2023 Achievement Summary

by | Mar 12, 2024 | News

The Presentation Night is currently being arranged and to help you with making a decision on who you would like to nominate for the categories a reminder of the achievements that have been made throughout 2023 in all disciplines is below.

The achievements are any known personal best times, breaking of Club records, being placed in the top 10 of a race, top 3 in an age category, completing a marathon or ultra distance event. 

  • Senior Female (female athlete under 44 years old or under)
  • Senior Male (male athlete under 44 years old or under)
  • Veteran Female (female athlete over 45 years old)
  • Veteran Male (male athlete over 45 years old)
  • Most Improved Male
  • Most Improved Female
  • Athlete of the Year (any gender)
  • Cat-Arse-Trophy (awarded to the biggest blunder when running, hence catastrophe!)
  • Best Newcomer (everyone who joined in the 2023-2024 period will be automatically entered into this)
Don’t worry if you don’t know the age of the person you want to nominate, they will be allocated to the category for you. Please send your nominations to secretary@quakersrunningclub.org.uk by noon on SATURDAY 23RD MARCH. The nominations will then be categorised and the top 3 in each category will go forward to the final voting for the awards.
Abbie HullFox and Hounds3rd in age category, 1:50
Abbie HullWhorlton Fell Race2nd in age category 1:02
Abbie HullSnape 10k3rd lady finisher, 1st in age category (1/17) 49:48
Adam CharlesPitstop 10kPB 47:04
Adele BrownLeeds MarathonMarathon, 6:21:52, 1st marathon
Adrian GoodingDarlington 10kPB 42:53 (44:45)
Adrian GoodingGreat North Run half marathonPB 1:40:31 (1:42:37)
Adrian GoodingBolton Abbey half marathon2nd in age category 92/10) 1:59:07
Alex LooneyMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington2nd in age 30:12 (2/7)
Alex LooneyMiddlesbrough 10k55:15 (56:20)
Alex LooneyRichmond 10kPB 52:27 (55:15)
Alex Mathers2 x 5kRepresented England, 3rd in male masters 19:52 and 19:18
Alexander MathersCanicross – male masters combined 5 K1st place 19:55 and 19:19, Team England
Alexander MathersCanicross – male masters 10k1st place 37:42 Team England
Alexander MathersLakeland Paws Canicross 5m2nd place overall 38:07
Alexander MathersSwinner Swagger3rd place, 2nd in age category, 9 hrs 21 mins
Alexander MathersJames Herriott3rd in age cat, 1:06:20
Alexander MathersConsett Canicross 5k1st male finisher 20:43
Alexander MathersWhinlatter Lakeland Paws 5 miles3rd overall 35:18
Andy WalkerNot a milestone parkrun 150Completed 150 parkruns
Anna HarrisHardmmoors Roseberry 10k2nd in age 1:48
April CorbettparkrunCompleted 200 parkruns
April CorbettBurton Leonard 10k1st in age category 59:43
April CorbettCrackpots Trail2nd in age category, 1:07:22
April CorbettMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington2nd in age 28:08 (2/11)
April CorbettScorton Feast 10k1st in age (1/20) 54:27
April CorbettMuddy Roads Halloween 5k2nd in age (2/24) 34:44
April Corbett10k League 5Winner of league 5 (1/6)
Billy HarrisSouth Park 202nd in age category 2:35:15
Billy HarrisBack yard UltraUltra, 3rd place, 25 laps, 104 miles
Billy HarrisLeeds MarathonMarathon, 3:29:56
Billy HarrisStanhope Half marathon (15 miles)1st in age category 2:20:06
Billy HarrisLakeland 100Ultra, 1st in age category 32:32:57
Brian CowtonDentdale 143rd in age category 2:39:29
Brian CowtonLeeds MarathonMarathon, 6:02:39, 1st marathon
Brian MartinBrass Monkey half marathon2nd in age category 1:38:38
Brian MartinSports Awards, Adult Club Sports Achiever
Sports AwardsAchievements in Veteran athletics
Highly Commended
Winner of the Mulheim Trophy
Brian MartinDerwent 10 miles3rd in age category 1:19:58
Brian MartinDalton Park 10k1st in age category, 50:38
Brian MartinVale of York 10m3rd in age category, 1:17:47
