Press Report w/e 10/09/2017

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Press Reports

Michael Joyeux clearly enjoying having the road to himself last Sunday!

A busy week of running saw several Quakers taking part in the biggest event in the region, one claiming a race victory and four runners flying the flag overseas.

There was a large turnout once again for this year’s Great North Run, the 13.1 mile distance from Newcastle to South Shields. Michael Joyeux was first home for the club, finishing in a very impressive 36th place overall in 1:11:22 (PB). He was followed in by Kyle Cook (1:19:19, PB), Dave Jones (1:23:30, PB), Gary Read (1:38:21), Dale Chapman (1:38:39), Brian Mclaren (1:38:45), Adrian Cottam (1:40:48, PB), Adrian Gooding (1:42:37), Rob Gillham (1:44:41), Stuart Burkin (1:49:50), Bridget Stewart (1:53:49), Sue Woodcock (1:55:12), Rebecca Bowes (1:55:39), Daniel Orton (1:56:20), Fred Tennant (1:58:30), Jessica Campbell (1:58:39), James Simpson (1:59:06), Juliette Mclaren (1:59:15), Michelle Boshier (2:04:06), Lewis Boshier (2:04:06), David Ledgerwood (2:05:29), Ian Young (2:05:54), Darren Alderson (2:12:28), Neal Harper (2:13:03), Gavin Armstrong (2:14:11), Stuart Masterman (2:15:35), Gemma Eddy (2:20:56), Jen Murray (2:21:20), David Brown (2:21:39), Lee Morris (2:22:53), Michelle Scruby (2:24:52), Philippa Rayner (2:24:54),  Andrew Dixon (2:26:44), Nicola Herraghty (2:26:45), Lisa Jenkins (2:26:45), Michelle Dale  (2:26:45), Christopher Johnson (2:26:48), Chris Land (2:27:14), Kim Hall (2:36:23), Phill Johnston (2:36:49, PB), Dawn Johnston (2:36:50, PB), Tracey Plaskitt (2:36:55), Paul Ryan (2:40:37), Michael King (2:47:40), Nicola Arkley (2:51:07), Tristen Coad (2:56:19), Sonia Talbot (2:56:21), Lisa Alderson (2:59:07), Terri Hankinson (2:59:29), Barbra Barker (3:03:41), Lisa Johnstone (3:16:19) and Linda Harrington (3:25:23).

Also taking place at the same time was the Vale of York half marathon, starting and finishing in the airfield at Sherburn-in-Elmet. Brian Martin came home in 1:24:52 (and first in his age category) followed by Nicola Wells (1:38:00, PB), Billy Harris (1:45:15), Richard Hughes (1:54:15), Anna Hardy (1:54:43), Sandra Martin (1:57:36, PB), Lyn Hatch (2:00:55) and Gillian Harris (2:18:16).

Three headed over to Lithuania for the half marathon being held in the capital city Vilnius. Steven Major finished in 1:43:59 along with Paul Pomfret in 1:49:31 and Michael Kipling in 1:51:43.

In France, Katherine Hackett headed to the Bordeaux region for this year’s Medoc Marathon, taking full advantage of the water stations which actually serve red, white and rose wine(!), to finish the 26.2 miles in 5:08:58.

Out on the hills, Dave Thompson completed the 23 mile One Foot in the Gargrave race, finishing the route held around Malhamdale in the southern end of the Yorkshire Dales in 4 hours 39 minutes.

The start of the week had seen the first championship race, and the shortest one of all, the Quaker Mile down at the track at Eastbourne. Over the four and a bit laps, Marc Ellis recorded 5:21 with Rob Dent (5:32), Adrian Colbourne (5:58), Louise Trainor (6:00), Brian McLaren (6:05), Kristian Malcolm (6:08), David Whittle (6:19), Nicola Wells (6:21), Simon Rek (6:29), Tom Chapman (6:30), Andrew Dixon (6:30), Ian Hammond (6:47), Rob Gillham (6:50), Abigail Willson (6:52), Jayne Jeffries (6:54), Bridget Stewart (7:08), Anna Hardy (7:15), David Ledgerwood (7:19), Darren Alderson (7:23), Lee Morris (7:27), Juliette McLaren (7:33), Julie Whinn (7:36), Neal Harper (7:38), Andy Whittam (7:47), Michelle Scruby (7:57), John Whinn (7:59), Gill Colling (8:00) and Sue New (8:09).

Midweek had seen the second championship race, the Autumn Coast Road 5K over at Marske. Alex Kiel won the race, finishing the two-lap route just as the sun was setting in 16:15. He was followed in by Rob Dent (18:59), Louise Trainor (19:57), Dawn Richardson (20:43), Fred Tennant (20:58), Brian McLaren (21:03, PB), Phil Rutter (21:42), Rob Gillham (22:43), Bridget Stewart (24:05), Jessica Campbell (24:36), Juliette McLaren (25:05, PB), Julie Whinn (25:42), Gill Colling (26:17, PB) and Lee Morris (28:44).

Also taking place at the same time was the sixth and final race in the Tees Trail Summer 5K series over at Newham Grange Farm. Michael Kipling completed the off-road route in 19:35 along with Gary Read (19:45), Dan Rowlands (21:39), Michelle Boshier (25:28), Lewis Boshier (25:29), Danny Gordon (27:17), Claire Hewitt (35:19) and Sally Watson (35:19).

The previous week had seen Peter Rowley taking part in the Coxhoe Trail Run, completing the 10K race in 51:51 (and third in his age category).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Alex Kiel was first across the line at South Park’s 250th event in 16:46 followed by Marc Ellis (18:40), Rob Dent (19:57), Gary Read (20:15), Luke Minall (20:19), David Todd (20:56), David Whittle (22:17), Malcolm Hewitson (23:48), David Ptak (23:59), Paul Roberts (24:41), David Ledgerwood (24:59), Hayden Thompson (25:01), Julie Bell (26:13), Mark Blewitt (27:09), Brian Dixon (27:24), Lucia Minto (27:38), Alison Hardwick (29:14), Sally Singleton (29:16), Mark Trowles (29:27), Janette Croft (29:53), Paul Hutchinson (31:28), Gemma Marshall (31:53), Olly Moore (31:55) and Michael King (34:00).

At Sedgefield, Phil Rutter finished in 22:49 along with Jeff Marriott (26:53), Gill Colling (28:47), Sue New (28:55) and Gill Wallis (36:18), while at Tees Barrage, Adrian Colbourne ran in 21:07, with Emily Beaumont (30:46) and Karen Dove (34:20). At Albert Park, Kristian Malcolm and Stephen Moore ran in 22:40 and 23:19 respectively, Rebecca Howard did the York run in 33:14, Darryn Wood ran at Carlisle in 34:19, Peter Rowley did the Fell Foot run at Newby Bridge in 24:58, while Tom and Claire Chapman finished at Keswick in 22:54 and 27:54.

Flying the flag overseas in France was Jez Smith who did the Lac De Divonne run on the edge of the Swiss border in 23:29.