Press Report w/e 10/01/2016

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Press Reports

With the main cross country event cancelled due to the recent wet weather, Quakers had little to choose from last week, with some even resorting to running in the dark!

Dave Jones on his way to his best ever time at the South Park parkrun

Dave Jones on his way to his best ever time at the South Park parkrun

At the Three Sisters night race, a circular run from Clay Bank which took in both the Wainstones and Lordstones, Michael King completed the 6.8 mile route in 1:45:48, along with Mark Colling (2:31:25), Anthony Corbett (2:31:25) and Wendy Colling (2:36:30).

Over at Sedgefield, Richard Payne completed the Gerry Kearsley Winter Handicap, an off road 6.5 mile route around Fishburn and Bishop Middleham in 56:05.

Meanwhile, at the Temple Newsam 10 mile race, on the outskirts of Leeds, Ian Threadkell completed the off road run around the country estate grounds in 1:41:51.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Rob Dent finished at South Park in 19:24 followed by Dave Jones (19:26, PB), Michael Joyeux (19:31), Brian Martin (19:40), Marc Ellis (19:48), Dawn Richardson (19:57), Nick Mason (19:57), Ewan Henderson (21:06), David Todd (21:22), Katherine Hackett (21:23), Michael Oliver (23:29), Peter Rowley (23:56), Gavin Armstrong (24:09), Gary Read (24:36), Rebecca Bowes (24:53), Bridget Stewart (24:57), Billy Harris (25:51), Matt Jackson (26:04), Fin Fox (26:05), Matthew Hall (26:40), Duncan O’neil (27:25), David Ledgerwood (27:31), Sue Woodcock (27:36), Sally Singleton (28:32), Alec Cinamon (29:08), Michelle Scruby (29:30), Lisa Johnstone (29:32), Nigel Walker (35:40), Adrian Dent (40:13) and Ian Bond (46:56).

At Sedgefield, Richard Payne completed the run in 26:48 along with Mark Blewitt (26:51), April Corbett (28:48), Wendy Colling (28:48), Diane Adkins (32:42) and Gill Wallis (35:30). Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 22:18, while at Tees Barrage, Sarah Watson finished in 26:01 followed by Clare Stradling (26:06) and Paul Dalton (26:07).