Brian MartinIts ok to talk9th overall, 23:43
Brian MartinNorthallerton 10k1st in age category 46:29
Brian MartinShipley half marathon8th male finisher 1:46:07
Brian MartinVale of York Half marathon2nd in age 1:41:54
Brian MartinBerlin MarathonMarathon 3:58:26
Carl Foxtonparkrun milestone 5050 parkruns completed
Carmel ColebrookeIts ok to talk7th overall,1st lady finsher 22:42
Carmelita CocoDarlington 10kPB 55:47
Caroline ListserAmsterdam Half MarathonPB 1:59:45(2:03:24)
Carys SamuelDarlington 1 mileClub Record 07:00
Chris EvansCambridge half marathonPB 1:43
Chris EvansManchester to Liverpool 50 milesUltra Marathon 10:20:44
Chris EvansLeeds MarathonMarathon, 4:20:49
Claire ChapmanLyke Wake CrossingsCompleted her 50th crossing
Claire ChapmanThe Lap, WindermereUltra Marathon 49 miles 16:21
Claire ChapmanGreensand County Ultra2nd in age category 6:59
Claire ChapmanLampfoot 10kPB 50:09
Claire ChapmanLyke Wake ChallengeUltra marathon, 53rd crossing  9 hrs 22mins
Claire Chapman7 Valleys Ultra MarathonUltra marathon 110km 21:57
Claire ChapmanWild Deer Ultra 50kUltra marathon, 2nd in age (2/23) 6:35:06
Clare MooreDarlington 10kPB 48:49
Dale ChapmanMuddy Roads Summer series3rd in age category
Darren AldersonSouth Park 203rd in age category 3:17:50
Darren AldersonMelmerby 10kPB 51:36
Darren AldersonLeeds MarathonMarathon, 4:49:37
Darren AldersonRaby Castle 10 miles2nd in age category (2/5) 1:38:04
Darren AldersonMuddy Roads Halloween 5k1st in age (1/9) 32:19
Darren WrightBack yard UltraUltra, 11 laps 46 miles
Dave JonesSaltburn 10k2nd in age category 1:00
Dave JonesHamsterley 10k3rd overall, 1st in age category, 43:23
Dave JonesWainstones 10k3rd place, 1:30:47
Dave JonesDurham 10m1st in age category, 1:25:04
Dave JonesSouth Park 1 mileClub Record 5:47
Dave JonesHardmoors White Horse  10k5th place, 1:05:22
Dave JonesparkrunNot a milestone but 300 completed
Dave JonesHardmoors Farndale 10k7th place overall, 1:16:45
Dave JonesScorton Feast 10k10th overall, 3rd in age (3/11) 42:31
Dave JonesMatfen 10k8th overall, 1st in age (1/4) 43:05
Dave JonesGoathland 10k9th place overall, 3rd in age category,1:09:52
Dave JonesHardmmoors Roseberry 10k9th place overall, 1:26
Dave JonesHardmoors 10k series3rd place overall
Dave JonesClub Championship2nd
Dave Jones10k League 1Winner of league 1(1/3)
Dave MurphyBrass Monkey half marathonPB 1:40:46 prev 1:47:08
Dave MurphyBoston Marathonmarathon 3:52:28
Dave MurphyDurham 10m3rd in age category, 1:43:34
Dave MurphyDarlington 10kPB 46:26 (47:02)
Dave MurphyMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington1st in age 25:08 (1/7)
Dave MurphyScorton Feast 10k3rd in age (3/16) 49:11
Dave MurphySnape 10k3rd in age category (3/11) 48:36
Dave ThompsonThirsk 10Club Record, 3rd in age category 1:24:01
Dave ThompsonLDWA 100, Birmingham.Ultra marathon, Club Record 34:25
Dave ThompsonLakeland 50Ultra – 14:28:47 2nd in age
Dave ThompsonLDWA 52Ultra Marathon 12:44 – 52 miles (finished 11/138)
Dave ThompsonMontreal MarathonClub Record, 3rd in age category, marathon 4:21:54
Dave ThompsonRound Rotherham 50 milesClub Record, 1st in age, Ultra marathon 11:44:27
Dave ThompsonRavenstonedale 10k3rd in age (3/4) 55:29
Dave WhittleDalton Park 10k1st in age category, 48:47
Dave WhittleHamsterley 10k1st in age category, 50:55
Dave WhittleHartlepool Marina 53rd in age category, PB,36:05
Dave WhittleLeeds MarathonMarathon, PB, 04:00:22
Dave WhittleScorton Feast 10k2nd in age (2/16) 48:09
Dave WhittleSnape 10k1st in age category (1/11) 45:45
Dave WhittleRichmond 10k2nd in age (2/23) 48:40
Dave Whittle10k League 4Winner of league 4 (1/4)
David AikenLakeland Trail Coniston MarathonMarathon and PB 5:16:01
David AikenStaplehurst 10 milesPB 1:09:04 (1:17:11)
David LedgerwoodNew York MarathonMarathon 5:18
David NalderBurton Leonard 10k2nd in age category 54:23
