Press Report w/e 04/01/2015

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Press Reports

Day one of the New Year saw several races around the region, which provided plenty of opportunity for runners to shake their hangovers off.

The first event in the Hardmoors calendar took place on New Year’s Day near Robin Hood’s Bay and Ravenscar. In the 15 mile event, Nick Mason finished in 2:19:41, along with Ty Hankinson (2:20:46), Corinne Murray (2:33:00), Sandra Cass (3:09:40) and April Corbett (3:09:40). In the 30 mile event, Dave Thompson completed the course in 5:54:40, as did Wendy Colling (6:06:47), Emily Beaumont (7:02:08), Mark Colling (7:30:18) and Roy Macdougall (7:30:18).

At the Captain Cook fell race, which covered 5 miles and a climb of over 1000ft, Mark Tallon completed the course in 44:05 along with Darren Stockdale (46:14) and Danny Gordon (54:14).

Further north at the Morpeth 11K race, Richard Hughes finished there in 46:56, followed by Dianne Vaughan (52:09) and Alan Prest (1:09:22).

Down in Kent, Rebecca Howard did the Lamberhurst 10K race in 1:08:54.

Over at Hartlepool, there was the Old Monks 5.5 mile multi terrain race. Katherine Hackett finished the undulating route in 39:58, followed by Louise Trainor (41:10), Michael Oliver (45:38), Danny Gordon (48:40), Alan Prest (1:02:29) and Sue Limbert (1:08:52).

There was an extra parkrun at some venues on New Year’s Day, with the later start at Darlington giving some people the opportunity to double up for the day by also doing the Sedgefield run. At the South Park run, Dale Chapman finished in 20:13, followed by Phil Rutter (20:53), Paul Roberts (21:56), Chris Minto (22:03), David Todd (22:27), Zoe Rothery (22:29), Sharon Carbert (22:30), Lesley Miller (24:07), Gary Read (25:32), John Brant (26:13), Julien Deckard (26:26), James Simpson (26:27), Phill Hall (26:54), Alec Cinamon (26:56), Michelle Boshier (27:01), Lyn Hatch (27:02),  Matt Jackson (27:37), Jeff Marriott (27:47), Sarah Watson (27:47), Andrew Vernon (27:48),  Julie Whinn (27:49), Sue Woodcock (28:25), Sally Singleton (29:06), Wendy Noble (29:31), Lee Morris (29:46), Colin Wild (30:38), Juelz Lee-Deckard (30:44), Diane Adkins (31:54), Michael King (32:06) and Adrian Dent (37:30).

Earlier in the morning at Sedgefield, Paul Dalton completed the run there in 18:41, along with Colin Wild (21:55), Paul Roberts (22:20), Dale Chapman (24:26), James Simpson (24:31), Peter Rowley (25:10), Gary Read (25:52), Phill Hall (27:31), Julie Whinn (28:49), Sally Singleton (30:20), Michael King (31:55), Mark Trowles (32:59), Diane Adkins (34:12), Paula Roberts (35:45) and Adrian Dent (39:11).

In the regular Saturday morning parkruns, Paul Dalton finished at South Park in 17:31, followed by Dale Chapman (20:06), Richard Hughes (20:15), David Todd (20:33), Phil Clarke (21:16), Diane Vaughan (22:22), Steve Mcallister (22:48), James Simpson (23:03), Andrew Vernon (23:08), Peter Rowley (23:26), Mark Trowles (23:33), Paul Roberts (23:34), Paul Appleton (24:41), Gavin Armstrong (24:51), Rebecca Bowes (26:32), Sarah Watson (26:52), Jeanette Appleton (27:36), Lee Morris (27:58), Sally Singleton (28:51), Michael King (29:30), Joanne Dewar (30:05), Michael Oliver (30:37), Iain Clyde (31:09), Phill Hall (32:40), Adrian Dent (35:38), Ty Hankinson (36:44) and Gary Read (39:57).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson and Jill Wallis completed the run there in 23:34 and 36:03 respectively, while Steven Moore did the run at Albert Park in 20:33.

Further afield, Amy Woodcock did the York run in 29:39, Claire Apps completed the Highbury Fields run in London in 24:57, while once again Lucy Bendle did the run in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 35:35.

A determined looking Michael Oliver at the sunny, but chilly Old Monks Race  A determined looking Michael Oliver at the sunny, but chilly Old Monks Race