Press Report w/e 02/11/2014

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Press Reports

On a weekend which saw a bumper turnout for the penultimate club championship race, two runners went as far as crossing five time zones to make the starting line.

Over in New York, Richard Hughes and Diane Vaughan took part in the 44th running of the marathon, which takes in all five of the city’s boroughs, finishing the 26.2 mile distance in 3:55:50 and 4:07:56 respectively.

Down in Ripon, at the ever-so-slightly hilly Guy Fawkes 10 mile race, Michael Joyeux finished in 1:00:40, followed by Brian Martin (1:09:40), Andrew Vernon (1:11:12), Colin Wild (1:11:20), Katherine Hackett (1:11:28), Steven Snook (1:15:39), Phil Rutter (1:16:21), Louise Trainor (1:16:35), Gary Read (1:18:25), Michael Kay (1:18:25), Andrew Walker (1:19:56), David Mclachlan (1:20:21), Graham Park (1:21:04), Ty Hankinson (1:22:25), Peter Dods (1:22:26), Wendy Colling (1:24:48), Michael Oliver (1:25:37), Gavin Armstrong (1:26:10), Billy Harris (1:27:06), Richard Payne (1:28:23), Anthony Corbett (1:28:25), Marta Rybarczyk (1:28:35), Sarah Watson (1:28:49), Neil Harrington (1:29:05), Danny Gordon (1:29:21), Lesley Miller (1:30:44), April Corbett (1:30:59), Jamie Burn (1:33:56), Pamela Barrass (1:34:24, PB), Sandra Cass (1:36:12), Nicola Howe (1:37:02), Janet Bowlby (1:37:10), Sue New (1:39:43, PB), James Simpson (1:39:58), Gill Colling (1:42:02), Sandra Martin (1:47:09) and Kevin Simpson (1:47:09).

On the hills, Dave Thompson and Charlie Bogg completed the Kilburn Kanter in North Yorkshire. Covering 24 miles in total, they finished in 4:45 and 5:27 respectively.

Meanwhile in the Lake District, Kate Schweizer doubled up for the weekend, completing the 15km Helvellyn Trail Challenge in 1:47:05 and then the Ullswater Trail 14km race in 1:48:22.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished at South Park in 18:28, followed by Nick Mason (18:46), Dawn Richardson (19:15), Michael Joyeux (19:48), Ian Readman (20:27), Dale Chapman (21:01), Louise Trainor (21:39), Zoe Rothery (21:52), Andrew Vernon (22:26), Phil Rutter (22:38), Steve Mcallister (23:01), Phill Hall (24:31), Iain Clyde (25:01), David Aiken (25:03), Gary Read (25:04), Colin Smith (25:30), James Simpson (26:59), Darryn Wood (27:46), Lewis Boshier (27:52), Michelle Boshier (27:53), Sarah Watson (28:24), Lesley Miller (28:24), Sally Singleton (28:25), Nigel Walker (28:25), Rob Gillham (28:55), Lee Morris (31:10), Michael King (31:26), Gavin Armstrong (35:27) and Adrian Dent (37:56).

At Sedgefield, Paul Roberts and Abbie Hull completed the course there in 22:22 and 26:54 respectively, while Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 24:25. Anthony Corbett finished at Stewart Park in 25:07, Lucy Bendle completed the Riverside run in 30:05 while Clair Bage headed up to Newcastle to run there in 29:10.

Three headed down south for some parkrun tourism. Mark Robinson and Charlotte Jones ran at Ipswich in 20:34 and 44:55 respectively while Andrew Henderson did the Peterborough run in 17:58.

img-6 A cheery looking Pam Barrass on her way to a new PB at the Guy Fawkes race.