2022 Achievement round up

by | Feb 2, 2023 | News

The presentation night is being held 25th March and the Club Secretary Lee Morris has asked for help with the nominations for the award categories listed and for you to email them to secretary@quakersrunningclub.org.uk by noon on MONDAY 13TH FEBRUARY. 

To help you with making a decision on who you would like to nominate a reminder of the achievements that have been made throughout 2022 in all disciplines is below. The achievements are any known personal best times, breaking of Club records, being placed in the top 10 of a race, top 3 in an age category, completing a marathon or ultra distance event. 

  • Senior Female (female athlete under 44 years old or under)
  • Senior Male (male athlete under 44 years old or under)
  • Veteran Female (female athlete over 45 years old)
  • Veteran Male (male athlete over 45 years old)
  • Most Improved Male
  • Most Improved Female
  • Athlete of the Year (any gender)
  • Cat-Arse-Trophy (awarded to the biggest blunder when running, hence catastrophe!)
Don’t worry if you don’t know the age of the person you want to nominate, they will be allocated to the correct category for you.
Billy HarrisHardmoors 30 MilesUltra Marathon – 6:05:46
Abbie HullCross Country2nd in age category
Abbie HullKiplin 10k3rd in age category 49:37
Abbie HullCommondale Breacon 8 miles2nd in age category
Abbie HullViking Chase2nd in age category 1:42
Abbie HullDarlington 10kPB 47:10
Abbie HullRavenstonedale 10k2nd in age category, 3rd lady 46:!2
Abbie HullGuisborough Woods2nd in age category 1:01
Abbie, Louise, EmilyRavenstonedale 10kLadies Team Winners
Adele BrownMermaid 10kPB 1:01:26
Adele BrownEdinburgh HalfPB 02:23:52
Adele BrownYorkshire 10 milesPB 1:52
Alex WaddingtonEdinburgh MarathonMarathon
Alexander MathersDarlington 10kPB 40:52
Alison HardwickCross Country3rd in age category
Andy WalkerSunderland 10kPB 01:14:19
Angela ClementEdinburgh MarathonMarathon 04:34:06
Anna HarrisRoseberry 10k3rd in age category 1:48
April CorbettHardmoors Saltburn 10k1:17:30 4th female finisher and 3rd in age category
Billy HarrisHardmoors 55Ultra Marathon – 10:23:09, 1st in age cat fastest male Quaker finisher
Billy HarrisBackyard Ultra100 miles
Billy HarrisEdinburgh Half2nd in age category, PB 1:29:48
Billy HarrisLeeds Endure4th place, Club Record 111.60 miles
Billy HarrisDarlington 10k1st in age category 41:41
Billy HarrisSouth Park 10PB 1:07 and 1st in age category
Billy HarrisTholthorpe 10k3rd in age category 41:41
Billy HarrisLondon MarathonMarathon, PB 3:19:32
Billy HarrisWooler Trail MarathonMarathon, 1st in age category 5:48:20
Billy HarrisLanzarote MarathonMarathon, 2nd in age category 3:28
Brian CowtonDarlington 10kPB 57:47
Brian CowtonMiddlesbrough 10kPB 57:28
Brian CowtonGreat North RunPB 2:09:34
Brian CowtonAlton Towers half marathon2nd in age category 2:12
Brian Martinparkrun Darlington South parkClub Record 20:46
Brian MartinNorth East Masters Open XC2nd overall
Brian MartinCross Country2nd in age category
Brian MartinDentdale 141st in age category 1:37:40
Brian MartinTrimdon 5k Pie & Peas3rd in age category 24:27
