Press Report w/e 08/02/2015

by | Feb 10, 2015 | Press Reports

There was a double dose of cross country action last weekend, one of which saw three Quakers come away with medals.

The North East Masters event took place on our doorstep at the Education Village. Louise Trainor completed the women’s race in 24:14 (and in doing so winning her age category), with Lesley Miller coming home in 27:38. In the men’s race Paul Dalton finished in 27:37 (and second in his age category), along with Brian Martin (28:16 and third in his age category), Darren Stockdale (31:03) and Paul Roberts (33:22).

Sunday saw the final regular race in the NYSD Cross Country series, this time at the old racecourse ground at Richmond. In the women’s race, which also included the under 17 boys and over 70 men, Ewan Henderson completed the two lap course in 22:07, followed by  Rebecca Howard (25:32), Lesley Miller (26:06), Danny Gordon (27:17), Bev Snook (28:10), Sue New (28:41), Rebecca Bowes (28:49), Paula Roberts (30:23), Lyndsey Hatch (30:46), Hannah Robinson (30:52) and Wendy Noble (31:47).

In the men’s race which covered four laps of the course, Brian Martin finished in 40:18, followed by Matt Capsey (42:08), Michael Kay (42:08), Mark Tallon (43:21), Andrew Vernon (43:50), Darren Stockdale (44:58), Graham Park (45:58), Phil Rutter (46:01), Phil Clarke (46:06), Paul Roberts (46:30), Rob Dent (47:15), Chris Minto (47:30), Gary Read (48:16), David Whittle (48:38), Gavin Armstrong (48:45), Phil Hall (48:58), Michael Oliver (49:47), David Aiken (51:16) and Simon Rek (52:14).

Down in Ripon, Lorraine Batts completed the Muddy Boots 10K race in 1:22:14.

Out on the hills, Dave Thompson and Annette Clarke completed the Rombalds Stride, a 23 mile route over the Moors between Guiseley and Ilkley, in 4:06; their best finish in seven attempts at the event.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Joyeux finished at South Park in 17:12, followed by Peter Commane (19:21), Dale Chapman (20:05), Rob Dent (20:18), Andrew Vernon (20:28), Richard Coulson (20:31), Phil Clarke (20:53), David Whittle (21:59), Diane Vaughan (22:28), Rob Gillham (23:02), Peter Rowley (23:14), Steve Mcallister (23:46), Phill Hall (23:54, PB), Gary Read (25:26), John Brant (25:31), Pamela Barrass (26:26), Sarah Watson (26:31), Sue New (27:17, PB), Mark Trowles (27:18), Mark Blewitt (28:15), Joanne Dewar (28:34), Sally Singleton (29:29), Lisa Johnstone (29:46), Duncan O’neil (30:05), Michael King (30:16) and Siobhan Waddell (31:57).

At Sedgefield, Richard Payne completed the course there in 26:05 along with Diane Adkins (32:25) and Jill Wallis (35:27), while at Tees Barrage, Paul and Jeanette Appleton ran there in 24:41 and 28:39 respectively.

At Albert Parkrun, Nick Mason did the run there in 18:45 along with Stephen Moore (20:58). Alan Prest completed the Durham run in 32:15, Colin Wild ran at Hackworth in 22:25 while Ty Hankinson travelled to Fountains Abbey to do the run there in 21:31.

A first ever cross country run appears to have sent Wendy Noble temporarily insane! A first ever cross country run appears to have sent Wendy Noble temporarily insane!