Press Report w/e 15/02/2015

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Press Reports

Quakers were out in force last weekend as this year’s club championship kicked off at Cowpen Bewley.

At the Ann Johnson “Absent Friends” 5 mile trail race, David Todd was first home for the club in 35:40, followed by Phil Clarke (35:57), Gary Read (37:26), Louise Trainor (37:58), Phill Hall (39:29), Gavin Armstrong (39:38), Michael Oliver (40:21), Rebecca Howard (41:20), Danny Gordon (41:52), Richard Payne (43:02), Paul Roberts (44:22), Julie Whinn (46:04), Helen Brown (46:12), John Whinn (48:50), Wendy Noble (50:14), Paula Roberts (50:18), Emily Mann (50:57), Sally Singleton (51:14) and Alan Prest (55:32).

Over in Spain, Richard Hughes completed the Barcelona half marathon in 1:36:58, along with Diane Vaughan who broke the ladies over 50 club record by finishing in 1:42:26.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Joyeux finished at South Park in 19:19, followed by Rob Dent (19:47), Ewan Henderson (20:43), Chris Minto (20:52), Nick Wadd (21:08), Phil Rutter (21:38), Zoe Rothery (21:46), Adrian Gooding (23:34), Jes Smith (25:46), Mark Blewitt (26:51), Michael Robinson (27:44), Matt Jackson (29:03), Michael King (29:10), Duncan O’neil (29:19), Andy Whittam (29:43), Rob Gillham (35:59), Darryn Wood (39:54) and Danny Gordon (44:59).

There was a sizeable turnout at Hackworth for the centenary run there. Dale Chapman completed the course in 20:25 along with David Todd (21:24), Gary Read (21:37), Ian Bond (22:35), Rebecca Howard (23:15), Paul Roberts (24:11), Phill Hall (24:57), Anthony Corbett (27:16), Lyn Hatch (28:47), Sarah Leach (28:49) and Lisa Johnstone (31:13).

Over at Sedgefield, Dave Thompson ran there in 23:57, as did Wendy Colling (26:01), Mark Colling (28:59), Jeff Marriott (29:02) and Jill Wallis (36:21) while at Tees Barrage, Paul Appleton finished in 25:51 along with John Brant (26:22) and Jeanette Appleton (29:16).

At the Fountains Abbey run, Sarah Watson and Andrew Vernon finished together in 25:44, Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 21:42, Louise Trainor completed Durham in 22:37, while down in Pontefract, Peter Rowley finished there in 24:08.

Flying the Quaker flag overseas was James Simpson who completed the run in Melbourne, Australia in 26:19.

John Whinn does his best aeroplane impression as he approaches the finish at Cowpen Bewley. John Whinn does his best aeroplane impression as he approaches the finish at Cowpen Bewley.