Race Results: White Horse Handicap 2015

by | Jul 24, 2015 | News

In the past, the Quakers used to host many different races across a variety of different terrains. One of the most popular was the White Horse Handicap. So, in 2015, as the club celebrates its twentieth anniversary, it was proposed by long standing member Ian Bond that the club hosted a running of the White Horse Handicap just for club members.

The course, which go around the back lanes, trails and paths of Brampton, Beaumount Hill and Harrogate Farm, was renowned for its challenge and scenic views. In the past there was a time penalty placed on runners who didn’t go through the Skerne towards the end of the route!

The course started with a mad dash along the countryside trails before moving onto gravelled paths. There were multiple Quaker marshals along the route to ensure that no one got lost! Fortunately, not in true Quaker fashion, everyone managed to follow the entire route!

There was lots of cheering and clapping from the start to the end of the race with everyone staying until all runners were in! Then, after everyone was in, 49 runners and the marshals retired back to Harrogate Hill WMC for a drink and cake!

It was the general consensus that this should become a regular event! Here’s hoping!

The race was won by Caroline Litster with Michael Parry being the fastest runner!

Full results are attached here/ Click to download.