Brian MartinMermaid 10k39.39 1st V60 & V65
Brian MartinKirklevington 5k1st in age category 22:32
Brian MartinDarlington parkrunClub Record 19:29
Brian MartinEdinburgh Half2nd in age category 1:26:27 Club Record
Brian MartinKiplin 10k1st in age category 42:35
Brian MartinTenby 10k3rd in age group, 1st in age group for England
Brian MartinPitstop 5kClub Record 20:21
Brian MartinDarlington 10k1st in age category 40:28
Brian MartinLeeds half marathon1st in age category 1:34:12
Brian MartinSheffield 20 milesClub record, 2nd in age category and 2nd in England rankings 2:23:43
Brian MartinBristol 10kBronze England 39:53
Brian MartinLondon MarathonMarathon, Club Record 3:09:47
Brian MartinLeeds Abbey Dash 10k2nd in age category 40:03, qualified for England Chester 10k
Brian MartinSummerhill Cross Country1st place 29:03
Bryan DaleYorkshire 10 milesPB 1:40
Caroline LitsterYork MarathonMarathon, PB 4:44
Charlotte KyleGreat North RunPB 02:15:59
Chris EvansDarlington 10kPB 49:12
Chris EvansYork MarathonMarathon, 1st marathon 4:07
Claire ChapmanBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 1:54:54
Claire ChapmanLyke Wake ChallengeUltra Marathon 10:18
Claire ChapmanCumbria Way UltraUltra Marathon 19:31
Claire ChapmanTweed Valley Ultra 50kUltra Marathon 6:27 3rd in age category
Dan RowlandsDarlington 10kPB 43:21
Dan RowlandsYork MarathonMarathon PB 4:02
Danny GordonNYSD Cross Country Acklam2nd in age category
Danny GordonFox Rush Farm Cross Country2nd in age category 41:2
Darren AldersonEdinburgh HalfPB 01:58:35
Darren AldersonPitstop 10kPB 51:37
Darren AldersonDarlington 201st in age category 03:34
Dave JonesFlatts Lane parkrun1st finisher 20:51
Dave JonesScorton Feast2nd in age category and 5th overall 41:27
Dave JonesRoseberry MarathonMarathon 09:17
Dave MurphyManchester MarathonMarathon PB 3:42:18
Dave MurphySpring Coast 5KPB 21:50:00, 2nd in age category
Dave MurphyGateshead 10k1st in age category 47:10
Dave MurphyBerlin MarathonMarathon 03:47:50
Dave ThompsonFunchal Madeira MarathonMarathon, Club Record 4:22:15 and 2nd in age category
Dave ThompsonPoppyline AyleshamUltra – 50  miles Club Record 13:00
Dave ThompsonLDWA 100Ultra  – 100 Miles 35:51
Dave ThompsonLocomotion 10Club Record 01:31:48
Dave ThompsonRound Rotherham 50 milesUltra Marathon, Club Record 11:55:24, 2nd in age category
Dave ThompsonRavenstonedale 10k3rd in age category 57:36
Dave WhittleAli Brownlee 5k1st in age category 22:33
Dave WhittleKielder MarathonMarathon, PB 4:12:04
David AikenDentdale 7.55th place and 1st in age category 53:22
David AikenDarlington 10kPB 39:21
David Aikenparkrun (Albert Park)PB 18:36
David AikenRedcar half marathonPB 1:27:51, 3rd in age category
David LedgerwoodBerlin MarathonMarathon 4:57:54
David PorterfieldGreat North RunPB 02:29:21
Dawn RichardsonHartlepool parkrunClub Record 19:14
Dawn RichardsonHartlepool Marina1st female, 1st in age category, Club Record 30:59
Dawn RichardsonSpring Coast 5KClub Record 19:07, 3rd female and 1st in age category
Dawn RichardsonDarlington parkrunClub Record 19:10
Dawn RichardsonChester HalfClub Record 1:27:26
