Apr to Jun 2022 Achievements

by | Jul 8, 2022 | News

Hi everyone

A quick update to let you the achievements that I know about and have noted from April to June.

There have been some amazing achievements from our members taking part in events and it has been quite a busy quarter.  We have seen Club Records being broken, Personal Best times, lots of top 3 age category placements, top finishers, marathon and ultra marathon running.

The parkrun tourists also should be congratulated on completing an event in the local area each month encouraging others to try new locations, there are so many to choose from and often it is the nearby cafe or tea room that makes it a parkrun of choice.

Well done to our coaches and those in volunteer roles that keep us motivated and to all of us that enjoy doing the steady runs and sessions that are available enjoying the social side of running.

The Proms in the Park last weekend was a great afternoon in the South Park. The bakes that members provided were fabulous and we did raise for the Club Charity of the year £133:05 from donations in exchange for sweet and savoury goodies.

03 April 2022Dave MurphyManchester MarathonMarathon PB 3:42:18
03 April 2022Hannah AldersonManchester MarathonMarathon PB 04:48:54
06 April 2022Marc EllisTrimdon 5k Pie & Peas9th place and 3rd in age category 21:01
06 April 2022Brian MartinTrimdon 5k Pie & Peas3rd in age category 24:27
09 April 2022Marc EllisDarlington parkrunClub Record 17:38
10 April 2022Michael JoyeuxHartlepool Marina5th place 26:56
10 April 2022Dawn RichardsonHartlepool Marina1st female, 1st in age category, Club Record 30:59
10 April 2022Ian YoungHartlepool Marina1st in age category 45:27
10 April 2022Viv HardwickHartlepool Marina3rd in age category 38:18,
10 April 2022Diane VaughanElvington big fast 10k6th female, 1st vet finisher 46:03
10 April 2022Ross EdmondYork 10k Big Flat RunwayPB 56:17
10 April 2022Philip NealYork 10k Big Flat RunwayPB 42:37
10 April 2022Emily BeaumontYork 10k Big Flat RunwayPB 51:45
10 April 2022Diane LockheartYork 10k Big Flat RunwayPB 57:17
15 April 2022Brian MartinMermaid 10k39.39 1st V60 & V65
15 April 2022Sarah BaylesMermaid 10kPB 1:05:05
15 April 2022Adele BrownMermaid 10kPB 1:01:26
15 April 2022Karen ThornburyMermaid 10kPB 1:02:45
15 April 2022Diane VaughanMermaid 10k2nd in age category 45:45
15 April 2022Peter CowanMermaid 10kPB 58:05
15 April 2022Hannah AldersonMermaid 10kPB 53:38
16 April 2022Julie WhinnDarlington parkrunClub Record 26:40
17 April 2022Billy HarrisBackyard Ultra100 miles
18 April 2022Michael ThompsonBoston MarathonMarathon 03:58:25
23 April 2022Emily BeaumontHighland Fling 53Ultra Marathon 13:44:43
23 April 2022Scott BeaumontHighland Fling 53Ultra Marathon 13:44:43
27 April 2022Emily BeaumontKirklevington 5k1st in age category 27:13
27 April 2022Rebecca DoddKirklevington 5k2nd in age category 27:58
27 April 2022Louise TrainorKirklevington 5k2nd in age category 27:11
27 April 2022Wendy CollingKirklevington 5k3rd in age category 27:39
27 April 2022Julie WhinnKirklevington 5k1st in age category 29:28
27 April 2022Brian MartinKirklevington 5k1st in age category 22:32
27 April 2022Diane VaughanSpring Coast 5KClub Record 22:03, 2nd in age category
27 April 2022Dawn RichardsonSpring Coast 5KClub Record 19:07, 3rd female and 1st in age category
27 April 2022Dave MurphySpring Coast 5KPB 21:50:00, 2nd in age category
30 April 2022Brian MartinDarlington parkrunClub Record 19:29
30 April 2022Dawn RichardsonDarlington parkrunClub Record 19:10
01 May 2022Diane VaughanGateshead 10k7th female finisher, 1st in age category 46:55
01 May 2022Marc EllisGateshead half marathon1st in age category 1:21:55
01 May 2022Raymond ReedGateshead half marathonPB 02:09:38
01 May 2022Janet BowlbyGateshead half marathonPB 01:59:02
01 May 2022Dave MurphyGateshead 10k1st in age category 47:10
08 May 2022Diane VaughanLocke Park 5 milesClub Record 38:18
08 May 2022Marc EllisErrington Woods 8k3rd place, 2nd in age category 32:41
08 May 2022Julie WhinnErrington Woods 8k1st in age category 50:08
08 May 2022Viv HardwickErrington Woods 8k1st in age category 43:47
08 May 2022Emily BeaumontDales High WayUltra  – 100 Miles 34:28:06
07 May 2022Andy WalkerSunderland 10kPB 01:14:19
08 May 2022Jo MeynellSunderland halfPB 02:06:58
27 May 2022Jamie NormanNorth LeedsUltra – 39 miles 10:46:41
28 May 2022Hayley AddisonHardmoors 110Ultra Marathon 32:02:09
28 May 2022Emily BeaumontHardmoors 110Ultra Marathon 31:38:01
29 May 2022Billy HarrisEdinburgh Half2nd in age category, PB 1:29:48
29 May 2022Marc EllisEdinburgh HalfPB 01:19:58
29 May 2022Shane LesterEdinburgh HalfPB 01:39:32
29 May 2022Brian MartinEdinburgh Half2nd in age category 1:26:27 Club Record
29 May 2022Darren AldersonEdinburgh HalfPB 01:58:35
29 May 2022Phil ThornburyEdinburgh HalfPB 02:28:33
29 May 2022Diane LockheartEdinburgh HalfPB 02:14:17
29 May 2022Karen ThornburyEdinburgh HalfPB 02:23:36
29 May 2022Adele BrownEdinburgh HalfPB 02:23:52
29 May 2022Lin GossageEdinburgh 5k3rd in age category 43:24
29 May 2022Emma JoyeuxEdinburgh MarathonMarathon, PB 4:48:34
29 May 2022Angela ClementEdinburgh MarathonMarathon 04:34:06
29 May 2022Alex WaddingtonEdinburgh MarathonMarathon
29 May 2022Trish AbbottEdinburgh 10kPB 01:07:22
04 June 2022Dave ThompsonLDWA 100Ultra  – 100 Miles 35:51
09 June 2022Dawn RichardsonBlaydon Race1st in age category 38:59
12 June 2022Rebecca HowardLakeland Trails marathonMarathon 4:20:07, 2nd emale finisher
12 June 2022Ian BurgessHull half marathonPB 01:42:32
12 June 2022Rachel GraysonBamburgh 10kPB 01:01:35
16 June 2022Marc EllisKiplin 10k2nd place overall 38:29
16 June 2022Abbie HullKiplin 10k3rd in age category 49:37
16 June 2022Julie WhinnKiplin 10k3rd in age category 58:52
16 June 2022Brian MartinKiplin 10k1st in age category 42:35
16 June 2022Quaker TeamKiplin 10k4th mixed team overall of 12
18 June 2022Rob DentTromso NOR MarathonMarathon 03:44:19
19 June 2022Jeff MariottNorthumberland Superfast 10k1st in age category 53:57
21 June 2022Diane VaughanQueen Elizabeth Olympic Park 5k3rd in age category 22:15
25 June 2022Wendy CollingHardwolds 40Ultra Marathon 10:45:39
25 June 2022Marc EllisCarsington Water half2nd place 1:27:12
25 June 2022Marc EllisCarsington Water2nd place and 1st in age category