Press Report w/e 14/06/2015

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Press Reports

Another busy week of action saw most Quakers heading east to the coast or north for a trip along the Scottswood Road.

The latest 10K league race took place over at Marske with Quakers filling two of the top ten finishing positions. Michael Joyeux crossed the line third in 34:06, with Paul Dalton sixth in 35:23. Brian Martin finished in 39:11 (and first in his age category), followed by Nick Mason (39:53), Andrew Vernon (40:30), Chris Minto (42:46), Sharon Carbert (45:46), Stephen Mcallister (48:26), Sarah Watson (48:57, PB), Bridget Stewart (49:41, PB), James Simpson (49:55, PB), Darren Wright (49:56), Clare Stradling (50:44), Rebecca Bowes (51:21), Andrew Dixon (51:30), Michelle Boshier (52:01), Matthew Hall (53:06), Paul Ryan (55:06, PB), Wendy Noble (58:04), Sally Singleton (58:48), Michelle Scruby (1:00:50) and Diane Adkins (1:08:52).

With this week covering the 9th of June, it meant several runners took the chance to head up to Newcastle for the Blaydon race. Paul Dalton finished the 5.7 mile distance in 32:11, followed by Phil Clarke (39:33), Louise Trainor (40:15), Peter Dods (40:36), Richard Hughes (41:16), Andrew Walker (41:23), Diane Vaughan (41:25), Michael Oliver (43:00), Neil Harrington (44:08), Robert Kirby (45:17), James Simpson (46:46), Joanne Todd (48:45), Paul Ryan (49:57) and Joanne Dewar (53:16).

Elsewhere, Alec Cinamon completed the 10K race at Bamburgh Castle in 57:16, while Carol Penney headed down to Hull to run the 10K there in 1:01:56.

Over on Merseyside, Jeff Marriott ran the half marathon in Liverpool, finishing in 2:07:57.

A fair number headed off road, most notably at the Swaledale marathon, where all four runners posted their best times for the race. Andrew Lambe finished the undulating route in 4:37, followed by April Corbett (4:41), Anthony Corbett (4:43) and Abbie Hull (5:40).

Over in Cumbria, five runners took part in the 3 Rings of Shap. Nicola Howe, Diane Gardner and Gill Colling all completed the first ring, covering 18 miles in 6 hours 49 minutes, while Phil Rutter and Sandra Cass covered the second ring as well, for a combined total of 42 miles, in 16 hours 25 minutes.      

Closer to home, Nick Wadd completed the Ossy Oiks fell race, which covered 5.3 miles and 1800 feet of climb in 51:27.

The previous week had seen the Blencathra Fell Race which covered 8 miles and 2707 feet of climb. Nick Wadd completed the route in 1:35:17 along with Andrew Lambe (1:44:08). Meanwhile Emily Beaumont had also completed the 6.5 mile short Yomp at Kirkby Stephen in 1:33:49.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished at South Park in 19:11 followed by Billy Harris (21:39), Clare Apps (21:42), Andrew Walker (22:15), Michael Joyeux (22:26), Paul Dalton (22:27), David Brown (24:35), Colin Smith (25:07), Andrew Dixon (25:29), Gary Read (26:28), Lewis Boshier (27:00), Michelle Boshier (27:01), Paula Roberts (27:38), Paul Roberts (27:39), Fin Fox (27:40), Lisa Johnstone (28:22), Lee Morris (28:40), Ashleigh Atkinson (28:46), Michelle Scruby (28:47), Iain Clyde (29:07), Mark Trowles (29:09), Rebecca Howard (29:18), Phill Hall (29:18), Michael King (31:46), Duncan O’neil (31:55) and Linda Harrington (38:10).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson finished in 23:11 along with Emily Mann (27:04), Mark Colling (27:06), John Whinn (28:34), Julie Whinn (28:39) and Jill Wallis (35:51), while up at Durham, Nick Wadd and Alan Prest completed the run there in 20:53 and 31:45 respectively. At Albert Parkrun, Nick Mason ran there in 19:29, followed by Phil Clarke (21:10) and Stephen Moore (21:33), while over at Tees Barrage, Paul Appleton finished in 24:59 along with Jeanette Appleton (27:34) and Emily Beaumont (38:52).

Heading north of the border was Danny Gordon who did the run in Dundee in 26:46.

Rebecca Bowes brightens up a dull morning as she comes into the finish at Marske, Rebecca Bowes brightens up a dull morning as she comes into the finish at Marske,