Dawn RichardsonBlaydon Race1st in age category 38:59
Dawn RichardsonDarlington parkrun1st female finisher 19:38
Dawn RichardsonDarlington 10k1st in age category 41:00
Dawn RichardsonLeeds Abbey Dash 10kClub Record, 2nd in age category 40:23, qualified for England
Dawn RichardsonFox Rush Farm Cross Country2nd lady, 1st in age category 24:46
Dawn RichardsonSummerhill Cross Country4th place, 1st in age category 28:10
Diane LockheartYork 10k Big Flat RunwayPB 57:17
Diane LockheartEdinburgh HalfPB 02:14:17
Diane SparrowPitstop 10kPB 54:13
Diane VaughanStamfordham 10k6th female, 1st vet finisher 47:42
Diane VaughanElvington big fast 10k6th female, 1st vet finisher 46:03
Diane VaughanMermaid 10k2nd in age category 45:45
Diane VaughanSpring Coast 5KClub Record 22:03, 2nd in age category
Diane VaughanGateshead 10k7th female finisher, 1st in age category 46:55
Diane VaughanLocke Park 5 milesClub Record 38:18
Diane VaughanQueen Elizabeth Olympic Park 5k3rd in age category 22:15
Diane VaughanTenby 5kClub Record 22:00
Diane VaughanBridges of Tyne 5  milesClub Record 37:52
Diane VaughanSummer Coast 5kClub Record 21:53
Diane VaughanLGBT 5k1st in age category 23:23
Diane VaughanQuayside 5k3rd in age category 23:35
Diane VaughanBristol 10kClub Record 44:56
Diane VaughanTown Moor Memorial 10k2nd in age category 47:10
Diane VaughanCroft 5k1st in age category 22:43
Ed GriffithsPitstop 10kPB 43:24
Emily BeaumontHardmoors 30 MilesUltra Marathon – 7:34:06
Emily BeaumontLady Anne’s Way 100Ultra  – 100 Miles 29:42:30
Emily BeaumontHardmoors Saltburn MarathonMarathon Sweeper – 9:08
Emily BeaumontWelcome WayUltra – 34 miles 9:12:12
Emily BeaumontYork 10k Big Flat RunwayPB 51:45
Emily BeaumontHighland Fling 53Ultra Marathon 13:44:43
Emily BeaumontKirklevington 5k1st in age category 27:13
Emily BeaumontDales High WayUltra  – 100 Miles 34:28:06
Emily BeaumontHardmoors 110Ultra Marathon 31:38:01
Emily BeaumontPilgrims ultra 100Ultra 31:26
Emily BeaumontRedcar Zetland 10k1st in age category 52:52
Emily BeaumontRound Ripon UltraUltra marathon 8:05
Emily BeaumontTown Moor Memorial 10kPB 51:15
Emma JoyeuxEdinburgh MarathonMarathon, PB 4:48:34
Fiona DixonDarlington 203rd in age category 4:11
Fiona DixonLondon MarathonMarathon 5:44:26
Fred TennantBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 1:37:00
Gary ReadYork MarathonMarathon 4:32
Gavin ArmstrongLightwater Valley 10kPB – 57:58
Gemma EddyDarlington 10kPB 1:01:23
Gemma EddyTrimdon 5k1st in age category 28:44
Gemma EddyMiddlesbrough 10kPB 55:47
Gill CollingLeeds EndureClub Record 60 miles
Gilly CowtonMiddlesbrough 10kPB 57:29
Gilly CowtonGreat North RunPB 2:08:38
Ginny GannawayGreat North RunPB 01:42:57
Hannah AldersonManchester MarathonMarathon PB 04:48:54
Hannah AldersonMermaid 10kPB 53:38
Hayden ThompsonGatesheadPB 01:00:27
Hayley AddisonHardmoors 30 MilesUltra Marathon – 6:55:47
Hayley AddisonHardmoors Saltburn Half Marathon1st female finisher – 2:16:53
Hayley AddisonHardmoors 55Ultra Marathon – 12:00:33 fastest female Quaker finisher
Hayley AddisonHardmoors 110Ultra Marathon 32:02:09
Hayley AddisonHardmoors 60Ultra Marathon 15:01:53
