Press Report w/e 17/05/2015

by | May 19, 2015 | Press Reports

A jam-packed week of action saw three club championship races, an amazing six club records being set, and two runners notching centenaries in the parkrun (though sadly there was to be no telegram from the Queen).

The longest of the three club championship races took place down at Ripon. First home for the club over the undulating mixed terrain 10 mile route was Brian Martin in 1:07:18 followed by David Todd (1:10:31), Stephen Moore (1:16:03), Billy Harris (1:16:21), Gary Read (1:20:37), Michael Oliver (1:22:31), Phill Hall (1:27:17), Stephen Padgett (1:29:25), James Simpson (1:31:40), Danny Gordon (1:31:52 and setting a new club record for his age category), Kevin Scott (1:32:06), Gillian Harris (1:32:54), Lena Rusa (1:35:51), Sandra Martin (1:36:25) and Leigh Marie Padgett (1:46:48).

Just down the road, the Raby Castle 10K doubled up as both a club championship and 10K league race. Paul Dalton finished the hilly two lap course in 35:56 (and in third place overall), along with Nick Mason (40:59), Michael Thompson (42:07), Ian Readman (42:14), Andrew Vernon (42:45), Dawn Richardson (43:27), Phil Clarke (45:13), Phil Rutter (47:01), Darren Wright (48:34), Andrew Walker (48:35), Peter Dods (48:56), Simon Rek (50:44), Sarah Watson (50:46), Stephen McAllister (51:15), Paul Appleton (51:22), Richard Payne (52:25), Rebecca Bowes (53:18), Sue Woodcock (54:37), Colin Smith (55:55), Ian Young (56:55), Pamela Barrass (58:18), Paul Ryan (59:23), Alec Cinamon (1:00:20), Rob Marquiss (1:04:09) and Sally Singleton (1:04:10). In addition, a 5K race was also held, with Graham Park finishing in 23:26 along with Neil Harrington (27:52), Sue New (28:05), Lewis Boshier (29:49), Michelle Boshier (29:49), Caroline Litster (33:18), Nichola Jordan (34:42) and Linda Harrington (42:13).

Midweek had seen the other club championship race at Redcar, the “Pie and Peas” 5 mile race. Those running for their supper that night were Brian Martin who finished the 5 by 1 mile course in 30:34 (PB and first in his age category), followed by Dale Chapman (32:40), Phil Clarke (33:35 and breaking the club record for his age category), Phil Rutter (34:56), Gary Read (35:33), Phill Hall (37:38), Mark Colling (37:58), Wendy Colling (38:11), April Corbett (38:28), Anthony Corbett (38:33), Sarah Watson (38:57), Bridget Stewart (39:34), Danny Gordon (39:52), Sandra Cass (41:20), Nicola Howe (41:20), Rebecca Bowes (41:50), James Simpson (42:18), Paul Ryan (43:49), Michelle Boshier (44:03), Olena Rusa (44:03), Lewis Boshier (44:06), Gill Colling (47:10) and Diane Adkins (52:09).

Over on the coast, six runners ran in the Pier to Pier race which started at South Shields Pier and finished at Roker Pier. Robert Kirby completed the 7.5 mile route in 59:33 along with Janet Bowlby (1:03:41), Claire Norman (1:09:14), Janet Scott (1:12:31), Anne Bartram (1:12:42) and Alan Prest (1:15:50).

The third event of the NYSD track season took place, once again at Eastbourne, where no less than three club records were set on the night. In the 200m, Alec Cinnamon and Paula Roberts both set records for their age categories finishing in 34.70 and 37.90 respectively. In the 1 mile event, Michael Joyeux ran the distance in 5:06.6 along with Michael Kay (5:45.8) and Phill Hall (6:40.0). Meanwhile in the 3K steeplechase, Paul Roberts set the final record of the night by finishing in 14:14.6.

The previous week had also seen two runners heading overseas. In Boston, USA, Richard Hughes completed the 5K race there in 20:48 along with Diane Vaughan in 21:12 (breaking her own club record in the process).

Also running one week earlier was Emma Bland, who survived some tough weather conditions in completing the Loch Eriboll half marathon in Scotland in 2:07:25.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Paul Dalton was first across the line at South Park in 17:14 followed by Rob Dent (19:17), Dale Chapman (19:34), Nick Mason (19:36), Richard Coulson (19:49), Ian Readman (20:20), Steve Snook (20:30), Chris Minto (20:33), Andrew Vernon (20:38), David Mclachlan (20:54), Ewan Henderson (21:05), Rob Gillham (21:13), James Simpson (23:52), David Brown (24:56), Rebecca Bowes (25:06), Sarah Watson (25:41), Michelle Boshier (26:35), Lewis Boshier (26:36), Fin Fox (27:08), Phill Hall (28:42), Gary Read (29:34 in his 100th parkrun), Rebecca Howard (29:47), Duncan O’neil (30:10), Michael King (31:45), Gavin Armstrong (31:47), Lee Morris (37:45) and Paul Ryan (42:42)

At Sedgefield, Michael Joyeux was also first across the line there in 18:05 along with Dave Thompson (23:06), Phil Rutter (23:41), Sandra Cass (26:26), April Corbett (26:27), Nicola Howe (27:09), Wendy Colling (27:10), Abbie Hull (27:16), Mark Colling (27:23 in his 100th parkrun), Anthony Corbett (27:24), Joanne Dewar (28:34), Diane Vaughan (28:35), Julie Whinn (29:19), John Whinn (29:29), Gill Colling (30:44), Jill Wallis (34:18) and Lorraine Batts (37:31).

At Albert Park, Stephen Moore finished there in 20:49, Amy Woodcock did the run at York in 29:14, while down in London, Clare Apps completed the Hackney Marshes run in 33:03.

Rob Marquiss and Sally Singleton clearly enjoying the run at Raby Castle now the hills are behind them! Rob Marquiss and Sally Singleton clearly enjoying the run at Raby Castle now the hills are behind them!