Press Report w/e 07/08/2016

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Press Reports

Who needed Rio when we had our very own Olympic sized turnout last week, complete with PB’s and club records.

Quakers pose for the annual team photo before the start of this year’s Darlington 10K

Quakers pose for the annual team photo before the start of this year’s Darlington 10K

In total, 96 Quakers took to the streets of Darlington for this year’s 10K race, with those not running on the day helping out along the route, either marshalling or at the water station. The first black and white vest to cross the line was that of Michael Joyeux who finished eighth overall in 33:01. He was followed in by Alex Kiel (34:00, PB), Marc Ellis (36:21, PB), Paul Dalton (36:46), Dave Jones (36:48, PB), Michael Parry (37:56), Brian Martin (38:01 and first in his age category), Mark Robinson (38:46), Daniel Orton (41:01, PB), Chris Minto (41:17), Kyle Cook (41:32), Ian Readman (41:38), Steven Major (42:02), Rob Dent (42:31), Louise Trainor (42:33 and second in her age category), David Todd (42:33), Phil Rutter (43:06), Katherine Hackett (43:21), Ewan Henderson (43:24), Billy Harris (43:43), Steve Snook (44:13), Rebecca Howard (45:33), Stephen Moore (46:09), Andrew Walker (46:20), Diane Vaughan (46:52), Graham Park (47:13), Rob Gillham (47:32), Stephen Ash (47:56), Rebecca Bowes (48:04, PB), Peter Rowley (48:36), Francis Connolly (48:39), Sam Joblin (48:39), Gavin Armstrong (49:15), Phil Clarke (49:52), Jamie Norman (49:57), Bridget Stewart (50:47), Olly Moore (51:21), Anna Hardy (51:32), Andrew Dixon (51:38), Jeff Marriott (51:43), Darren Alderson (51:50, PB), Julie Whinn (52:08 and breaking her own club record for her age category), Mel Newton (52:12), Sarah Watson (52:20), Jamie Burn (52:27), David Ptak (52:29), David Ledgerwood (52:38, PB), Richard Payne (52:42), Lyn Hatch (52:44), Sandra Martin (53:10), Lewis Boshier (53:12, PB), Michelle Boshier (53:12), Clare Stradling (53:31), Ian Young (53:50), Mark Blewitt (54:25), Peter Millar (54:27), Colin Smith (54:40), Steven Johnston (55:06), Peter Cartwright (55:57), David Brown (55:59), Claire Norman (56:11), Diane Adkins (56:20), Siobhan Eldred (56:34), Christine Crathorne (56:44), Wendy Noble (56:46), Kevin Simpson (57:07), Pamela Barrass (57:07), Sally Singleton (58:01), Amy Smith (58:27), Paul Ryan (58:33), Kaye Boyce (58:34), Sue New (58:58), Gill Colling (59:08), Lee Morris (59:20, PB), James Simpson (59:21), Paul Roberts (59:29), Sarah Bartram (59:37), Lisa Johnstone (1:00:08), Gemma Marshall (1:00:32), Nicola Herraghty (1:02:07), Hannah Robinson (1:02:30), Michelle Dale (1:03:45), Darren Wright (1:03:50), Alan Prest (1:05:41), Sarah Bayles (1:06:46), Sharon Carr (1:07:05), Chrissie Moore (1:07:08), Terri Deighton (1:07:46), Michael King (1:09:17), Ian Hammond (1:12:32), Rachel Ryan (1:13:28), Sarah Kane (1:14:07), Lisa Alderson (1:15:27, PB), Mike Horan (1:17:00), Adrian Dent (1:18:00) and Jane Bell (1:23:29).

Two headed down to York for the 10K race there, where Robert Kirby and Carol Penney finished the route in and around the city in 52:42 and 1:02:44 respectively.   

The start of the week had seen the final event of the North East Masters, once again up at Jarrow. Louise Trainor set a new club record in the 800 metres, finishing first in 2:50, while Lindsay Lester equalled her own one in the 100m, running 14.9s, before finishing second in the long jump after landing 3.91m.

Saturday had seen several Quakers head to the North Yorkshire Moors for the Hanging Stone Leap, a circular route which took in Guisborough Moors and Roseberry Topping. In the 24 mile event, Charlie Bogg and Rob Towns came home in 5:01, along with Jamie Norman in 5:14 and the quintet of Sandra Cass, Wendy Colling, Mark Colling, April Corbett and Roy MacDougall who all finished together in 6:19. In the 13 mile event, Claire Norman, Michelle Boshier and Janet Bowlby all completed the distance together in 3:01.

The home race meant it was fairly quiet on the parkrun front the previous day. At South Park, Dave Jones finished in 17:53, followed by Billy Harris (20:38), Phil Rutter (21:23), David Ledgerwood (25:08), David Ptak (26:50), Lee Morris  (28:35), Paul Ryan (29:55), Fiona Dixon (32:27), Chrissie Moore (37:04), Rachel Ryan (37:05) and Adrian Dent (38:45). At Sedgefield, Jeff Marriott ran there in 26:38, along with James Simpson (31:00) and Gill Wallis (32:53), Anna Hardy did the Northallerton run in 26:38, Stephen Moore completed the Albert Park run in 22:27, while Anthony Corbett headed over to Dewsbury to do the run there in 24:17.