Hayley AddisonHardmoors Grand Slam2nd lady, HM 20,55,60 and 110 miles
Heather McLeanGreat North RunPB 02:10:34
Helen ClarkIsaacs Tea Trail UltraUltra Marathon 37 miles 10:43
Helen ClarkDarlington 203rd in age category 03:20
Helen ClarkPilgrims ultra 100Ultra 31:26
Helen Clarklub Championship 1st place Opposite sex
Helen SpavenScarborough 10kPB 56:03
Helen SpavenLeeds Abbey Dash 10kPB 54:31
Helen WhitingLondon MarathonMarathon, 4:48:12
Ian BurgessHull half marathonPB 01:42:32
Ian BurgessPitstop 10kPB 48:27
Ian BurgessMiddlesbrough 10kPB 48:20
Ian BurgessSnape 10k50:37 2nd in age category
Ian BurgessScarborough 10k2nd in age category, PB 47:47
Ian HartAli Brownlee 5k3rd in age category 23:20
Ian ReadmanGreat North RunPB 01:27:19
Ian YoungHartlepool Marina1st in age category 45:27
Jacqui GarbuttGreat North RunPB 02:50:29
Jamie NormanHardmoors 30 MilesUltra Marathon – 8:35:02
Jamie NormanPunk Panther 6 dalesUltra Marathon 38 miles
Jamie NormanSix DalesUltra – 39 miles 9:59:30
Jamie NormanBampton halfPB 02:14:42
Jamie NormanNorth LeedsUltra – 39 miles 10:46:41
Janet BowlbyBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 2:00:01
Janet BowlbyGateshead half marathonPB 01:59:02
Jeff MariottNorthumberland Superfast 10k1st in age category 53:57
Jeff MariottDalton Park 10 miler1st in age category 1:28
Jennifer FosterGreat North RunPB 03:04:06
Jennifer MurrayGreat North RunPB 02:12:54
Jo MeynellSunderland halfPB 02:06:58
Julie WhinnDarlington parkrunClub Record 26:40
Julie WhinnKirklevington 5k1st in age category 29:28
Julie WhinnErrington Woods 8k1st in age category 50:08
Julie WhinnKiplin 10k3rd in age category 58:52
Julie WhinnSummer Coast 5kClub Record 27:27
Julie WhinnSouth Park 101st in age category 1:37
Julie WhinnQuaker MileClub Record 8:03
Karen MavinDarlington 10kPB 56:25
Karen MavinKielder 10k1st in age category 56:46
Karen MavinKielder 10k1st in age category  56:46
Karen MavinPitstop 10kPB 58:58
Karen Mavin plus friendWansfell 27k4th place
Karen ThornberryMermaid 10kPB 1:02:45
Karen ThornberryEdinburgh HalfPB 02:23:36
Kate GillanDarlington 10kPB 53:42
Katherine HackettDarlington 202nd in age category 02:48
Katherine HackettRoundhay half marathon1st in age category 1:48
Kathryn PlantA foot in 2 dales 50 milesUltra Marathon 18:52
Lel NealFradley 10kPB – 53:28
Lin GossageCross Country3rd in age category
Lin GossageEdinburgh 5k3rd in age category 43:24
Lisa QuinneyDarlington 10kPB 1:11:02
Lisa QuinneyGreat North RunPB 02:55:53
Liz KennedySouth Park 101st in age category 1:31
Louise PriestmanGreat North RunPB 02:13:22
Louise TrainorKirklevington 5k2nd in age category 27:11
Louise TrainorScorton Feast2nd in age category 51:40
Louise TrainorQuaker MileClub Record 6:43
Louise TrainorRavenstonedale 10k2nd in age category 48:22
Louise TrainorSummerhill Cross Country3rd in age category 31:41
Lynsey HallDewsbury 10kPB 01:02:09
Lynsey HallGreat North RunPB 02:59:14
Malcolm HewitsonDarlington 10kPB 55:00
Mandy HarrisonGreat North RunPB 02:57:11
Mandy HarrisonHamsterley Rembrance 5 miles3rd in age category 1:10
Marc EllisMuddy Boots 10k. Ripon3rd place – 40:20