David NalderSedgefield Serpentine1st in age category 55:37
David PorterfieldHeaton Memorial 10kPB 1:08:24 (1:08:53)
David Stewartparkrun100 volunteers milestone
Dawn RichardsonLincolnshire half marathonClub Record, 1st in age category 1:25:54
Dawn RichardsonChester 10kClub Record, 40:03
Dawn RichardsonLeeds Spring Canal Canter 20 miles10th finsher, 1st in age category, 2nd female finisher 2:28:15
Dawn RichardsonSouth Park 20Club Record, 1st in age category, 4th female finisher 2:24:43
Dawn RichardsonSouth Park 1 mileClub Record 6:19
Dawn RichardsonSummer Coast 5k1st in age category, 20:01
Dawn RichardsonCotherstone 10k1st finisher overall
Dawn RichardsonDarlington 10kClub Record, 1st in age category 39:40
Dawn RichardsonDarlington parkrunhighest age grade 86.71
Dawn RichardsonYork MarathonMarathon, Club Record, 2nd in age,
qualified for England 3:08:47
(prev. Wendy Colling 3:43:46)
Dawn RichardsonBritish & Irish Masters Cross Country GlasgowTeam England, 6th in age (6/17), 1st place Team (1/4)
Dawn RichardsonTatton Park half marathon3rd in age category 3/37, 1:29:!1
Dawn RichardsonDarlington Sports AwardsAdult Achievers Award-2nd place
Deborah BerryDarlington 10kPB 45:32 (50:28)
Diane Lockheartparkrun100 parkruns milestone
Diane LockheartPitstop 10kPB 55:23
Diane LockheartAmsterdam Half MarathonPB 2:03:10 (2:14:17)
Diane LockheartRavenstonedale 10kPB 54:44 (55:23)
Diane RoseMuddy Roads Halloween 5k3rd in age (3/16) 34:44
Diane SparrowBrass Monkey half marathonPB 1:54:43 prev unknown
Diane SparrowSnake Lane 10PB 1:26:51
Diane SparrowLeeds MarathonMarathon, 04:31:00, 1st marathon
Diane SparrowDarlington 10kPB 52:57 (54:13)
Diane VaughanMonthly Mile, South Park3rd in age category 7:38
Diane VaughanGreat North 5k3rd in age 24:05
Diane VaughanMonthly Mile, South Park1st in age 7:24
Ed GriffithsDewsbury 10kPB 41:55
Ed GriffithsShawbury 10kPB, 2nd in age category 42:00
Emily BakerSnake Lane 10PB 1:43:37
Emily BeaumontHardmoors 30Ultra Marathon 7:21:57
Emily BeaumontGrizedale MarathonMarathon 5:15
Emily BeaumontHardmoors 55Ultra Marathon 12:35
Emily BeaumontPennine Ultra 112Ultra marathon, 1st female finisher 38:59:59
Emily BeaumontWainstones MarathonMarathon 6:28:42
Emily BeaumontBurton Leonard 10k3rd in age category 57:32
Emily BeaumontLyke Wake ChallengeUltra marathon, 9:21
Emily BeaumontLakeland 100Ultra, 38:40:16
Emily BeaumontHardmoors 60Ultra marathon 15:38:06
Emily BeaumontSnape 10k2nd in age category (2/17) 51:34
Emily BeaumontAmsterdam MarathonMarathon, PB 3:53:20 (5:13:57)
Emily BeaumontUltra marathon Hardwolds 80Ultra marathon 20:16:25
Emma BlandLeeds MarathonMarathon, 5:04:32
Emma Campbell-CritchleyLeeds MarathonMarathon, 4:43:25
Emma JoyeuxEaster Coast 5mPB 43:15
Fiona DixonLondon MarathonMarathon 5:24:42
Fred TennantBrass Monkey half marathonPB 1:35:15 prev 1:37:00
Fred TennantPalestine Marathonmarathon 4:09:51
Fred TennantManchester Marathonmarathon, PB 3:34:23
Fred TennantLeeds MarathonMarathon. 04:01:56
Gemma EddyMiddridge 5k1st in age category 27:14
Gemma EddySunderland HalfPB 2:08:24
Gemma EddyMuddy Roads Saltburn 5k2nd in age category, 28:18
Gemma EddyDarlington 10kPB 53:48 (57:31)
Gill CollingparkrunCompleted 250 parkruns
Gillian HarrisLeeds MarathonMarathon, 5:30:06
Gily CowtonLeeds MarathonMarathon, 6:02:39, 1st marathon
Graham Park10k League 6Winner of league 6 (1/7)
Grainne DuffyLeeds MarathonMarathon, 5:14:47
Grainne DuffyYakmanUltra distance 5x10k total 50k
Grainne DuffyMiddlesbrough 10k59:45 (1:00:10)
Grainne DuffyBelfast half marathonPB 2:13:22 (2:23:13)
Hayley AddisonHardmoors 30Ultra Marathon 6:43:42
Hayley AddisonSwainby Sweep 7 miles1st in age category, 4th female finisher 1:01:47
Hayley AddisonSouth Park 1 mileClub Record 7:11
Hayley AddisonHardmoors White Horse MarathonMarathon 6:12:53
Hayley AddisonYakman??
