Press Report w/e 21/06/2015

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Press Reports

In the week that saw the longest day of the year, for most Quakers the distances were on the short side, with one runner entering the record books for the third time this year.

The third event in the Stockton Summer 5K series took place at Ropner Park in Stockton. Michael Parry went round the course in 17:28, along with Dale Chapman (19:22), Andrew Vernon (19:37), Mark Robinson (20:03), Gary Read (22:30), Diane Vaughan (22:47), Phill Hall (24:04), Danny Gordon (24:23), Sarah Watson (24:24), Lena Rusa (26:49) and Alec Cinamon (28:05).

The latest of the NYSD track series took place, this time at Middlesbrough. The sole Quaker there was Paula Roberts, who claimed her third club record of the year by finishing the 400m in 1:25.6.

Further afield, Claire Nicholson completed the Lambton 10K near Sunderland in 1:03:57, while down in Derbyshire, Paul Dalton came second overall in the Tunnels and Trails 10K race near Matlock, in 36:21.

The previous week had seen the latest Hardmoors Trail event, this time at Rosedale, near Hutton-le-Hole. In the marathon distance Mark and Wendy Colling finished together in 5:33:06, while in the half marathon distance Anthony and April Corbett went round together in 3:07:40.

Also running a week earlier was Diane Vaughan who completed the Hollins Green 5K in Cheshire in 22:37.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Joyeux finished at South Park in 16:48, followed by Michael Parry (17:19), Paul Dalton (17:36), Marc Ellis (19:12), Dale Chapman (20:08), Mark Robinson (20:52), Phil Clarke (21:12), Rob Gillham (21:47), Gary Read (22:02), Steve Mcallister (22:08), Diane Vaughan (22:26), Glyn Casswell (22:58), Rebecca Bowes (24:50), Paul Ryan (26:16), Julien Deckard (26:47), Joanne Dewar (27:46), Lee Morris (27:56), Mark Trowles (28:07), Lisa Johnstone (28:15), Sally Singleton (28:23), Zoe Rothery (28:27), Terri Deighton (28:28), Hannah Robinson (28:54), Matt Jackson (29:05), Gemma Marshall (29:50), Michael King (31:53), Juelz Lee-Deckard (32:40), Lucy Bendle (33:31), Linda Harrington (37:48), Adrian Dent (39:21), Charlotte Jones (42:30) and David Whittle (49:47).

Over at Sedgefield, Dave Thompson completed the run there in 22:45 along with Wendy Colling (24:26), Sandra Cass (25:57) and Diane Adkins (36:44). At Tees Barrage, Paul Appleton and Michelle Scruby finished in 24:52 and 30:05 respectively, while at Albert park, Stephen Moore did the run there in 21:06.

Down in the capital, Clare Apps did the run at Richmond Park in 22:03.

Rob Gillham coming into the finish at South Park Rob Gillham coming into the finish at South Park