Press Report w/e 24/08/2014

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Press Reports

It was slim pickings last week as far as races were concerned, with only a handful of runners lining up for the few which were on the calendar.

At the Sessay Swift 6K race in Thirsk, Louise Trainor was the sole Quaker in attendance, finishing in 25:42.

Up on the fells, Richard Payne completed the Guisborough Grunt race, which took in 1,350 feet of climb over 6 miles, in 67:00.

The previous week had also seen Dave Thompson, Annette Clarke and Charlie Bogg on their latest outing, this time at Guisborough to complete the Hanging Stone Leap. In very warm conditions, the trio completed the 24 mile distance together in 4 hours 50 minutes.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Paul Dalton was the first finisher at South Park in 17:34, followed by Richard Hughes (19:28), Ian Readman (19:36), Dale Chapman (20:02), Steve Mcallister (21:09), Phil Rutter (21:49), Ewan Henderson (22:06), Danny Gordon (23:15), Mark Blewitt (23:32), Mark Colling (23:33), Ian Stephenson (24:22), Sarah Watson (24:43), Neil Scollick (24:48), Jeff Marriott (25:49), Sally Singleton (28:05), Lewis Boshier (28:20), Kevin Bartram (28:35), Lee Morris (28:53), Anne Bartram (30:00), Rob Gillham (31:50), Michael King (32:28), Ty Hankinson (33:57), Wendy Noble  (34:06) and Adrian Dent (36:26).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson completed the run there in 22:48, along with Richard Payne (27:41) and Jill Wallis (43:06), while at Tees Barrage, Brian Martin finished in 19:54, followed by Paul Appleton (25:43), John Brant (27:53) and Lynsey Hannah (28:36).

Over at Hackworth, Lucy Bendle finished in 31:26, Stephen Moore ran Albert Park in 19:51, while north of the border, Rebecca Howard completed the run at Edinburgh in 33:34.

Finishing first at the parkrun appears to have brought out Paul Dalton's romantic side! Finishing first at the parkrun appears to have brought out Paul Dalton’s romantic side!