Press Report w/e 25/01/2015

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Press Reports

A trip to the races was on the cards last weekend, although rather than the horses, it was runners who were to be found heading round the course.

A very muddy Pontefract racecourse played host to the Northern Cross Country Championship, which even featured an appearance by Olympic gold medallist Alastair Brownlee. In the women’s race, which comprised two laps of the 4K course, Lesley Miller finished in 41:47, ahead of Sarah Watson (45:01), Michelle Boshier (46:10) and Paula Roberts (51:20), the four of them becoming the first ever full Quakers ladies team at a Northern Championship.

In the men’s race, which covered three laps of the 4K course, Michael Kay finished in 54:40, followed by Matt Capsey (54:56), Darren Wright (55:04), Mark Tallon (55:07), Steven Snook (55:44), Andrew Vernon (57:13), Darren Stockdale (57:17), Paul Roberts (1:00:03), David McLachlan (1:00:23), Graham Park (1:00:38), Gary Read (1:01:13) and James Simpson (1:08:14). Such was the turnout, this was the first full Quakers male team at a Northern Championship for seven years.

Meanwhile at Newcastle racecourse, Darryn Wood completed the marathon event there, covering the 26.2 mile distance in 4:51:46.

Dave Thompson was out on his own on the hills, this time completing the “That’s Lyth” event, a circular 24 mile from Kendal in 4 hours 43 minutes.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Joyeux finished at South Park in 18:09 followed by Paul Dalton (18:23), Nick Mason (19:35), Rob Dent (20:42), Dale Chapman (21:28), Chris Minto (21:35), Richard Coulson (21:39), Zoe Rothery (21:43), David Todd (21:55), Rob Gillham (22:19), David Whittle (22:26), Iain Clyde (23:16), Peter Rowley (23:37), Gary Read (23:45), Mark Blewitt (25:29), Alec Cinamon (25:58), Rebecca Bowes (26:13), Julie Whinn (26:16), Jeff Marriott (26:27), Glyn Casswell (28:02), Emily Mann (28:24), Mark Trowles (28:50), Joanne Dewar (29:00), Sally Singleton (29:04), Duncan O’neil (29:04), Anneli Mackenzie Brown (30:08), Lisa Johnstone (30:13) and Susan Limbert (32:36).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson finished the run there in 23:18 along with Mark Colling (32:45), Anthony Corbett (32:46) and Jill Wallis (36:30), while over at Albert Park Stephen Moore and Lucy Bendle ran there in 21:17 and 31:19 respectively. At Tees Barrage, Paul Appleton completed the course in 25:23 as did John Brant (26:51) and Jeanette Appleton (28:28).

Among the tourists, Ty Hankinson did the run at Redcar in 21:34, Peter Commane did the Newcastle run in 19:56, while Lee Morris headed to the capital to complete the Beckton run in 28:50.

Nick Mason shows his admiration for fellow Quaker Paul Dalton at South Park Nick Mason shows his admiration for fellow Quaker Paul Dalton at South Park