Press Report w/e 26/07/2015

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Press Reports

An anniversary run, first place trophies, running through the night and triathlons were just some of the things on the schedule last week in a hectic seven days for Quakers.

Midweek had seen the club’s 20th anniversary run with a re-running of the White Horse Handicap. The winner was Caroline Litster who completed the 5.3 mile trail route in an aggregate time of 1:04:14, followed by Katriona Dobson (1:04:32), Caroline Ridley-Marriott (1:04:58), Patrick Robson (1:06:26), Ian Scott (1:06:34), Chris Minto (1:07:18), Lynn Hatch (1:07:39), Lee Morris (1:07:51), Catherine Griffin (1:08:07), Tristen Griffin (1:08:07), Sandra Martin (1:08:21), Phil Clarke (1:09:05), Ty Hankinson (1:09:13), Gary Read (1:09:21), Ian Readman (1:09:48), Mark Robinson (1:09:58), Rob Gillham (1:10:07), Diane Vaughan (1:10:23), Marc Ellis (1:10:27), David Ledgerwood (1:10:32), Gill Wallis (1:10:32), Brian Martin (1:11:00), Helen Brown (1:11:01), Gill Colling (1:11:12), Michael Parry (1:11:15 and the fastest runner on the night), Gavin Armstrong (1:11:17), Rob Dent (1:11:27), Sarah Watson (1:11:32), Sally Singleton (1:11:36), Dale Chapman (1:12:05), Sue New (1:12:07), Stephen Moore (1:12:13), Roy McDougall (1:12:16), John Whinn (1:12:20), Hannah Robinson (1:12:21), Andy Walker (1:12:29), Andrew Dixon (1:12:42), Lena Rusa (1:13:14), Paul Ryan (1:13:15), Richard Hughes (1:13:24), Julie Whinn (1:14:08), Phill Hall (1:14:10), Sam Jobling (1:14:26), Terri Deighton (1:15:39), Michael King (1:16:01), Lisa Johnson (1:17:12), Paul Dalton (1:19:19), Michael Joyeux (1:19:19) and Martin Rowell (1:20:20).

At the Clive Golledge relays in Crook, where teams of three completed a 2.2 mile relay, the trio of Michael Joyeux, Dawn Richardson and Michael Parry retained the title they won last year, finishing in 40:30. They were followed by the other teams of Phil Clarke, Claire Stradling and Paul Dalton (48:41), Graham Park, Sue New and Ian Readman (51:12), Paul Roberts, Lee Morris and Lou Trainor (54:41) and Alec Cinamon, Hannah Robinson and Gary Read (1:00:01).

The latest championship race took place at the James Herriot 14K trail run at Castle Bolton in Wensleydale. Michael Joyeux finished second overall in 55:36, followed by Brian Martin (1:02:39), Paul Dalton (1:04:02), Michael Thompson (1:07:11), Phil Clarke (1:18:54), Andrew Dixon (1:29:34), Paul Ryan (1:31:12), Phil Hall (1:31:29), Sandra Martin (1:34:00) and Alan Prest (1:48:27).

A quartet headed up to Hamsterley Forest for the very undulating 10K race there. Ian Readman finished eighth overall in 43:33, followed by Stephen Moore (50:21), Rob Gillham (50:29) and Michael Oliver (52:52).

Down in Derbyshire, a group of runners took part in this year’s Thunder Run, a 24 hour relay event comprising 10K laps. Anthony Corbett completed the event solo, running 13 laps in total (and setting a new club record for 24 hours), while Mark Colling also ran solo, completing five laps. Nicola Howe, April Corbett, Sandra Cass, Wendy Colling and Katherine Hackett made up an all female team who ran 23 laps in total

Across the Midlands in Nottingham, three brave souls completed the Outlaw Triathlon near Nottingham, comprising a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike ride topped off with a full marathon. Dawn Richardson completed the gruelling event in 12:13:46 along with Annette Clarke (13:36:52), John Clarke (14:04:25) and Charlie Bogg (15:19:27)

Out on the fells, Dave Thompson completed the Lakeland 100, a 105 mile run starting and finishing in Coniston in the Lake District. Taking in 22,000 feet of climb, he completed the distance in 35 hours 56 minutes.

Also on the hills were Abbie Hull and Andrew Lambe who competed in the Marmot 24 mountain marathon in the Lowther Hills, southern Scotland. The competition area covered an area of 200 square kilometres, with the aim of navigating to as many checkpoints as possible within 24 hours. Running together the pair came home in 27th place.

Midweek had also seen the Elvet Striders Clamber in Durham. Anthony Corbett completed the 5.2 mile distance in 45:23 along with April Corbett (47:47) and Sandra Cass (52:47).

The previous week had seen Graham Park and Sue New complete the very hilly Yorkshire Wolds half marathon in 1:59:02 and 2:23:14 respectively.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Parry finished the run at South Park in 16:29 (PB), followed by Marc Ellis (19:05), Nick Mason (19:15), David Whittle (22:30), Paul Roberts (22:37), Rob Gillham (22:49), Steve Mcallister (22:52), Dale Chapman (24:33), Peter Rowley (24:45), Gavin Armstrong (24:52), Andrew Vernon (24:54), David Brown (25:02), Colin Smith (25:39), Gary Read (26:07), Ty Hankinson (26:07), Fin Fox (26:38), Paul Ryan (27:51), Sarah Watson (27:57), Helen Brown (28:05), Michael Joyeux (28:10), Lee Morris  (28:40), Michelle Scruby (29:01), Clair Bage (29:21), Martin Rowell (29:22), Mark Trowles (29:57), Steven Johnston (30:07), Juelz Lee-Deckard (33:03) and Simon Farley-Smith (34:46).

At Sedgefield, Paul Dalton was first across the line there in 18:01 followed by Diane Adkins (34:30) and Jill Wallis (35:36), while Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 21:51. At Tees Barrage, Phil Rutter completed the run there in 21:56 along with John Brant (26:47), Gemma Marshall (28:26), Sally Singleton (29:51) and Gill Colling (30:02), while Kevin Scott headed down to Harrogate, finishing there in 24:57.

Caroline Litster en route to winning the club's 20th anniversary run Caroline Litster en route to winning the club’s 20th anniversary run