29), Matt Jackson (1:00:50) and Lee Morris (1:05:04).

Over in Cumbria, Daniel Orton was the sole Quaker at the Carlisle 10K, finishing the race there in 41:15.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Rob Dent finished at South Park in 19:35 followed by David Todd (21:57), Louise Trainor (22:01), Fred Tennant (22:27), Paul Pomfret (23:07), Olly Moore (23:59), Jamie Pratt (25:09), Darren Alderson (25:41), David Ledgerwood (25:48), Juliette Mclaren (26:11), Abigail Willson (26:25), Mark Trowles (27:32), Lee Morris (28:36), Gemma Hammond (29:00), Nicola Howe (30:19), Gary Read (30:53), Michael King (30:54), Richard Payne (30:55), Paul Ryan (32:19), Rebecca Howard (34:51), Rachel Ryan (36:02), Jan Waite (40:01) and Adrian Dent (42:36).

At Tees Barrage, Emily Beaumont finished in 35:33 along with Karen Dove (36:22) and Lisa Alderson (36:22). Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 21:42, while Anthony Corbett completed the run at Northallerton in 26:57. Up at Gibside, Nicola Wells and Elizabeth Kennedy finished in 23:55 and 28:55, while Darryn Wood ran at Whitley Bay in 41:07. Over in Liverpool, Michael Ladyman did the Croxteth Hall run in 21:48.

In New Zealand once again was Rob Gillham, who this time completed the world’s most southerly parkrun, in Dunedin, in 28:42.