Heather McCleanEndure 24Ultra distance 7x5m total 35 miles
Heather McCleanYork MarathonMarathon 05:01:05
Helen ClarkKirkharle half marathon2nd in age category 2:13
Helen ClarkHamsterley 10k2nd in age category, 1:02:48
Helen ClarkHartlepool Marina 5PB 45:28
Helen ClarkLocke Park 5 milesPB 44:44 (prev. 46:37)
Helen ClarkIsaacs Tea Trail UltraUltra Marathon 11:08
Helen ClarkMatfen 10k3rd in age (3/5) 57:29
Helen ClarkAmsterdam MarathonMarathon 4:32:38
Helen ClarkDark Skies Nidderdale MarathonMarathon 9:24:10
Helen ClarkeDruridge Bay parkrunit’s not a milestone 100 parkruns
Helen SpavenBrass Monkey half marathonPB 2:15:53 prev 2:23:02
Helen SpavenGateshead half marathonPB, 2:15:53
Helen SpavenLeeds MarathonMarathon, PB 5:19:53
Helen SpavenPitstop 10kPB 53:48
Helen Spavenparkrun volunteers 5050th volunteer
Helen SpavenDarlington 10kPB 50:51 (54:31)
Helen SpavenWhitley Bay parkrun100 parkruns milestone
Helen SpavenAmsterdam Half MarathonPB 2:04:29(2:13:48)
Helen Spaven10k League 7Winner of league 7 (1/3)
Ian BondSouth Park 1 mileClub Record 6:17
Ian BondDarlington 1 mile1st in age category 6:28
Ian BondJarrow Monkton T & F Triple JumpClub Record, 1st in age category, 9.05m
Ian BondJarrow Monkton T & F DiscusClub Record, 1st in age category 21.99m
Ian BurgessHamsterley 10k1st in age category, 58:55
Ian BurgessCookson 10k3rd in age category, 47:35
Ian BurgessSouth Park 1 mileClub Record 6:37
Ian BurgessDarlington 1 mile1st in age category 6:38
Ian BurgessMonthly Mile, South Park1st in age category 6.39
Ian BurgessMonthly Mile, South Park1st in age 6:37
Ian BurgessRaby Castle 5 miles1st in age category (1/10) 41:47
Ian BurgessMonthly Mile, South ParkClub Record, 1st in age 6:36 (6:37)
Ian BurgessMuddy Roads Halloween 5k2nd in age (2/9) 33:17
Ian BurgessDarlington Trail Series8th male overall
Isaac Johnsonparkrun not an official milestone300 parkruns completed
Jan Waiteparkrun milestone250 parkruns – milestone
Janet WaiteRaby Castle 5k1st in age category, Club Record 44:41
Jeff MarriotSouth Shields 10m2nd in age category 1:36:54
Jeff MarriottDalton Park 10k3rd in age category, 1:05:31
Jeff MarriottSuperfast 10k, Newcastle3rd in age category 57:24
Jo Meynellparkrun volunteers 50marshalled 50 events
John Cookeparkrun25th milestone
John HarrisonGibside 5k2nd in age category, 31:15
John HarrisonDerwent Resevoir 10k2nd in age category, 58:09
John HarrisonVale of York 10kPB 57:00 (60:21)
John HarrisonWistow 10kPB 54:52 (57:00)
John WhinnNewham Grange 5k2nd in age (2/4) 29:40
John YeomansPitstop 10kPB 58:20
John YeomansDarlington 10kPB 59:31 (1:04:46)
John YeomansMiddlesbrough 10k1:00:52 (1:04:46)
John YeomansScarborough 10kPB 59:24 (59:27)
John YeomansMuddy Roads Halloween 5k3rd in age (3/9) 35:44
Jonathan EcclesDarlington 10kPB 47:21 (50:28)
Jonathan Ecclesparkrun25 Milestone
Jonathan EcclesMiddlesbrough 10k46:16 (50:28)
Jonathan EcclesSnape 10k2nd in age category (2/11) 46:42
Julie BellRichmond 10k3rd in age (3/13) 58:59
Julie WhinnEaster Coast 5mClub Record, 45:28
Julie WhinnMiddridge 5k3rd in age category 30:43
Julie WhinnMuddy Roads Lordstones1st in age category, 33:08
Julie WhinnMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington1st in age 30:26 (1/3)
Julie WhinnNewham Grange 5k1st in age (1/3) 28:37
Julie whinnRaby Castle 10 miles2nd in age category (2/4) 1:45:27
Julie WhinnSnape 10k1st in age category (1/3) 57:57
Julie WhinnMuddy Roads Halloween 5k1st in age (1/6) 35:13
Julie whinnparkrun not an official milestone150 parkruns completed