Marc EllisLightwater Valley 10k3rd place, 2nd in age category 36:38
Marc EllisTrimdon 5k Pie & Peas9th place and 3rd in age category 21:01
Marc EllisDarlington parkrunClub Record 17:38
Marc EllisGateshead half marathon1st in age category 1:21:55
Marc EllisErrington Woods 8k3rd place, 2nd in age category 32:41
Marc EllisEdinburgh HalfPB 01:19:58
Marc EllisKiplin 10k2nd place overall 38:29
Marc EllisCarsington Water half2nd place 1:27:12
Marc EllisCarsington Water2nd place and 1st in age category
Marc EllisJames Herriot4th place overall 1:01:06, 1st in age category
Marc EllisDarlington 10k2nd in age category 36:47
Marc EllisSouth Park 10PB 1:01 and 1st in age category
Marc EllisMatfen 10k6th overall and 1st in age category 37:03
Marc EllisGuy Fawkes3rd in age category 1:03
Marc EllisFox Rush Farm Cross Country1st in age category 34:56
Marc EllisRavenstonedale 10k1st in age category, 5th place 37:46
Marc EllisSummerhill Cross Country3rd in age category, 40:08
Marc EllisClub Championship 1st place
Marc, Rob, DaveRavenstonedale 10kMens Team winners
Margaret EnstoneDarlington 10kPB 01:08:37
Martin MavinPitstop 10kPB 46:11
Martin MavinDarlington 10k3rd in age category 45:50
Martin MavinDarlington 10kPB 45:50
Martin MavinKielder Half Marathon1st in age category, PB 1:43:11
Martin MavinRichmond 10k3rd in age category 47:51
Martin MavinDevils Foot half marathon1st in age category 2:21:38
Martin McgregorBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 02:11:25
Mel FosterTholthorpe 10kPB 01:07:22
Melanie NewtonLyke Wake ChallengeUltra marathon 12:08
Melissa HirdLeeds Abbey Dash 10kPB 54:22
Michael JoyeuxHartlepool Marina5th place 26:56
Michael KiplingYork halfPB 01:24:59
Michael KiplingYork MarathonMarathon PB 2:59
Michael OliverLondon MarathonMarathon 4:40:24
Michael ThompsonBoston MarathonMarathon 03:58:25
Michael ThompsonVale of York 10k2nd in age category 45:11
Michael ThompsonLangdale MarathonMarathon 4:50:12
Michelle BoshierWelcome WayUltra – 34 miles 9:12:13
Nicole WestmarlandGreat North RunPB 03:04:42
Peter CowanMermaid 10kPB 58:05
Peter MorrisonGreat North RunPB 02:36:34
Phil ClarkeDarlington 10k3rd in age category 52:45
Phil ClarkeRavenstonedale 10k1st in age category 54:09
Phil NealFradley 10kPB – 42:54
Phil ThornberryEdinburgh HalfPB 02:28:33
Philip NealYork 10k Big Flat RunwayPB 42:37
Quaker TeamKiplin 10k4th mixed team overall of 12
Rachel GraysonBamburgh 10kPB 01:01:35
Rachel HirdGreat North RunPB 03:13:25
Rachel ReadYork MarathonMarathon, PB 5:34
Raymond ReedGateshead half marathonPB 02:09:38
Raymond ReedDarlington 10kPB 53:29
Rebecca DoddKirklevington 5k2nd in age category 27:58
Rebecca DoddDurham 10kPB 55:27
Rebecca HowardDentdale 143rd female and 1st in age category 1:44:22
Rebecca HowardLakeland Trails marathonMarathon 4:20:07, 2nd emale finisher
Rebecca HowardDarlington 10kPB 40:42
Rebecca HowardRichmond 10k2nd lady, 1st in age category 41:45
Rebecca JonesLyke Wake ChallengeUltra Marathon 10:18
Rebecca JonesRound Ripon UltraUltra marathon 8:05
Rebecca JonesRoseberry MarathonMarathon 09:17
Rob DentTromso NOR MarathonMarathon 03:44:19
Rob DentScorton Feast3rd in age category and 8th overall 42:23
