Jan to Mar 2022 Achievements

by | Apr 11, 2022 | News

Hi everyone

A short update to let you all know the achievements that have been noted from the start of the year to the end of March.

Our fabulous club and our wonderful members have donated a considerable amount to the DEC Ukraine Appeal.  We held a QRC bonus ball to raise funds for the appeal and after the Club kindly took the paypal costs and some of the prizes were donated back we were able to raise £360.  There was a collection at the end of month steady run which raised £60 which the Club then matched making the donation £120 which gives a total of £480.

In the running achievements we have seen many members placed in the top three of their age categories, in the overall top 10 finishers at events, Club records being set and broken and new personal best times, finishers at marathons and ultra marathons.

Last weekend although not in quarter one of the year we had a fantastic turn out (20-25) to the Wensleydale Wander 12 and 23 miler. This is held by the rotary club and is a circular route from Leyburn. These type of events are great, they have a very generous time limit and you can run or walk.  Around half of us walked the shorter route together and thoroughly enjoyed the day, chatting and catching up with each other as we went. On arrival back at the school we started from we had the option of 6 different soups, a choice of bread rolls followed by a slice of cake. If you have the opportunity to enter one of the LDWA or Rotary events they are highly recommended. They are really well organised and usually they feed you at the end and often at some of the checkpoints.

01-Jan-22Billy HarrisHardmoors 30 MilesUltra Marathon – 6:05:46
01-Jan-22Hayley AddisonHardmoors 30 MilesUltra Marathon – 6:55:47
01-Jan-22Emily BeaumontHardmoors 30 MilesUltra Marathon – 7:34:06
01-Jan-22Wendy CollingHardmoors 30 MilesUltra Marathon – 7:36:10
01-Jan-22Jamie NormanHardmoors 30 MilesUltra Marathon – 8:35:02
16-Jan-22Fred TennantBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 1:37:00
16-Jan-22Claire ChapmanBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 1:54:54
16-Jan-22Tom ChapmanBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 1:34:00
16-Jan-22Stephen AshBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 1:35:59
16-Jan-22Janet BowlbyBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 2:00:01
23-Jan-22Dave ThompsonFunchal Madeira MarathonMarathon, Club Record 4:22:15 and 2nd in age category
05-Feb-22Brian MartinNorth East Masters Open XC2nd overall
06-Feb-22April CorbettHardmoors Saltburn 10k1:17:30 4th female finisher and 3rd in age category
06-Feb-22Emily BeaumontHardmoors Saltburn MarathonMarathon Sweeper – 9:08
06-Feb-22Scott BeaumontHardmoors Saltburn MarathonMarathon Sweeper – 9:08
06-Feb-22Hayley AddisonHardmoors Saltburn Half Marathon1st female finisher – 2:16:53
06-Feb-22Marc EllisMuddy Boots 10k. Ripon3rd place – 40:20
12-Feb-22Jamie NormanPunk Panther 6 dalesUltra Marathon 38 miles
12-Feb-22Wendy CollingPunk Panther 6 dalesUltra Marathon 38 miles
12-Feb-22Dave ThompsonPoppyline AyleshamUltra – 50 miles Club Record 13:00
12-Mar-22Gavin Armstrong Lightwater Valley 10kPB – 57:58
12-Mar-22Marc EllisLightwater Valley 10k3rd place, 2nd in age category 36:38
12-Mar-22Rob GillhamLightwater Valley 10k2nd in age category 45:16
12-Mar-22Viv HardwickLightwater Valley 10k1st in age category 47:53
12-Mar-22Rebecca HowardDentdale 143rd female and 1st in age category 1:44:22
12-Mar-22Brian MartinDentdale 141st in age category 1:37:40
12-Mar-22David AikenDentdale 7.55th place and 1st in age category 53:22
13-Mar-22Lel NealFradley 10kPB – 53:28
13-Mar-22Phil NealFradley 10kPB – 42:54
26-Mar-22Wendy CollingHardmoors 55Ultra Marathon – 13:37:40
26-Mar-22Billy HarrisHardmoors 55Ultra Marathon – 10:23:09, 1st in age cat fastest male Quaker finisher
26-Mar-22Scott BeaumontHardmoors 55Ultra Marathon – 13:07:21
26-Mar-22Hayley AddisonHardmoors 55Ultra Marathon – 12:00:33 fastest female Quaker finisher