Press Report w/e 18/05/2014

by | May 21, 2014 | Press Reports

Quakers could be forgiven for thinking they were in the Mediterranean last weekend, such were the temperatures, though they weren’t exactly ideal for those taking part in races.

The latest league and championship race took place in the grounds of Raby Castle. Despite the heat, there was still a large turnout from the club, led by Michael Joyeux who crossed the line second overall in 35:44. Paul Dalton also finished inside the top ten in 37:23 and he was followed in by Brian Martin (41:10 and first in his age category), Dawn Richardson (41:19 and the first female to finish), Michael Kay (43:01), Mark Robinson (43:13), Ian Readman (43:23), Mark Tallon (44:19), Steven Snook (45:29), David Mclachlan (46:27), Paul Keedy (46:34), David Todd (46:50), Gary Read (46:51), Chris Minto (47:53), Sharon Carbert (48:53), Richard Hughes (49:10), Rebecca Howard (50:11), Neil Harrington (50:36), Stephen Mcallister (51:28), Paul Jefferies (52:00), Jessica Campbell (53:16), Jeff Marriott (53:37), Lesley Miller (55:18), Jamie Burn (55:21), Ian Stephenson (55:49), Julie Jeffries (55:57), Richard Payne  (56:28), David Hood (56:34), Colin Smith (57:31), Pamela Barrass (58:09), Nigel Walker (59:11), Sarah Wilson (59:34), Steven Johnston (1:00:22), Sally Singleton (1:02:33), Darryn Wood (1:03:09), Kevin Simpson (1:03:13), Ian Young (1:03:41), Gill Colling (1:06:35), Lucy Bendle (1:06:40), Julie Remmer (1:12:37) and Lorraine Batts (1:20:35).

Over in Cumbria, Diane Vaughan completed the Kirkby Stephen 10k race in 51:06, along with Richard Hughes, who doubled up for the day, finishing in 54:34. 

Down in Ripon, runners had to endure the heat for even longer at the 10 mile race there. Stephen Moore was first home for the club in 1:16:31, followed by Michael Oliver (1:23:01), Anthony Corbett (1:29:05), Wendy Colling (1:30:07), April Corbett (1:30:51), Kevin Scott (1:35:17), Mark Colling (1:43:29), and Sandra Martin, Gillian Harris & Emma Whitworth, who all finished together in 1:50:03.

Midweek saw the Pie and Peas 5 mile race at Redcar, where, as the name suggested, the runners were rewarded for their efforts afterwards. Nick Mason completed the course in 31:54 along with April Corbett and Wendy Colling (both 38:26), Mark Colling and Anthony Corbett (both 38:37), Sandra Cass (41:29) and Nicola Howe (41:30).

The second of the Stockton Trail Race series took place on Thursday, this time at Preston Park. First home for the club over the 5K route was Dale Chapman in 20:15, followed by Rob Dent (20:25), Dawn Richardson (20:27), Stephen Moore (21:26), Paul Keedy (21:52), Mark Robinson (21:53), Ewan Henderson (21:54), Richard Hughes (22:59), Mark Colling (23:16), Wendy Colling (23:40), Diane Vaughan (24:05), Anthony Corbett (24:10), Abbie Hull (24:19), April Corbett (24:26), Danny Gordon (24:30), Matt Jackson (24:31), Darryn Wood (24:57), Paul Hutchinson (25:42), Jessica Campbell (25:47), Richard Payne (26:30), Aidan Robertson (28:53), Joanne Dewar (30:48), Gary Read (32:07), Diane Adkins (32:15), Gill Colling (33:49) and Rachael Million (33:50).

The latest club championship only event took place on the track, the so-called “Quaker Mile”. Michael Parry covered the distance in 4:49, then Paul Dalton (5:10), Dale Chapman (5:32), Mark Robinson (5:34), Ian Readman (5:36), Chris Minto (5:46, PB), Brian Martin (5:46), Gary Read (6:01), Dawn Richardson (6:07), Darren Stockdale (6:09), Mark Colling (6:33), Matthew Hall (6:44), Anthony Corbett (6:48), April Corbett (7:05), Lesley Miller (7:06), Jeff Marriott (7:12), Stephen Johnson (7:33) and Sally Singleton (8:51).

In the Saturday morning Parkruns, Peter Commane finished in 18:43, followed by Nick Mason (19:08), Dale Chapman (19:10), Mark Robinson (19:46), Paul Roberts (21:13), Paul Keedy (21:23), Gary Read (21:40), Zoe Rothery (22:28), David Todd (22:45), Abbie Hull (24:11), Timothy Francis (25:13), Michael Robinson (25:17), Jeff Marriott (25:31), Sue Woodcock (25:37), Steven Johnston (26:42), Gillian Harris (27:25), Duncan O’neil  (29:32), Grainne Duffy (30:00), Michael King (30:12), David Hood (33:28) and Emma Whitworth (40:26).

Elsewhere in the region Rob Dent completed Albert Park in 19:41, along with Adrian Dent (38:08), while at Stewart Park, Anthony Corbett and Mark Colling both finished in 25:57, closely followed by Wendy Colling (25:59) and April Corbett (26:00). Dave Thompson ran Sedgefield in 22:21, along with Diane Adkins (36:19) and Jill Wallis (43:16), John Brant did Tees Barrage in 27:24 and Alan Prest did Durham in 31:41.

1012895_10152484533467578_4319365980459036355_n453x533 The prospect of a post race pie and pea supper had clearly made Mark Colling far too excited!