Karen DovePunk Panther Ultra UniqueUltra marathon, 1st ultra distance completed 30.5 miles
Karen DoveDark Skies Nidderdale MarathonMarathon 9:24:10
Karen MavinHamsterley 10k1st in age category, 1:04:18
Karen ThornberryLeeds MarathonMarathon, 5:57:06, 1st Marathon
Karin MavinBramham Park 5k1st in age category 33:59
Katherine HackettLeeds Spring Canal Canter half marathan1st female finisher 1:45:01
Katherine HackettMelmerby 10k3rd in age category 45:00
Katherine HackettRaby Castle 10k1st in age category 47:10
Katherine HackettScorton Feast 10k2nd in age (2/20) 48:25
Katherine HackettWhixley 10k3rd in age 48:51
Kylie RushtonGreat North 10kPB 1:17:19
Kylie RushtonEccup 10mPB 2:12:23
Kylie RushtonDarlington 10kPB 1:15:19 (1:17:19)
Lee Morris10k League 9Winner of league 9 (1/2)
Lesley NealLeeds MarathonMarathon, 5:08:04
Lesley NealMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington3rd in age 29:20 (3/7)
Lianne MillerMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington3rd in age 36:24 9
Lin GossageRaby Castle 5k2nd in age category, 47:50
Lin Gossageparkrun volunteers 50marshalled 50 events
Lin GossageDarlington 10k2nd in age category 1:28:41
Lin GossageDarlington 10kClub Record 01:28:41
Lin GossageRedcar 5kClub Record 52:26 (43:24)
Lin GossageFox Rush cross country2nd in age category
Lisa Aldersonparkruncompleted 150 parkruns
Lisa BowerbankLondon MarathonMarathon 4:06:36
Lisa JenkinsRipon Round 35 milerUltra Marathon 10:28
Lisa QuinneyYork MarathonMarathon 5:43:23
Lou TrainorMuddy Roads Saltburn 5k1st in age category, 24:40
Lou TrainorAli Brownlee 5k3rd in age category 21:44
Lou TrainorMuddy Roads Summer series1st in age category
Lou TrainorWhixley 10k2nd in age 48:58
Lou TrainorMuddy Roads Halloween 5k1st in age (1/24) 29:55
Louise PriestmanDarlington 10kPB 53:17 (54:31)
Louise PriestmanGreat North Run half marathonPB 2:07:47 (2:13:22)
Louise TrainorLoftus Poultry run2nd in age category 1:03:49
Louise TrainorRichmond Cross Country3rd in age category 31:53 – 6k
Louise TrainorOrmesby 101st lady finisher 50:19
Louise TrainorWhitby Cross Country1st in age category 27:47
Louise TrainorDentdale 142nd in age category 1:54:56
Louise TrainorDalton Park 10k1st in age category, 49:54
Louise TrainorMiddridge 5k1st in age category 24:12
Louise TrainorMelmerby 10k2nd in age category 45:25
Louise TrainorDurham 10m3rd in age category, 1:35:36
Louise TrainorNorthallerton 10k3rd in age category, 45:26
Louise TrainorMuddy Roads Lordstones1st in age category 24:36
Louise TrainorCrackpots Trail1st in age category, 57:20
Louise TrainorMuddy Roads Pine Forest 5k2nd in age category 25:02
Louise TrainorWillow Miner Trail Race2nd in age category 44:59
Louise TrainorDarlington 10k2nd in age category 45:06
Louise TrainorMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington1st in age 25:03 (1/11)
Louise TrainorLambton 10 miles1st in age (1/22) 1:28:23
Louise TrainorNewham Grange 5k1st in age (1/8) 24:22
Louise TrainorSlaley half marathon2nd in age categpry (1:59:53)
Louise TrainorRavenstonedale 10k3rd in age (3/27) 49:23
Louise TrainorDalton Park 10k3rd female finisher, 2nd in age category 49:21
Louise TrainorClub Championship1st in opposite sex
Lucy BendleDark Skies Nidderdal MarathonMarathon 5:20:57
Malcolm HewitsonSwaledale MarathonSilver badge for running event 10 times
Malcolm Hewitsonparkrun volunteers 5050th volunteer
Malcolm HewitsonDarlington 10kPB 54:52 (55:00)
Mandy HarrisonGibside 5k2nd in age category, 37:29
