Press Report w/e 08/05/2016

by | May 10, 2016 | Press Reports

There was a mixture of all distances and terrains last week, and once again Quakers were busy setting yet more club records.

Simon Rek still smiling despite the steep climb up Clay Bank

Simon Rek still smiling despite the steep climb up Clay Bank

Seven runners headed down to Leeds for the half marathon race being held there. Steven Major finished the 13.1 mile route in 1:45:05, followed by Andrew Walker (1:46:27), Michael Oliver (1:51:52), Neil Harrington (1:55:28), Stephen Moore (2:05:32), Carol Penney (2:22:37) and Lucy Bendle (2:30:26).

In the Yorkshire Dales, a quartet travelled to Malhamdale, near Skipton, for the 22 mile trail/fell race, which took in over 3000 feet of climb along the way. Darren Wright completed the very undulating route in 3:53:28, along with Rob Dent (4:01:18), Rebecca Howard (5:31:13) and Gary Read (5:39:49).

There were two races on offer over on the coast at Ravenscar. In the half marathon event, David Todd finished the run in 2:00:10 along with Sandra Cass (2:17:33) and Nicola Howe (2:26:58), while in the 10K run, Peter Rowley came home in 57:18

Another one to also head off road was Emily Beaumont, who completed the Washington Trail 10K race in 1:35:10.

At the start of the week, the Bank Holiday Monday had seen some runners head just down the road to the Tees Barrage for the 10K race there. In some fairly blustery conditions, Michael Parry was first home for the club in 37:02, followed by Dave Jones (39:54, PB), Paul Dalton (39:55), Rob Dent (40:59), Rob Gillham (47:48), Peter Rowley (48:58), Lyn Hatch (53:14), Colin Smith (55:02), Andy Whittam (1:00:21, PB), Michelle Scruby (1:00:41), Linda Harrington (1:19:26), Adrian Dent (1:19:29) and Neil Harrington (1:19:29).

Midweek had seen the second of this year’s NYSD Track and Field events over at Middlesbrough, where, once again, most of the performances went into the club record books. In the 100 metres, Ian Readman ran 14.9 seconds, with Gary Read in 15.2 seconds (CR) and Paul Roberts in 15.4 seconds (breaking his own club record). Out on the field, the trio also competed in the discus, where Ian threw 16.69m (CR), Paul 15.80m and Gary 12.28 metres (CR). In the long jump event, Paul and Gary then both set club records with distances of 3.69m and 3.64m respectively.

Also running during the week, though on much more hilly terrain, was Simon Rek, who completed the Clay Bank West fell race, which covered 4.2 miles and 1200 feet of climb in 45:53.

At the Saturday morning parkrun at South Park (which even featured a guest appearance by the Bishop of Durham), Michael Joyeux crossed the line first in 16:10, followed by Michael Parry (17:07), Dave Jones (19:03), David Todd (20:19), Phil Rutter (20:20), Billy Harris (20:38), David Mclachlan (21:11), Phil Clarke (21:40), Rob Gillham (22:23), David Whittle (22:36), Peter Rowley (23:04), Ian Bond (23:15), Lindsey Lester (23:19), Andrew Dixon (23:51), Lewis Boshier (25:02), Michelle Boshier (25:03), Rebecca Bowes (25:15), Jeff Marriott (25:23), Colin Smith (25:28), Darren Alderson (25:29), Sue Woodcock (25:30), Julie Whinn (26:17), Gemma Marshall (26:27), Wendy Noble (27:35), Gill Colling (28:02), Gemma Hammond (28:33), Lee Morris (28:41), Danny Gordon (29:26), Michelle Scruby (29:34), Sally Singleton (29:36), Isabelle Bell (30:57), Fiona Dixon (32:05), Matt Jackson (32:09), Lisa Johnstone (32:28), Nichola Jordan (32:28), Chrissie Moore (32:48), Emma Joyeux (32:59), Michael King (33:48), Lisa Alderson (35:16) and Adrian Dent (35:48).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson finished in 24:48 along with Anthony Corbett (24:51) and Gill Wallis (34:57). Andrew Vernon and Sarah Watson ran at Tees Barrage in 21:33 and 24:43 respectively, while Stephen Moore did the run at Albert Park in 24:16.