Rob DentWhixley 10k1st in age category 42:33
Rob GillhamLightwater Valley 10k2nd in age category 45:16
Rob GillhamSouth Park 10PB 1:13 and 1st in age category
Rob GillhamMatfen 10k3rd in age category 45:46
Rob GillhamNorthumberland Castles half marathon2nd in age category 1:41:57
Rob GillhamClub Championship 2nd place
Robert BatemanMiddlesbrough 10kPB 1:22
Ronan GoughGreat North RunPB  01:43:39
Ross EdmondYork 10k Big Flat RunwayPB 56:17
Ruth HawkinsGreat North RunPB 02:36:11
Samantha MorrisonDarlington 10kPB 01:01:43
Samantha MorrisonGreat North RunPB 02:36:34
Sandra MartinLeeds half marathon2nd in age category 2:12:36
Sandra MartinLondon MarathonMarathon 4:42:14
Sarah BaylesMermaid 10kPB 1:05:05
Sarah BaylesIsaacs Tea Trail UltraUltra Marathon 37 miles 12:24:40
Scott BeaumontHardmoors Saltburn MarathonMarathon Sweeper – 9:08
Scott BeaumontHardmoors 55Ultra Marathon – 13:07:21
Scott BeaumontHighland Fling 53Ultra Marathon 13:44:43
Scott BeaumontLyke Wake ChallengeUltra marathon 08:37
Scott BeaumontLakeland 50 ultraUltra Marathon 14:!2
Scott BeaumontRedcar Zetland 10kPB 44:15
Scott BeaumontRound Ripon UltraUltra marathon 8:05
Scott BeaumontTown Moor Memorial 10kPB 42:35
Shane LesterEdinburgh HalfPB 01:39:32
Shane LesterYork MarathonMarathon 3:38
Shelly AllenDarlington 10kPB 01:09:33
Simon CornerGreat North RunPB 03:10:36
Simon Farley-SmithBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 01:42:24
Simon MulhollandDarlington 10kPB 42:10
Simon MulhollandGreat North RunPB 1:56:14
Simon Mulholland50 half marathons
Simon RekSouth Park 103rd in age category 1:22
Stephen AshBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 1:35:59
Stephen AshLyke Wake ChallengeUltra marathon 12:04
Stephen Moore200 parkrun volunteers
Sue SparrowSlaley 10k1st in age category 1:02
Sue WoodcockDarlington 201st in age category 03:14
Susan SparrowGreat North RunPB 01:54:11
Susan SparrowRichmond 10k3rd in age category 52:51
Tiffany HarrisDarlington 10kPB 51:18
Tom ChapmanBrass Monkey half marathonPB – 1:34:00
Tom ChapmanLakeland 50 ultraUltra Marathon 11:07
Tom ChapmanGrand Tour of SkiddawUltra marathon 44 miles 10:04
Tom ChapmanTweed Valley Ultra 65kUltra Marathon 7:44
Tom ChapmanTour De Helvellyn 27 milesMarathon 6:41
Trish AbbottEdinburgh 10kPB 01:07:22
Viv HardwickLightwater Valley 10k1st in age category 47:53, PB
Viv HardwickHartlepool Marina3rd in age category 38:18,
Viv HardwickErrington Woods 8k1st in age category 43:47
Viv HardwickSouth Park 101st in age category 1:23
Viv HardwickDarlington 201st in age category 03:37
Viv HardwickSouth Park 20Club Record 3:37:09
Viv HardwickClub Championship 3rd place
Wendy CollingHardmoors 30 MilesUltra Marathon – 7:36:10
Wendy CollingPunk Panther 6 dalesUltra Marathon 38 miles
Wendy CollingSix DalesUltra – 39 miles 9:59:30
Wendy CollingHardmoors 55Ultra Marathon – 13:37:40
Wendy CollingKirklevington 5k3rd in age category 27:39
Wendy CollingLeeds EndureClub Record 80 miles
Wendy CollingHardmoors MarathonMarathon 6:18:39
Wendy CollingHardwolds 40Ultra Marathon 10:45:39
Wendy CollingWooler Trail MarathonMarathon 07:25:37