Mandy HarrisonBranches and Bays 5k1st in age cat 1:02
Marc ElisDentdale 147th place, 2nd in age category 1:32:46
Marc ElisSouth Park 20Club Record, 1st in age category, 8th overall, 2:12:22
Marc EllisMiddridge 5k4th finisher and 1st in age category 19:28
Marc EllisAccrington 10k3rd overall, 1st in age category, 37:22
Marc EllisLocke Park 5 miles4th finisher and 1st in age category 29:06
Marc EllisDarlington parkrunClub Record, 17:56
Marc EllisNorthallerton 10k1st in age category, 36:25
Marc EllisSouth Park, Darlington parkrunClub Record and 3rd finisher 17:42
Marc EllisMuddy Roads Lordstones7th overall, 1st in age 19:17
Marc EllisPitstop 5k2nd finisher overall, PB 17:26
Marc EllisWillow Miner Trail Race2nd in age category 35:45
Marc EllisDarlington 10k3rd in age category, PB 35:58 (36:18)
Marc EllisMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington3rd overall, 1st in age 21:05 (1/9)
Marc EllisAmsterdam MarathonClub Record, Marathon,PB 2:57:17 (prev. 3:05:39)
Marc EllisFox Rush cross country2nd in age category
Marc EllisQuaker MileClub Record 5:29 (prev 5:58)
Marc EllisRavenstonedale 10k4th overall, 1st in age (1/35) 37:26
Marc EllisClub Championship1st
Marc Ellis, David Aiken,
Rob Dent
Ravenstonedale 10k1st male team
Margaret EnstoneDarlington 10kPB 1:08:14 (1:08:37)
Mark CollingLakeland 50Ultra – 19:15:22
Mark EllisRichmond Cross Country1st in age category 38:31
Martin MavinparkrunCompleted 50 parkruns
Martin MavinBramham Park 10k2nd in age category 50:58
Martin MavinHamsterley 10k2nd in age category, 52:00
Martin MavinLyke Wake ChallengeUltra marathon 9 hrs 54 mins
Martin MavinMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington3rd in age 28:04 (3/7)
Martin MavinLambton 10 miles2nd in age (2/3) 1:34:16
Mel FosterDarlington 10kPB 1:04:10 (1:04:33)
Michael JoyeuxEaster Coast 5m2nd place overall 27:10
Michael JoyeuxSpring Coast 5k6th overall, 16:37
Michael Joyeuxparkrun – Albert ParkClub Record, 1st finisher 16:27
Michael JoyeuxPitstop 10kClub Record, 3rd place overall 34:41
Michael JoyeuxSummer Coast 5k9th place overall, 2nd in age category, Club Record 16:28
Michael JoyeuxMonthly Mile, South ParkClub Record 5:09
Michael JoyeuxDarlington 10kClub Record 34:33
Michael JoyeuxDalton Park 5 milesClub Record, 2nd overall, 1st in age category (1/3) 27:52
Michael Kingparkrun not an official milestone400 parkruns completed
Michael OliverLondon MarathonMarathon 5:04:46, 11th London and £000’s for charitable causes
Michael OliverCoquet half marathon3rd in age category 2:13
Michael ThompsonKielder Ultra 82kUltra distance 13:25
Michael ThompsonBlackpool Promenade 10m1st in age category 1:18:58
Michael ThompsonLangdale MarathonMarathon 4:55:14
Nicola ArkleyGreat North 10kPB 1:09:21
Patricia Boothparkrun100 volunteers milestone
Paul CockburnMiddlesbrough 10k58:15 (58:35)
Paul Robertsparkruncompleted 150 parkruns
Paul Ryanparkrun milestone250 completed
Peter CowanDarlington 10kPB 56:51 (58:05)
Phil NealLeeds MarathonMarathon, 3:50:37, 1st marathon
Phil NealPositivity power 5k4th place 21:16
Phil NealAmsterdam Half MarathonPB 1:42:25 (1:46:16)
Phil NealHeaton Memorial 10kPB 41:38 (42:37)
Phil ThornberryDarlington 10kPB 58:36 (59:10)
Phil ThornberryAmsterdam Half MarathonPB 2:14:37 (2:28:33)
Philipa RaynerLeeds MarathonMarathon, 5:24:32, 1st Marathon
Phillipa Raynorparkrun200 volunteers
Rachel GraysonRun for All York 10kPB 57:23 (1:01:35)
Rachel GraysonRavenstonedale 10kPB 56:57 (57:23)
Rachel HirdGreat North Run half marathonPB 3:04:54(3:13:25)
