News: I would walk 500 miles… Wendy Colling goes one better and runs 1000 miles!

by | Aug 16, 2015 | News

Upon the completion of this weekend’s Hardmoors 26.2 Marathon, side by side with her husband Mark, Wendy Colling completed over 1000 Hardmoors Miles, thus she is the newest member of the prestigious Hardmoors 1000 mile club (don’t get it mixed up with the Mile High Club).

Wendy showing off her plaque and certificate Wendy showing off her plaque and certificate

She is the 8th member and be given number 8 for all future Hardmoors events. Over the last few years, she has ran several Hardmoors 110 milers, 55 and 60 milers, 30 milers and lots of marathons!

Wendy was honoured following today’s race and was presented with a plaque acknowledging her achievement, a pile of race numbers(!) for future events, a certificate and cake and cards from the Quaker’s Hardmoor Runners, who have accompanied her in many of the events!

We’re very proud of Wendy and her phenomenal feat and one has to wonder what’s next?

A collection of photos from the end of the run

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