Press Report w/e 15/03/2015

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Press Reports

The Cumbrian hills, theme parks and motor racing circuits were just some of the places Quakers ventured to at the weekend, with both championship and league races on the calendar.

The latest championship race took place at the very undulating Dentdale run in Cumbria. First home for the club over the unusual distance of 14.2 miles was Brian Martin in 1:37:48, followed by Michael Thompson (1:39:02), Katherine Hackett (1:39:53), Dale Chapman (1:41:44), Rob Dent (1:45:25), Phil Clarke (1:47:40), Louise Trainor (1:48:35), Dave Thompson (1:53:08), Wendy Colling (1:56:05), Michael Oliver (1:57:58), Phill Hall (2:02:18), Mark Colling (2:02:51), April Corbett (2:07:50), Anthony Corbett (2:08:58), Sandra Cass (2:10:03), Richard Payne (2:10:06), Gillian Harris (2:24:11), Sandra Martin (2:26:52), Fiona Dixon (2:28:13) and Alan Prest (2:51:13).

The first of this year’s 10K league races took place at Flamingo Land theme park. First to finish the somewhat shorter than expected distance was Michael Kay in 37:54 along with David Todd (38:11), Andrew Vernon (39:11), Katherine Hackett (40:21), Chris Minto (41:08), Phil Hall (46:47), James Simpson (47:19), Sarah Watson (47:28), Rebecca Bowes (49:04) and Paula Roberts (54:10).

Meanwhile at Lightwater Valley, Peter Rowley completed the 10K race there in 49:16.

Four runners completed the Locke Park 20 race in Redcar, which comprised a mind-numbing 20 laps of the one mile course. Michael Joyeux finished in 2:00:32 (and fourth overall) along with Stephen Moore (2:41:26), Bridget Stewart (2:47:23, PB) and Paul Roberts (2:54:11).

Down at the Spen 20 mile race in Yorkshire, birthday boy Jeff Marriott completed the run there in 3:20:04.

In Northamptonshire, two headed to the Silverstone motor racing circuit to complete the half marathon there. Julien Deckard finished the 13.1 mile distance in 2:08:44 along with Juelz-Lee Deckard in 2:15:28.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Richard Coulson finished the run at South Park in 20:19, followed by Michael Joyeux (20:56), Andrew Vernon (21:43), David Whittle (21:54), Zoe Rothery (21:59), Rob Gillham (22:04), Peter Rowley (23:22), Iain Clyde (23:57), Danny Gordon (23:59), Sarah Watson (24:46), Andrew Dixon (26:12), Mark Trowles (27:42), Duncan O’neil (27:46), Lee Morris (29:16), Michael King (29:33), Gill Colling (30:04), Anna Wallace (31:17), Andrea Joyce (32:40), Sarah Kane (33:02), Paula Roberts (35:28) and Paul Ryan (43:53).

Over at Sedgefield, Paul Roberts completed the run there in 22:55 along with Jeff Marriott (27:56), Abbie Hull (30:58) and Jill Wallis (35:56). At Albert Park Nick Mason finished in 18:10 (PB), with Stephen Moore in 20:50, while at Tees Barrage Paul and Jeanette Appleton did the run there in 24:46 and 28:22 respectively.

img A cheery looking Bridget Stewart seems to be enjoying going round in circles at Locke Park!