Ray ReedYork MarathonMarathon 4:40:48
Raymond ReedBrass Monkey half marathonPB 1:59:01 prev 2:09:38
Rebecca Devineparkrun200th parkrun
Rebecca HowardVale of York 10m3rd in age category, 1:11:01
Rebecca HowardLakeland Trail Coniston MarathonMarathon 5:16:01
Rebecca HowardRavenstonedale 10k2nd female, 2nd in age (2/16) 44:24
Rebecca HowardStaplehurst 10 miles3rd in age category 3/30, 4th lady finisher, 1:12:28
Rob DentLightwater Valley 10k3rd in age category 41:19
Rob DentMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington10th overall, 3rd in age 21:51 (3/12)
Rob DentScorton Feast 10k9th over all, 2nd in age (2/11) 42:34
Rob DentSnape 10k6th overall, 40:46
Rob DentWhixley 10k8th overall, 2nd in age (2/11) 43:33
Rob Dent10k League 2Winner of league 2 )1/4)
Rob GillhamLightwater Valley 10k2nd in age category 49:02
Rob GillhamDalton Park 10k2nd in age category, 52:25
Rob GillhamHamsterley 10k2nd in age category 54:47
Rob GillhamSummer Coast 5kPB 21.22
Rob GillhamStanhope 10 miles9th overall 1:18:56
Rob GillhamMatfen 10k2nd in age (2/7) 45:58
Rob Gillhamparkrun volunteers 100Volunteered 100 times
Rob GillhamWhixley 10k2nd in age 45:41
Rob GillhamMuddy Roads Halloween 5kBest fancy dress costume
Rob GillhamClub Championship3rd
Rob Gillhamparkrun volunteeringSouth Park parkrun volunteer of the year
Rob GillhamTown Moor half marathon2nd in age 2/9 1:34:16, PB
Rob Gillham10k League 3Winner of league 3 (1/4)
Ruth Hawkinsparkrun 100 milestoneparkrun 100 milestone
Ruth MiddletonAmsterdam Half MarathonPB 2:24:34(2:27:39)
Sally Singletonparkrun DarlingtonClub Record 32:56
Sally Singletonparkrun milestone 250250 parkruns completed
Sally Singletonparkrun volunteers 5050th volunteer
Sally Singletonparkrun DarlingtonClub Record 32:54 (prev. 32:54)
Sally SingletonparkrunClub Record 32:47
Sally Singletonparkrun DarlingtonClub Record 32:37 (32:47)
Sally Watsonparkrunmilestone 100
Sandra Cassparkruncompleted 100 parkruns
Sandra CassHelmsley 10k3rd in age category 55:56
Sandra CassStanhope 7 miles 10k3rd in age category 1:18:33
Sandra CassMuddy Roads HMP Kirklevington3rd in age 28:52 (3/11)
Sandra CassMuddy Roads Summer series2nd in age category
Sandra CassNewham Grange 5k2nd in age (2/8) 27:20
Sandra MartinDalton Park 10k2nd in age category 59:39
Sandra MartinShipley half marathon4th female finisher 2:13:45
Sandra MartinBerlin MarathonMarathon 4:35:27
Sarah BaylesDurham Dales Challenge 30 milesUltra Distance 10:06
Sarah BaylesIsaacs Tea Trail MarathonMarathon 8:41
Sarah BurrowsDarlington 10kPB 59:15
Scott BeaumontHardmoors 30Ultra Marathon 7:21:54
Scott BeaumontGrizedale MarathonMarathon 5:15
Scott BeaumontHardmoors 55Ultra Marathon 12:35
Scott BeaumontLakeland 50Ultra – 13:50:02
Scott BeaumontAmsterdam MarathonMarathon 3:29:14
Scott BeaumontEndurance Life North Yorks. 34 milesUltra marathon, 3rd in age category 7:08:02
Shane LesterDarlington 10kPB 46:46 (51:28)
Shane LesterSmugglers Trod 17 miiler7th overall 3:46
Shane LesterMiddlesbrough 10kPB 45:50 (46:46)
Shane LesterWild Deer Ultra 50kUltra marathon, 3rd in age (3/25) 6:22:49
Sharon CarrPitstop 5kPB 38:14
Sharon CarrAmsterdam Half MarathonPB 2:30:53(2:43:47)
Sharon CarrRavenstonedale 10kPB 1:05:00 (1:10:05)
Simon MetcalfePitstop 10kPB 42:39
Simon MetcalfeDarlington 10kPB 42:20(43:33)
Simon MulhollandLeeds MarathonMarathon, 3:50:37, 1st marathon
Simon RekKirkharle 10k2nd in age category 54:19
Stephen HowellMonthly Mile, South Park2nd in age category 6:69
Stephen Mooreparkrun Albert parkcompleted 450 at Albert park.
