May 2019 Achievments

by | Jun 13, 2019 | News

Well done to everyone participating in the many events that have take place and a round of applause to all those that have new personal best times, broken club records or finished in the top 10.

These are the achievements noted during May.

Diane Vaughan May parkrun 5k Club Record 21:52
Julie Whinn May Locke Park 5 miles Club Record 40:35
Michael Joyeux May Monkton North East Counties 10,000m 5th place overall in 33:01.
Paul Dalton May Kirkbymoorside 7th overall in 36:26, 2nd in age category
Brian Martin May Kirkbymoorside 1st in age category 39:48
Diane Vaughan May Kirkbymoorside 3rd in age category 46:20
Dave Jones May Raby Catle 10k 10th place overall, 2nd in age category 40:06
Brian Martin May Raby Catle 10k 1st in age category 40:20
Julie Whinn May Raby Catle 10k 3rd in age category 53:22
Rob Dent May Locke Park 5 mile 7th place overall 31:32
Dave Murphy May Sunderland 10k PB 47:59
Emily Beaumont May Wainstones M Marathon 6:22:24
Annette Clark May Howgills 26 miles 2nd in age category
Billy Harris May Newcastle 50k Ultra distance, 5th place 4:19:06, 1st in age category
Gillian Harris May Newcastle half marathon 3rd in age category 2:13:02
Lloyd Ashby May Geneva half marathon PB 1:47:44.
Paul Dalton May Fountains 10k 7th place overall in 38:33, 2nd in age category
Brian Martin May Fountains 10k 1st in age category 40:56
Emily Beaumont May North Tyne Trail Ultra Ultra distance 150K, 1st female finisher, 10th overall in 24 hours 6 minutes.
Dave Jones May NYSD mile Club Record 5:18
Rebecca Dodd May NYSD mile Club Record 7:46.2
Paul Roberts May NYSD 200m Club Record 28.8s
Rebecca Dodd May NYSD 200m Club Record 34.9s
Diane Vaughan May Whitley Bay 10k 2nd in age category
Tom Chapman May Edinburgh Marathon Marathon 3:39:07
Tim Archer May Edinburgh Marathon Marathon 3:46:12
Claire Chapman May Edinburgh Marathon Marathon 4:14:09
Barbra Barker May Edinburgh Marathon Marathon 4:59:10
Paul Dalton May Melmerby 10k 10th place, 2nd in age category 36:45
David Matthew May Melmerby 10k PB 40:31
Lloyd Ashby May Melmerby 10k PB 48:26
David Thompson May Hadrian Hundred,101 miles Ultra distance,  31 hrs 28 mins
Paul Roberts May Monkton 100m  Club Record 14.1s.
Diane Vaughan May Hyde Park 5K 2nd female, 1st in age category 22:23
Anna Hardy May Austria Hochkonigman 88k ultra marathon 21 hours
Hannah Bryan May Coniston Marathon Marathon 5:08:01
Stuart Hardcastle May Grasmere Gallop 17K 3rd in age category 1:36:11
Brian Martin May Hull Half marathon 1st in age category, qualified for England masters 1:25:10
Dawn Richardson May Wynyard 10k 1st in age category 40:59
Rob Dent May Dton trail 5k 6th place overall in 18:20

April Corbett