Press Report w/e 10/05/2015

by | May 12, 2015 | Press Reports

Quakers were up hill and down dale last week in a busy seven days which saw both the latest club championship and 10K league races.

At the half marathon down in Leeds, Stephen Moore finished the 13.1 mile distance in 1:38:09 along with Michael Oliver (1:51:29), Clare Stradling (2:07:38), Paul Dalton (2:07:38), Juelz Lee-Deckard (2:16:24) and Michelle Scruby (2:32:04).

Another half marathon, though this time a trail one, took place over at Ravenscar in aid of Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team. Anthony Corbett completed the off-road route in 2:07:37 as did Sandra Cass (2:26:26), April Corbett (2:26:26) and Nicola Howe (2:32:26).

There was a bumper turnout at the 10K league race at Tees Barrage, where several runners made the most of the extra day off work on Monday. First home around the riverside course was Michael Kay in 40:40 followed by Dawn Richardson (41:00), David Todd (41:21), Andrew Vernon (41:45), Stephen Moore (44:19), Darren Wright (44:25), Phil Clarke (45:09), Sharon Carbert (46:44), Peter Rowley (49:24), Danny Gordon (49:30), Sarah Watson (50:33), Phill Hall (50:55), James Simpson (51:04), Michelle Boshier (51:20), Paul Appleton (51:35), Rebecca Bowes (52:47), Helen Brown (53:54), John Brant (54:08), Lyn Hatch (54:43), David Hood (55:01), Jeanette Appleton (56:11), Colin Smith (56:20), Pamela Barrass (56:26), Wendy Noble (57:23), Sarah Leach (57:42), Joanne Dewar (58:10), Caroline Litster (58:21), Lisa Johnstone (59:38), Sally Singleton (1:00:45), Lucy Bendle (1:01:38), Shelley Rochester (1:07:45), Andrea Joyce (1:09:41) and Lisa Burton (1:13:19).

Midweek also saw the latest club championship race, a 5 mile route up on the hills at Carlton Bank, taking in 1,200 feet of climb. Anthony Corbett finished the predominantly uphill course in 52:05 along with Andrew Lambe (52:06), Simon Rek (56:50), Gary Read (57:50), James Simpson (1:12:23), Abbie Hull (1:12:45), Michelle Boshier (1:12:46), Rebecca Bowes (1:13:09) and Phill Hall (1:14:56).

Also off road was Rebecca Howard who completed the Malhamdale Trail Challenge, a 22 mile route which took in 2600 feet of climb, in 5 hours 46 minutes.

The previous week had also seen the latest event in the Hardmoors Trail series, the White Horse race, which started over at Sutton Bank. In the half marathon distance, Nicola Howe and Sandra Cass finished together in 3:13:55, while in the 10K distance, Diane Adkins finished in 2:17:42.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Paul Dalton finished the run at South Park in 17:01 followed by Richard Coulson (20:27), Rob Gillham (21:26), Zoe Rothery (22:12), Ian Bond (23:01), Steve Mcallister (23:20), Peter Rowley (23:46), Gary Read (23:59), Sarah Watson (24:11, PB), Mark Blewitt (24:51), Andrew Dixon (25:33), Sue New (25:55), Lewis Boshier (26:07), Michelle Boshier (26:10), Colin Smith (26:15), Paul Ryan (26:31), Phill Hall (26:32), Julie Whinn (26:54), Emily Mann (26:59), Wendy Noble (27:09), Andy Whittam (28:53), Mark Trowles (28:56), Duncan O’neil (30:47), Ashleigh Atkinson (31:49) and Michael King (32:40).

Over at Albert Park, Nick Mason finished in 18:19 along with Stephen Moore (20:59), while at Tees Barrage, Paul and Jeanette Appleton finished in 25:40 and 28:24 respectively.

At Sedgefield, Michael Joyeux completed the run there in 17:23 along with Dave Thompson (23:56), Sally Singleton (29:57), Diane Adkins (34:24) and Jill Wallis (35:25), while up at Durham Alan Prest did the run there in 32:04.

A smiling Lyn Hatch approaching the finish at the Tees Barrage 10K A smiling Lyn Hatch approaching the finish at the Tees Barrage 10K