Press Report w/e 09/10/2016

by | Oct 11, 2016 | Press Reports

In a weekend which saw most Quakers heading overseas, the club had its very own “Super Sunday” with three runners achieving victories as well as a host of others setting new personal bests and club records.


Sharon Carr on her way to a PB in the half marathon at Eindhoven

The majority of runners were to be found in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, the site of this year’s club trip. In the marathon event, Billy Harris was first home for the club over the 26.2 mile distance in a new PB of 3:24:14, while next to finish were Wendy Colling (4:03:48), Sandra Cass (4:10:35), Anthony Corbett (4:12:37 in his 50th marathon), April Corbett (4:13:17), Mark Colling (4:31:46) and Roy Macdougall (4:31:46, PB).

Most runners took part in the half marathon event, which saw Marc Ellis finish in a new PB of 1:20:14, as well as having the distinction of being the first UK runner home. He was followed in by Dawn Richardson (1:27:30), Mark Robinson (1:28:00), Brian Martin (1:28:34 and breaking the club record for his age category), David Todd (1:29:56), Rob Dent (1:30:34), Katherine Hackett (1:31:44), Andrew Vernon (1:32:32, PB), Chris Minto (1:33:13), Phil Rutter (1:38:23), Graham Park (1:44:01), Sarah Watson (1:50:17), Jeff Marriott (1:52:45), Wendy Noble (2:04:15, PB), David Ledgerwood (2:04:18, PB), John McGovern (2:04:40), Jamie Burn (2:09:36), Sue New (2:09:38, PB), Gill Colling (2:09:57, PB), Sandra Martin (2:09:57), Gillian Harris (2:09:58), Leigh Padgett (2:18:18), Kevin Simpson (2:26:39) and Sharon Carr (2:34:40, PB).

In the 10k run, Louise Trainor finished in 41:08, and in doing was the first woman to finish the race. Also running were Damian Wynne who finished in 52:56, Chris Crathorne (55:05) and Mike Horan (1:13:34).

Closer to home, there were two victories for the black and white vest within a matter of minutes of each other. At the Hellhole 10K trail race near Stanley, a club championship event, Michael Joyeux was first across the line in 35:54, with Simon Rek finishing in 53:05.

Less than an hour later at Richmond, which doubled up as both a league and championship race, Alex Kiel won the undulating race there in 33:55, followed by Paul Dalton (36:57, finishing in tenth place overall and second in his age category), Dave Jones (39:40), Kyle Cook (40:04), Ed Griffiths (46:56), Stephen Moore (48:31), Michael Oliver (49:25), Fred Tennant (50:24), Lindsey Lester (50:25), Jamie Norman (50:44), Rebecca Bowes (51:16), Shaune Eland (52:46), Sue Woodcock (54:40), Andrew Dixon (54:53), Michelle Boshier (55:23), Danny Gordon (55:23 and finishing first in his age category), Colin Smith (57:48), Richard Payne (58:06), Clare Westwood (58:18), Pamela Barrass (59:14), Ian Young (59:19), Jamie Pratt (59:40), Sally Singleton (1:00:43), Tracey Plaskitt (1:02:04), Lisa Johnstone (1:07:26) and Emily Beaumont (1:20:25).

Also in the region, there were two races on offer at York, a marathon and a 10 mile, which both saw runners setting personal bests. In the former, Steve Snook finished the run in 3:33:41 along with Steven Major (3:46:01) and Gavin Armstrong (4:15:13, PB). In the 10 mile race, Daniel Orton completed the run in 1:07:37 (PB), followed by Diane Vaughan (1:16:07), Paul Pomfret (1:20:26), Neil Harrington (1:21:38), Diane Adkins (1:28:30, PB), Catherine Ptak (1:34:14) and Carol Penney (1:43:47).

The first of the Stockton Winter 5K trail series took place at Preston Park, where Alistair Johnson finished the two lap route in 21:08, along with Peter Rowley (25:13), Darren Alderson (26:43), Lucy Bendle (33:30) and Lisa Alderson (37:29).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:00, followed by Fred Tennant (22:25), Rebecca Bowes (23:40), Andy Jordan (24:37), Julie Whinn (24:50), Michelle Boshier (26:06), Gemma Hammond (26:29), Darren Alderson (26:29), Jamie Pratt (26:30), Pamela Barrass (26:49), Dale Chapman (27:14), John Whinn (28:34), Michelle Scruby (28:45), James Simpson (29:06), Paul Ryan (29:13), Lewis Boshier (30:19), Gary Read (31:05), Gavin Armstrong (31:11), Steven Major (31:12), Sarah Bayles (32:46), Michael King (33:26), Juliette Mclaren (33:42), Rachel Ryan (36:16), Adrian Dent (38:10), Lena Rusa (44:38), Jan Waite (45:05) and Ed Griffiths (55:24).

At Sedgefield, Richard Payne ran there in 31:41 along with Emily Beaumont (33:08) and Julie Remmer (37:53), Mike Brown did the run at Tees Barrage in 21:50, while Stephen Moore finished at Albert Park in 21:41. Among the tourists, two headed north of the border; Olly Moore running at Perth in 28:51, and Michelle Dale completing the Falkirk run in 37:04, while down in the capital, Dave Thompson did the Brockwell Herne Hill run in 23:39.