Press Report w/e 03/01/2016

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Press Reports

2016 was barely hours old by the time Quakers had finished their first races of the year, or in some cases two in one day!

April Corbett clearly enjoying the downhill section of the Old Monks race at Hartlepool!

April Corbett clearly enjoying the downhill section of the Old Monks race at Hartlepool!

At the New Year’s Day parkrun at South Park, Michael Joyeux finished in 17:37 followed by Rob Dent (19:22), Dave Jones (19:41), Mark Robinson (20:42), Dawn Richardson (20:44), Steve Snook (21:43), Paul Roberts (23:34), Iain Clyde (24:03), Gary Read (26:19), Mark Blewitt (26:34), Sarah Watson (26:51), Andrew Vernon (26:51), David Ledgerwood (27:05), Neil Harrington (27:30), Wendy Noble (28:19), Lee Morris (28:23), Lewis Boshier (28:24), Michelle Boshier (28:24), Gill Colling (28:26), Alec Cinamon (28:40), Lyn Hatch (28:57), Paul Rossington (29:01), Sally Singleton (29:18), Jeff Marriott (30:07), Lisa Johnstone (30:26), Diane Adkins (31:11), Michael King (32:40), Michelle Scruby (32:45), Caroline Ridley-Marriott (34:11), Jan Waite (35:54), Adrian Dent (39:11) and Emma Joyeux (45:01).

The later than normal start at South Park allowed some runners the chance to do the double by heading over to Sedgefield for the parkrun there. Michael Thompson completed the run in 21:09 along with Andrew Vernon (22:08), Paul Roberts (23:35), Iain Clyde (24:24), Sarah Watson (25:47), Mark Blewitt (26:35), Wendy Noble (28:16), Michelle Boshier (28:33), Lewis Boshier (28:34), Sally Singleton (29:27), Jeff Marriott (29:34), Gill Wallis (34:52), Siobhan Waddell (35:18), Louise Mccann (35:32), Jan Waite (36:36) and Adrian Dent (40:55). At Middlesbrough, Stephen Moore did the double there, running at Stewart Park in 23:51 before heading over to Albert Park to finish in 23:00.         

The first day of the year also saw three runners head up to Morpeth for the 11K race there. Richard Hughes finished the unique distance in 50:41, just ahead of Diane Vaughan in 50:50, with Alan Prest coming home in 1:13:56.

There was plenty of off-road action on New Year’s Day too, with three races on the calendar. The first two of this year’s Hardmoors events took place over on the coast, both starting and finishing at Robin Hood’s Bay. In the 30 mile event, which took in Whitby and Ravenscar, Wendy Colling finished in 6:33:08 along with Anthony Corbett (7:01:07), Jamie Norman (7:16:39) and Mark Colling & Roy MacDougall (8:35:50). In the 15 mile event, which also went via Whitby, David Todd completed the route in 2:33:16 along with Louise Trainor (2:58:42) and David Thompson (4:28:32).

Also taking place on the same day was the Captain Cook’s fell race near Great Ayton, where Andrew Lambe and Abbie Hull completed the 5 mile route, which took in over 1,000 feet of climb, in 49:33 and 1:09:51 respectively.

At the Old Monks 5.5 mile race at Hartlepool, Richard Payne completed the multi terrain route in 45:14, along with April Corbett (46:32), Sandra Cass (48:10), Matt Jackson (48:24) and Diane Adkins (1:00:47).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 19:55 followed by Dale Chapman (20:02), Gary Read (20:36), Graham Park (21:37), David Mclachlan (21:38), Paul Roberts (22:50), David Whittle (23:21), Iain Clyde (23:38), Peter Rowley (23:59), Rebecca Bowes (25:05), Bridget Stewart (25:18), Gemma Marshall (25:33), Julie Whinn (26:12), Joanne Dewar (28:10), Sally Singleton (28:52), Lisa Johnstone (28:57), Michelle Scruby (30:19), John Whinn (31:18), Michael King (32:17), Lucy Bendle (33:20), Alec Cinamon (33:21) and Jan Waite (37:12).

Over at Sedgefield, Mark Blewitt completed the run there in 27:07 along with Richard Payne (27:53), Diane Adkins (33:49), Gill Wallis (35:16) and Lorraine Batts (39:42), Barry Mahaffey did the run at Hackworth in 24:02 and Paul Dalton completed the Hartlepool run in 17:37. At Albert Park, Nick Mason ran there in 19:25 along with Stephen Moore in 23:39, while at Stewart Park, Andrew Vernon and Sarah Watson finished in 20:49 and 24:50 respectively. Further afield, Paul Ryan did the Chipping Sodbury parkrun at Bristol in 28:08.