Press Report w/e 15/05/2016

by | May 17, 2016 | Press Reports

There was plenty to choose from last week, with no less than three club championship races on the calendar, as well as the first of this year’s club handicap runs.

Danny Gordon flying round the race at Locke Park

Danny Gordon flying round the race at Locke Park

The largest turnout of the week was just down the road at Raby Castle which saw Quakers taking two of the top ten finishing positions. Michael Joyeux finished the hilly two lap route around the grounds in 34:21, and in third place overall.  Next to finish was Michael Parry (36:18 and in ninth place overall) along with Paul Dalton (37:34), Dawn Richardson (40:02, and the first female finisher), Dave Jones (41:06), Darren Wright (42:47), Phil Rutter (44:05), Phil Clarke (45:34), Stephen Moore (50:10), Olly Moore (50:28), Sue Woodcock (54:21), Lyn Hatch (54:21), Rebecca Bowes (54:44), Colin Smith (55:41), Tracey Plaskitt (56:17), Julie Whinn (57:23), Hannah Robinson (57:56), Pamela Barrass (59:20), Gill Colling (59:41), Peter Miller (59:52), Gemma Marshall (1:00:42), Steven Johnson (1:01:04), Lee Morris (1:02:29), Siobhan Eldred (1:05:05), Louise McCann (1:05:06), Caroline Ridley-Marriott (1:06:12), Jeff Marriott (1:06:12), Charlotte Johnson (1:08:34) and Sarah Bayles (1:09:00).

Also taking place at the same time was the Ripon 10 mile race, which saw Brian Martin first to finish the multi-terrain route in 1:06:55 (and second in his age category). He was followed in by Marc Ellis (1:09:09), Gary Read (1:13:11), Daniel Orton (1:13:41, PB), Billy Harris (1:14:41), David Todd (1:15:54), Rob Gillham (1:21:06), Michael Oliver (1:21:53), Lindsey Lester (1:25:32), Jamie Norman (1:29:04), Simon Rek (1:31:14), Sandra Martin (1:32:08), Paul Ryan (1:42:57) and Claire Norman (1:43:56).

The first of the three championship races to be run during the week was on Wednesday night, the Pie And Peas 5 mile race at Locke Park, Redcar, which also saw a club record being broken. Paul Dalton finished the 5 lap route around the park in 30:05 (and in seventh place overall), followed by Marc Ellis (30:54), Brian Martin (30:56), Dawn Richardson (31:49, and the second female finisher), Ewan Henderson (33:30), Phil Rutter (33:42, PB), Phil Clarke (34:44 and setting a new club record for his age category), Sarah Watson (39:01), Danny Gordon (40:02), Sandra Cass (40:58), Sandra Martin (41:27), Lewis Boshier (43:01), Michelle Boshier (43:02), Diane Adkins (44:16), Gill Colling (45:39), Michelle Scruby (45:50), Lisa Jenkins (50:34), Sharon Carr (54:09) and Lisa Alderson (59:39).

Down near York, Diane Vaughan was the sole Quaker at the Derwent Dash 10K, finishing in 45:33 and coming second in her age category.

Over in Chester, Lisa Johnstone completed the half marathon race there, her first attempt over the distance, in 2:23:42.

A trio headed out onto the hills for the Howgills fell race, which started and finished in the town of Sedbergh, Cumbria. Paul Roberts completed the undulating 13 mile route in 3:06:57 along with Wendy Noble (3:34:20) and Michelle Boshier (3:34:25).

Midweek had also seen the first of this summer’s handicap races, the “Mowden Meander”. Held over a two lap route around the Baydale Beck and Coniscliffe Grange, Nicola Dent was first to finish the 7.5K trail route in an aggregate time of 46:19. She was followed in by Melissa Harris (48:16), Katy Clark (52:52), Tracy Plaskitt (53:02), Gill Wallis (54:30), Andrea Joyce (54:56), Maria Lancaster (56:18), Steve Padgett (56:22), Lisa Jenkins (57:57), Sarah McTimoney (58:01), Lee Morris (58:36), Alan Prest (58:38), Jamie Norman (59:21), Chris Crathorne (59:22), Michael King (59:30), Claire Hewitt (59:39), Rachel Ryan (59:39), Michelle Scruby (59:42), Isobelle Bell (59:44), Lewis Boshier (59:46), Michelle Boshier (1:00:01), Anna Hardy (1:00:12), Darren Alderson (1:00:31), Lindsey Lester (1:00:36), Stephen Ash (1:00:55), Mel Newton (1:00:59), Tristan Coad (1:01:00), Daniel Orton (1:01:05), David Ledgerwood (1:01:12), Julie Whinn (1:01:16), Rebecca Bowes (1:01:35), Sue Woodcock (1:01:42), Ian Readman (1:01:47), Clare Stradling (1:01:55), Catherine Ptak (1:01:57), David Ptak (1:02:10), Andrew Walker (1:02:11), Chris Minto (1:02:16), Andrew Dixon (1:02:31), Gemma Marshall (1:02:34), Gary Read (1:02:39), Rob Dent (1:02:42 and the fastest finisher on the night), Alistair Johnson (1:02:42), Ewan Henderson (1:02:48), Michael Oliver (1:03:14), Gavin Armstrong (1:03:16), Billy Harris (1:03:20), Dawn Richardson (1:03:28), Dave Brown (1:03:32), Michael Kay (1:04:13), Steve Johnstone (1:04:29), Sue Alexander (1:06:14), Rob Gilham (1:06:40) and Matt Jackson (1:07:15).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Paul Dalton finished at South Park in 19:06, followed by Dale Chapman (19:08), Dave Jones (19:09), Rob Dent (19:13), Michael Joyeux (19:27), Mark Robinson (19:28), Ian Readman (19:42), Nick Wadd (21:01), David Todd (21:33), Peter Commane (21:42), Ty Hankinson (21:44), Rob Gillham (22:28), Peter Rowley (22:54), Danny Gordon (24:40), Lewis Boshier (24:47), Jeff Marriott (24:54), Gary Read (24:57), Michelle Boshier (25:45), David Ptak (25:47), Tracey Plaskitt (26:18), Gemma Marshall (26:50), Alec Cinamon (26:51), Lee Morris (27:36), Sally Singleton (29:17), Paul Ryan (31:03), Chrissie Moore (33:01), Rachel Ryan (34:44), Lisa Alderson (35:48), Susan Limbert (35:49), Jan Waite (35:57) and Adrian Dent (37:38).

At Sedgefield, Diane Adkins finished in 28:42 along with Richard Payne (36:26) and Julie Remmer (39:06). At Stewart Park, Andrew Vernon and Sarah Watson ran there in 21:01 and 23:57 respectively, while Stephen Moore did the Albert Park run in 23:57. Michael Thompson completed the Hackworth run in 21:43, Anthony Corbett ran at Gibside in 26:39, Michelle Scruby did the Northallerton run in 29:38, while Rebecca Howard headed down to York, finishing there in 26:38.