25th March 2023: QRC Presentation Night

by | Mar 31, 2023 | News

A brilliant night was had at the QRC Presentation Night as members’ successes and achievements were celebrated.

Chairman Marc presented the majority of the awards, ably assisted by club officers and members.

Afterwards he said, “Many thanks to everyone who came of what was a fantastic night – I hope you all enjoyed it! Congratulations to all the award winners on the night and well done to everyone who represents our famous club, we are very proud of you all.”

10k League winners

League 10 – Rachel Read

League 9 – Karen Mavin

League 8 – Diane Lockhart

League 7 – Lesley Neal

League 6 – Darren Alderson

League 5 – Martin Mavin

League 4 – Rob Gillham

League 3 – Phil Neal

League 2 – Darren Wright

League 1 – Dave Jones

5k Handicap Challenge 2021

3rd place – Lisa Bowerbank

2nd place – Fred Tennant

1st place – Rebecca Jones

5K Handicap Challenge 2022

3rd place – Ed Griffiths

2nd place – Helen Clark

1st place – Abbie Hull

Cross Country

Male – David Todd

Female – Louise Trainor

Track & Field (no real competition in 2022, so award presented for effort in training)

Dave Whittle

Quaker Club Championship

3rd place – Viv Hardwick

2nd place – Rob Gillham

1st place – Marc Ellis

Hilary Joyeux Memorial Trophy (for highest placed of opposite gender in the Club Championship)

Helen Clark

Special Merit Awards

Stephen Moore

Gillian Harris

Michael Oliver

Hayley Addison

Senior Female Athlete

Abbie Hull

Senior Male Athlete

Rob Dent

Veteran Female Athlete

Dawn Richardson

Veteran Male Athlete

Marc Ellis


Marc Ellis at Gateshead Stadium

Most Improved Female Athlete

Abbie Hull

Most Improved Male Athlete

Andy Walker

Athlete of the Year – Female

Dawn Richardson

Athlete of the Year – Male

Brian Martin

Neil Harrington Spirit of the Club Award

David Ledgerwood

Chairman’s Award

Lisa Jenkins