Steve HowellRaby Castle 5 miles2nd in age category (2/10) 42:36
Steve SnookNorthumberland Castles half marathon2nd in age category (2/12) 1:45:03
Stuart Hardcastleparkrun milestone 250250 parkruns completed
Stuart MastermanDarlington 10kPB 50:11 (51:47)
Sue Alexanderparkrun25th milestone
Sue WoodcockLondon MarathonMarathon 4:19:04
Sue WoodcockLeeds MarathonMarathon, 4:49:36
Susan SparrowLeeds MarathonMarathon, 4:34:!0, 1st marathon
Susan SparrowDarlington 10kPB 51:49 (52:51)
Susan Sparrowparkrun milestone100 parkruns milestone
Tom ChapmanNAV4 Lakes 40Ultra marathon 10:08
Tom ChapmanOld County TopsUltra marathon, 37 miles, 10,000ft ascent 11:28:09
Tom ChapmanGreensand County Ultra9th finisher, 2nd in age category 5:01
Tom ChapmanLakeland Five PassesUltra Marathon 32 miles, 10,000ft ascent 8hrs 4 mins
Tom ChapmanGrand Tour of Skiddaw 44 milerUltra Marathon 1st in age (1/17)  10:39:28
Tom ChapmanChester MarathonPB 3:22:58 (prev. 3:39:07)
Tracy Flemingparkrun milestone100 completed
Viv HardwickDarlington parkrunClub Record 24:06
Viv HardwickparkrunClub Record 24:01
Viv HardwickLightwater Valley 10k1st in age category, PB 50:15
Viv HardwickDentdale 141st in age category 2:08:47
Viv HardwickEaster Coast 5mEqualled Club Record in age category 39:16
Viv HardwickMiddridge 5k1st in age category 26:20
Viv HardwickHartlepool Marina 5Club record, 2nd in age category, 39:05
Viv HardwickDarlington parkrunClub Record 23:45 (prev. 24:01)
Viv HardwickparkrunClub Record 23:45 (prev. 24:06)
Viv HardwickMonkton Stadium 100mClub Record, 2nd in age category, 17.6
Viv HardwickMonkton Stadium 400mClub Record, 1st in age category, 1:30.5
Viv HardwickMonkton Stadium 3000mClub Record, 1st in age category, 13:42.3
Viv HardwickDurham 10m1st in age category( course record), 1:44:!3
Viv HardwickMonkton, Jarrow T & F 1500mClub Record, 1st in age category 6:47
Viv HardwickMonkton, Jarrow T & F 100m2nd in age category 17.8
Viv HardwickMonkton, Jarrow T & F 800mClub Record, 1st in age category 3:20:9
Viv HardwickMonkton T & F 3000m1st in age 14:7.2
Viv HardwickMonkton T & F 400mClub Record & 1st in age 1:30.0
Viv HardwickMonkton T & F 100m1st in age 17.8
Viv HardwickDurham City 10k1st in age category 51:54
Viv Hardwick200m MonktonClub Record, 1st in age category 38.1
Viv Hardwick1 mile MonktonClub Record, 1st in age category 7:08.3
Viv Hardwick800m MonktonClub Record, 1st in age category 3:18.3
Viv Hardwick100m Monkton T & F2nd in age category, 18.7
Viv Hardwick400m Monkton T & F2nd in age category 1:32.5
Viv Hardwick3000m Monkton T & F1st in age category 14:24.4
Viv Hardwick400m InterArea Nuneaton1:24.94 (prev. 1:30)
Viv HardwickMatfen 10k1st in age (1/2) 55:31
Viv HardwickQuaker MileClub Record 7:06 (prev 7:19)
Wendy CollingHardmoors 30Ultra Marathon 7:41:50
Wendy CollingDalton Park 10k1st in age category, 55:01
Wendy CollingLeeds MarathonMarathon, 4:38:23
Wendy CollingHardmoors White Horse MarathonMarathon 7:03:26
Wendy CollingStanhope Half marathon (15 miles)2nd in age category 3:06:28
Wendy CollingLakeland 100Ultra – retired completing 82 of the miles 36:16:26
Wendy CollingHardmoors Roseberry MarathonMarathon 7:53
Wendy NobleHamsterley 10k3rd in age category, 1:10:46
Wendy Noble10k League 8Winner of league 8 (1/2)